NYX FaceAwardsPH - The Tea, The Salt, and The Uproar

So it is the day after Nyx Philippines released the names of those who've made it to the top 30 of the first ever Nyx Face Awards Philippines...and my facebook feed is BURNING with cries of accusations saying the judging was rigged, tea was spilling left and right about the 'behind the scenes' (no details to share, sadly), and 'supposedly' salty tears of defeat and possibly sour graping of those who didn't make it.

NYX Face Awards Philippines - The Good , The Bad, and the Controversy

So, what's the truth?

BATTLE BB CREAM | Best BB Cream Answered! Compared 15 Locally Available BB Creams in the Philippines!

Ever since I started doing Battle videos (battle of makeup or skincare products), I've been getting tons of comments, PMs, and DMs asking me about what I think is the best BB cream, be it for oily skin, sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and more.

I've finally decided to do a video response but will still be editing this blog post to talk about the BB Creams one by one as I know not all readers speak tagalog. For the meantime, enjoy the Battle of BB Creams and my answer to the best BB cream question in the following video!

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