REVIEW Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie - A Delicious Japanese Collagen Powder Drink!

Belo Collagen has been a mainstay in the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog and Vlog. I have reviewed the Belo Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid in the past as well as featured the Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie. This time, Belo Nutraceuticals came up with Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie and we got first dibs from SampleRoomPh! I took it for more than a week and below is the video review as well as the written review!

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review 

- A Delicious Japanese Collagen Powder Drink!

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review  - A Delicious Japanese Collagen Powder Drink!

What is the Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie?

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie is the newest health and skincare supplement from Belo Nutraceuticals. It is a powder collagen drink made from Japanese collagen in a delicious instant drink form. You can stir it in cold water to create a slightly thick collagen drink or add it to smoothies, frozen fruits, and the likes as an enhancer. I've blended it together with some frozen bananas to make a delicious soft-serve banana-strawberry 'ice-cream' and also made a drink on its own. You can tell that I really enjoyed this on the video at the later part of this feature review :)

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review  - A Delicious Japanese Collagen Powder Drink!

What is Collagen? What Makes Japanese Collagen Better?

Collagen is one of the most abundant substances that form the building blocks of lots of parts in our body particularly the skin. This is why as we age, the loss of collagen really shows on the skin the most, being the largest organ. We can replenish the lost collagen from food plus what our body 'recycles' on a daily basis.

But why take collagen supplements if it is abundant? While it is true that collagen is abundant in some food sources, the fact remains that not everybody has a good diet plus people who need collagen the most (aging and stressed people) are often too busy to mind what they eat. Our bodies can have trouble with keeping up with our collagen needs so taking supplements is a good way to address that.

The Japanese collagen industry is known for its strict quality standards. They are the best of the best when it comes to collagen supplements which is why I am glad that Belo Nutraceuticals sources their collagen from them. 

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review - A Delicious Japanese Collagen Powder Drink!

Each sachet of the Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie contains 5000mg of premium collagen from Japan. It claims to replenish lost collagen as you age. It also has Hyaluronic Acid just like their previous releases that refill essential nutrients within our bodies for a more youthful appearance.

This product claims that their advanced anti-aging formula can help restore skin suppleness and elasticity resulting in less visible wrinkles and fine lines. 

Personally, I love this new flavor. I might start loving this more than the melon smoothie version which has been my undisputed favorite for more than a year!

Each sachet is good for a single serving. You get 10 sachets per box that cost a little over P1,000. Not bad considering sugar-filled boba drinks can cost as much with no health benefits. 

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review  - A Delicious Japanese Collagen Powder Drink!

How to Take:
You can take 1 sachet per day, with or without a meal. You can space your intake to morning and night if you are taking 2 sachets per day. Just mix the contents with a glass of cold water and you're ready to enjoy!

CAUTION: This is intended for adult use only. Not intended pregnant and lactating women as well as children.

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review - A Delicious Japanese Collagen Powder Drink!

I like how easy the powder dissolves in cold water. I think a closed jar is key for this. I haven't tried just stirring in a mug.

Enjoying my collagen drink while watching Vincenzo

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review - One of the Best Japanese Collagen Supplements I've Tried?

It is difficult to say if a supplement is effective in just a week of use. Plus for the record, I have been drinking the Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie before I tried this strawberry version so it isn't like there will be a huge difference. I also do not have a before and after since only the flavors of the drink changed. However, I can say that I am so happy that a new flavor is available because there are so many ways I can enjoy strawberry more than melon. I am thinking of mixing this up with my chocolate protein shake and see if that works! Maybe add this to my low carb cupcake recipe. I used the plain Belo Collagen for my low carb cupcakes and they turned out well. So I am planning to make a strawberry cheesecake version. Hopefully, Belo Nutraceuticals will make a chocolate or coffee version. bekenemen!

Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie Review Video


Overall, I trust Belo Collagen because I am prone to scratches and small wounds because I am galawgaw and got lots of pets. So far, I heal really fast and people say my skin is smooth and younger looking for my age. 

By the way, I got mine as a free sample from Sampleroom! This is already available in Shopee but I am waiting for May 5 for extra discounts so I can hoard haha!

CLICK HERE for Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie FREE SAMPLE

  • FULL SIZE: 1 box (10 sachets)
  • PRICE: Php 1,400.00 (cheaper during sales!)
  • SAMPLE SIZE: 5 sachets (from sampleroom)

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