Careline Graph Ink Liner Review! Is This the BEST Affordable Eyeliner Ever?

Careline Graph Ink Liner is killin it! You better read that part as early as now because this is a rave review! You've been warned, people!

Careline Graph Ink Liner Review! 

Okay, I gotta admit that I'm not a huge fan of Careline products (I prefer EB, the parent brand) but the Careline Graph Ink Liner has been making so much noise in FB that I made it my mission to try it. I've seen it last year during the #CarelineGirlGang Launch but I wasn't able to try at the time so I was really hoping that it is good or else all my trips to various stores would have been for nothing. 

I actually kinda squealed when I finally found some!
  • Price: P175 pesos for 0.55ml of product with a seriously awesome applicator
  • Where to buy: Watson's, SM hypermarket, Mercury Drug, landmark, Waltermart...everywhere you can buy Careline products. I found mine in Waltermart North Edsa and found the extras in Mercury Drug (of course I hoarded once I found the product!). You can also purchase online at Lazada.

This is how SUCCESS feels like! hahahah!

So, what is the Careline Graph Ink Liner?

Nichido Brow Master Eye Pencil Review! #KilayOnFleek with Nichido Brow Pencil!

I've known about Nichido Brow Pencils for a few years now (I've been using their mineral eye pencil since 2012) and I wasn't really ready to make the switch to the Nichido Brow Master Eye Pencil until their sales associate at Waltermart North Edsa's Watson's showed me how great it was!

Nichido Brow Master Eye Pencil Review

What is the Nichido Brow Master Eye Pencil?

The Nichido Brow Master Eye Pencil is the only retractable brow pencil from Nichido Cosmetics. Their older brow pencils are in the typical form (both the mineral and regular one). This formula is paraben free, easier to draw on, lasts longer (in my experience) and is more beginner friendly than other Nichido Brow Pencils.
  • Price: P175 pesos each
  • Where to Buy: Anywhere Nichido Products are sold

Below are further details!

Althea Bare Essentials Skincare is Here!!! Korean Skincare Routine Made Easy!

It feels like it was just yesterday when Althea Korea launched the Althea Velvet Powder (review here) and now, they've launched their newest venture, their very own skincare line! The Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Set!

Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Launch

What is the Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Set? Korean Skincare Routine

The Althea Korea Bare Essentials Skincare trio was launched to help simplify Korean Skincare routine for Kbeauty fans who don't have the time to go through the hyped 10 step Korean skincare routine and the like. The Bare Essentials set features just 3 products for a 3-steps skincare that's easy, doable, and will still give the skin everything it needs (I've read this from their press release).

the Althea Korea Bare Essentials Skincare Set features the following products: Korean Skincare Routine

Ever Bilena Celebrates 35 Years Bringing the Best Color Cosmetics to Filipinas! I Found A LOT of Ever Bilena Secrets!!!

I seldom go to events (because of sched constraints) but when I got an invite to the exclusive Ever Bilena 35 Years Anniversary celebration at SMX MOA, I really made sure to go because I was curious to know secrets they could have to still be in business after 35 years! Man, that's older than all my days here on earth, haha!

Ever Bilena Company History Ever Bilena Company Information Ever Bilena owner


My Ever Bilena Story Ever Bilena Company Information

---if you don't want to read this part, you can skip to the video. Just scroll down below :)---

Now, what is not a secret is the fact that I review and post a lot of Ever Bilena product reviews and news. Some have raised their eyebrows about this and there are actually brands who won't even respond to my queries because they think I work for I'm going to share a bit of why I like featuring EB so much...and of course talk about the Ever Bilena 35 years celebration later!

EB Lip and Cheek Roller Review - New Ever Bilena Lip Tint!

Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller is here and I am so excited to share them with you guys! But wait, I feel that I should disclose that I'm not a fanatic lip and cheek tint gal because they don't usually show up well on screen or on stage when I am giving lectures (in my field). With this said, I've also reviewed the EB Advance Blushing Cheeks and the Ever Bilena Blush Glow in the past and know for a fact that they work. I also like the Ever Bilena Blushing Cheeks product and the Careline Jelly Tint plus used all sorts of roller tints from KJM, Skin Genie etc so I guess it is safe to say that I'm warming up to using tints?

Looking for the NEW SHADES of the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller Tints? Click the highlighted part!

photo by LunaLinaBeauty

EB Lip and Cheek Roller Review

What is the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller?

Eren McKay Showroom Grand Opening in Quezon City

I've been using Eren McKay makeup and beauty products for about a year now since I discovered them a year ago (I have a blog for that, click here) and so when I heard that their flagship store in Fishermall is moving to another location that's bigger and better on Feb 28, 2018, I just had to see it for myself!

Eren McKay Showroom Grand Opening in Quezon City

What is the Eren McKay Showroom?

The Eren McKay Showroom is the new 'main' store for all Eren Mckay products, their inhouse brand of color cosmetics, their skincare brand Elella Ginseng Therapy, and the all types of hard to find makeup that they carry.

Their store carries the following brands (this is not a complete list)

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