Cathy Doll Mini Makeup is now in the Philippines! Cute Travel Makeup Indeed!

I love Cathy Doll products and have reviewed a few of Cathy Doll Philippines products here. I also have a thing for mini makeup or travel makeup because I am always on the go plus minis allow me to try more products and actually get to use them up instead of letting them gather dust in my closet! I'm so stoked to be one of the first few that got to try Cathy Doll Mini Makeup!

Cathy Doll Mini Makeup Are So Cute!

I mean, what's not to like? I personally think that more brands should try producing more mini makeup because they're not only travel friendly, but are also cheaper. Okay maybe not cheaper per gram (because packaging is part of the cost) but if we're to be honest, makeup junkies like myself often end up stuck with a ton of makeup that we can't use up no matter even if we tried putting on a fresh full face of makeup a few times a day. 

I love the concept of mini makeup because I can fit more of them in my kikay kit plus help me save money by actually using up the product before it expires. And yeah, they're super cute so that alone is a solid argument haha!

Cathy Doll Mini Makeup is Super Affordable!

I don't know about you, but for less than P200 for each product, I think that the products are a bargain. Most are just P129 each! You'll get to try at least 3 products for under P500 (the cost of one full size lippie from similar quality brands).

I've been enjoying these Cathy Doll Mini Makeup the last few weeks and will further share what I think about them either on a future blog post or a video. My favorite is the Cathy Doll Speed White CC Pact. Great sun protection and oil control for mestizas or fair ladies out there!

Do you know of any other Philippine makeup brand with mini makeup? Do share below!

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