Cathy Doll Snail DD Cream Review | What is DD Cream?

What is DD Cream? This is the question that popped n my mind when I first saw the Cathy Doll Snail DD Cream. Sure I have heard of BB Cream and CC Cream, but what is DD Cream and what's so different about it that sets it apart from other creams?

What is DD Cream

Cathy Doll Snail DD Cream Review

Okay, so this post will be a review of the Cathy Doll Snail Cream but I figured we should talk a bit about what is a DD Cream. So what is it?

Vice Ganda Cosmetics Launch #ViceCosmetics

I don't usually post about product launches unless I've tried and tested the products on my skin, but I am just so impressed by how clean and organized the Vice Cosmetics website is that I can't help but give them a dedicated blog post (also, a lot of people say the website isn't loading up for them)...and to make tsismis that Vice Cosmetics will also be available in BeautyMNL! 

CLICK HERE for the official Shopee store of Vice Cosmetics where they offer discounts, especially around sweldo days.

Vice Cosmetics Launch

As of this time, the website is currently down and I think that is partly because they are offering free concert tickets with purchase. I would also want to make it clear that they did not give me anything for me to post this (their PR did not contact me because they prefer influencers not bloggers). It's just that so many people are asking me on facebook about the products because they cannot get into the website so here's a blog post about what is on the website!!

GT Cosmetics Color Wand Review | Best Lipsticks for Dry Lips!

I have never heard of the brand GT Cosmetics before coming across these lippies and their face powders. Probably because I mostly review colour cosmetics and their line is quite new. That's why I was so surprised that not only GT Cosmetics is a Filipino company based in Cebu but that their makeup products are actually the bomb!

Now, I don't usually review products this fast unless I am blown away and oh boy, I was!

I was expecting run of the mill products but for a small-ish brand, they sure did put a lot of thought and effort in their products. These are not simply repackaged stuff too, these are especially made for the brand. Anyway, enough of my nerdery talking about the brand and let's talk about lippies!

video review at THIS LINK too :)

GT Cosmetics Color Wand Review and 

Why It's One of The Best Lipsticks for Dry Lips

The ber months are upon us! My lips are cracking from the constant exposure to cold airconditioned environments and traveling. Don't get me wrong, I love liquid matte lipsticks for when I am going out or giving a lecture but for chill days, I want something more moisturizing with a dash of color. 

Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare now in the Philippines!

I seldom get excited about new makeup releases particularly for face products because I find that most locally available brands do not have products for my skintone or my specific skincare needs, that's why I'm so stoked to share when I received the PR Kit for the brand Beauty Treats of L.A!

Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare now in the Philippines!

Can we just talk about their 3 shades of face powders and that cream foundation? Time to rejoice pale gals of the Philippines yasss!

Ever Bilena Contour Duo Review | Most Affordable Contour Powder Besh!

Y'all know that I am on the lookout for the most affordable contour powder for this blog, and I'm glad to share that the EB Contour Duo might be it!

Ever Bilena Contour Duo Review

So what makes the EB Contour Duo different? Well, first of all, the price. This baby retails for just P165 in most stores. Although prices may vary, I doubt you will find a retailer that sells this for more than P200. 

But that alone does not make the EB Contour Duo the most affordable contour powder there is (at least not in the Philippines!); it is the fact that each compact contains 2 powders and 8 grams of product. Gram per gram, this is the most affordable contour powder that works for me - even when compared to Wet N Wild, another drugstore love of mine when it comes to contouring powders.

Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color in Morocco Review | Under 300 Pesos Contour Powder

I've been looking for the perfect contour powder for a long while now and I think I just found a new favorite in the Morocco shade of the Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color blushes!

I am not kidding guys. Most of you who are avid readers of the Pinay Beauty And Style Blog or those who've found me via the Youtube Channel are aware that finding a contour shade that works for my skintone is a challenge. I'm usually between NC13 to NC20 so I really need a subtle contour shade that isn't too warm but most of what is available in the local market typically run on the warm side. Imagine my glee when I find out that the Morocco shade of Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color.

Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color Review | Morocco

Tipid Beauty Haul at Watsons Philippines! #WatsonsPhils Haul!

First of all, this is NOT a sponsored post and the video isn't sponsored as well but I just want to share this because I saved so much moolah! I have a video series called Tipid Beauty Haul in Youtube and people there love the series because that is where I feature good deals, sales, and all tipid hauls!

Tipid Beauty Haul at Watsons Philippines!

Total is P8,253 but got 10% off my bill so only paid P7,427! Tipid much!!! Take note this is on top of the other sales so I saved around 2K if we will compute everything! This was all made possiblle because Watsons Philippines had a sale last August 17 to 23, 2017 and there was also a one day SMAC holder sale! I wish they do more sales like this!

Caronia Free Spirit Collection is HERE!

Calling all those who love pastel nail polish! Caronia Free Spirit Collection is here and brings to us 5 new nail polish colors for everyone!

Caronia Free Spirit Collection

Trivia time! Do you know that Caronia was the first nail polish I used when I was a kid? I vividly remember trying them out in secret with my enabler tita because I'm a #nailpolishaddict since I was young! Here is a link to the proof haha! 

The Caronia Free Spirit Collection features the following nailpolishes:

  • Purple Punch: a purple-yam color frosted nail polish that can go from night to day and can suit a variety of skin tones.
  • Golden Bronze: a bronzy gold frosted nail polish for the perfect kind of earthy sophistication. This one pairs well with almost anything!
  • Gypsy Green: a mix of mint and avocado green in frosted nail polish room. This color is adventurous yet still prim and proper.
  • Bohemian Blue: my favorite from this collection! This cornflower blue satin nail polish has a subtle hint of frosting for a glow from within peg. I think this one is the most bohemian in the whole bunch!
  • Pink Lily: a frosty light pink nail polish with a play on cooler undertones. I think this would look stunning for tanned skin.
What is your best bet in this collection? Stay tuned at the following pages of Caronia Philippines so you won't miss their new releases! Of course these are available everywhere Caronia products are sold and are just around P40 pesos each! The list below are all links so click away!

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EB Advance Cheek Color Review, Swatches all shades and Price

Am I a blush addict? I don't think so...but my tapered down collection of more than 80 blushes from drugstore to pricey brands says otherwise haha! With this said, I really can't turn down a good blush plus I always tell myself that I donate/review/give them away within a year yeah, nothing sets in my collection for too long gathering dust.

EB Advance Cheek Color Review

Okay. I admit it, I am quite a blush addict and so I couldn't resist completing all 6 of the EB Advance Cheek Color  blush shades when they were on sale. These blushes are only P175 a pop but hey, 40% off was hard to resist you know? I mean look at them and tell me you won't grab them if you were in my place!

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