REVIEW EB Advance Power Paint Swatches! Better Than or Dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint?

EB Advance Power Paint faced a bit of controversy last year in the local makeup scene because some people thought that this product is a shameless copycat of the Glossier Cloud Paint. This is why I took down my first review because I wanted to check if there is any truth to the wild accusations. Anyway, after looking around online, I found out that there are a bunch of similar-looking and similar-marketed products all over the world and none were met with the same controversy with the cancel culture crowd. Also found out that Glossier wasn't even the first the come out with the same concept anyway so meh, it really was just a small-scale social media frenzy for nothing except typical beauty world drama more so that Maybelline Cheek Heat was released a few weeks ago and it didn't get the same treatment from the Philippine cancel culture crowd for some reason. Smaller local brands released products with similar-looking packaging and concept too so yeah, the controversy was just weird. At any rate, besides the packaging, the EB Advance Power Paint is a different product in my experience and I've been using it for about half a year now. Read up on my thoughts below!

EB Advance Power Paint Review and Swatches! Better Than or Dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint?

EB Advance Power Paint Review and Swatches! Better Than or Dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint?

What is the EB Advance Power Paint? 

The EB Advance Power Paint from Ever Bilena is a multi-use highly pigmented cream product. Unlike the Glossier Cloud Paint that has a cloudy or almost translucent quality that's usually just applied to the cheeks, the EB Advance Power Paint packs a powerful dose of color in an opaque cream form that can be used for the eyelids, the lips, the cheeks, and for the body. I guess that's why they called this Power Paint because it is like paint in opacity and pigments are powerfully intense. 

The EB Advance Power Paint comes in 4 shades but I only have 2, Chiffon and Sangria because they are the only shades available in my Watson's. I got the complete swatches of the EB Advance Power Paint swatches further below from the Ever Bilena facebook page. 

Each tube comes with 11 grans of products and they go a long way because a small dot is enough to add blush for both cheeks.

Retail price is around 200 pesos or $4.

EB Advance Power Paint Review and Swatches! Better Than or Dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint?

The tubes come with a twist cap as well and the tubes are easy to squeeze too.

Like other Ever Bilena products, the EB Advance Power Paint is vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Yay! You can check out my updated list of Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands in the Philippines HERE.

EB Advance Power Paint Swatches from Ever Bilena

EB Advance Power Paint Swatches

the shades are:
  • Amber which is a muted orange like Mandarin Muse from the EB Advance HD Cheek Color
  • Chiffon which is a mauve-pink that is very flattering for those with cool-toned skin
  • Sangria which is a warm red
  • Scarlett which is a cool red
I like that the 4 shades got both cool and warm tones for those with deep skin and fair skin. Nobody feels left out and you can mix the colors to create depth more so if you have a neutral tone. I only have Chiffon and Sangria below. 

Look at the pigment saturation of the small dots I applied on the back of my hand!

Left is Chiffon and Right is Sangria. You can see how they look upon application and after blending out.

I didn't add more product but just mixed the swatches and look at the color! It's so saturated with pigment. Nkklk! Power na power!

Scent is mild and pleasant btw and the product is not heavy at all. 

EB Advance Power Paint Review and Swatches! Glossier Cloud Paint Dupe

It stains so be careful! A small dot is enough for both of my cheeks and my lips. I just used more for the swatching but you can see that a small dot is really wow. To date, I have been using mine since November 2020 and it is May 2021 now. I still have a lot in both tubes and I used them several times a week. SULITness galore!

EB Advance Power Paint Review Summary

So yeah, this NOT a Glossier Cloud Paint dupe and this is not exactly better or worse either. I have a lot of cream tints and gel tints including this and Glossier and I like all depending on what use or look I am going for. I think it is not fair to compare them honestly because they got more differences than similarities and they both work according to their claims. I give the EB Advance Power Paint 4.5/5 but only because it is so pigmented that I always create a mess which isn't their fault, I know but I also wish they got less intense shades so that's why. I wish they got a purple or lilac and something more peachy-brown! 
  • scent: nearly non-existent so yey yay!
  • taste: no weird taste or bitter taste when applied on the lips
  • does this dry the lips or the skin? Nope yay!
  • lasting power: 4 to 8 hours but can be longer if layered with powder
  • finish: soft matte or powdery matte after the product sets
  • packaging: soft tube with twist cap
  • blendability: quite good! Can even be used under powder or over powder for the cheeks and eyes or layered with gloss on the lips but you have to be very careful with the application
  • staining on hands? Stains for real
  • my rating: 4.5/5

Overall, if you liked the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller or the EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain then I think you will like this too.

Purchase EB Advance Power Paint HERE----> Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online from their official Shopee store to make sure that you get fresh stocks always!

EB Advance Power Paint Review and Swatches! Dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint?

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