Hakubi White C is Now in The Philippines! Here is What You Need to Know About This Japanese Skin Whitening Brand!

Hakubi White C is now in the Philippines and I was one of the few top bloggers and media people in the Philippines who was invited to be a part of the online brand launch made possible by SATO Pharmaceuticals, One Mega Group, and TheHuddleRoom. I first heard about this Japanese skin whitening brand in Thai skincare groups and I am so glad that they're now locally available via Shopee Philippines as well as Watson's stores nationwide. Read on below for my exclusive behind-the-scenes chika! #japaneseskincare #jbeauty #beautythatilluminates #Hakubeamwithbeauty #hakubiwhitec #hakubiph #hakubiskinwhitening #skincarelaunch 

Hakubi White C is Now in The Philippines! #HakuBeamWithBeauty

Now, I know that the packaging can look quite intimidating or almost medical-like for some people but this is a thing that Japanese brands do. Either they go super Kawaii or go for minimalist aesthetic. The products do not smell or look like medicine, I can assure you.

Update: I buy authentic Hakubi White C products HERE https://shope.ee/4ALHrekvJR, their official Shopee store

A total of 4 products in 3 different formats (gel, cream, tablets) was launched. They are the Hakubi White C tablets, Hakubi Q10 Cream, Hakubi BB Cream, and Hakubi White C Gel. 

Hakubi White C tablets, Hakubi Q10 Cream, Hakubi BB Cream, and Hakubi White C Gel

I must say that introvert me miss going to events and I realized that upon seeing some familiar faces during the launch hosted by Bianca Valerio. There were more people but I only managed to get one screencap and you can only see the top of my head because I was looking down at the screencap buttons, haha!

So, What is the Scoop with J-Beauty Skincare Brand Hakubi White C?

Maybelline Mask-Friendly Makeup Recommendations

It has been such a long time since I published something on this blog because I was busy with work and my other blogs. Of course, I haven't forgotten the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog and the Pinay Beauty And Style Youtube channel but I've been mostly using the same things over and over again and so I had almost nothing new to share. It's only been a few weeks ago that I restarted with using makeup again on a daily basis and a dilemma I've had was to find mask-friendly makeup products that are affordable and that people can easily buy so that I can share them with you guys. Admittedly I have been mostly using products that are meant for theater and makeup artists for the past months so this was truly challenging for me. Enter Maybelline! 

You can buy Maybelline products in the Philippines via their Shopee official store here https://shope.ee/2VDnLU3xsO <---- THAT is a clickable link where they hold a lot of sales and post new releases too. 

My Maybelline Mask-Friendly Makeup Recommendations

My Maybelline Mask-Friendly Makeup Recommendations

It wasn't a secret that Maybelline was one of the first makeup brands that I used decades ago, grabe tita age na talaga. Although I lean towards Kbeauty and Jbeauty these days and try to use cruelty-free makeup most of the time, I still get Maybelline products from friends and family who know how much of a Maybelline girl I used to be. Instead of letting the products sit around, I use them and try them so that I can spare my readers the effort of having to do this themselves. 

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