SKJN Chewable Collagen Review, Is It Better Than Their Original Japanese Collagen?

Another day, another skincare review. This time, It is about a new discovery of mine, the new formulation of Japanese collagen from SKJN, the SKJN Chewable Collagen Tablets!

I bought my SKJN Collagen microtablets from Shopee HERE (this is a direct link to buy hassle-free :)

I also buy SKJN Collagen from Lazada HERE because Lazada (direct link to their official store) can have better sales and stackable vouchers.                                                     

By the way, if you are looking for a review of SKJN Collagen's original formula, then click on HERE. Otherwise, keep on reading!

SKJN Chewable Collagen, Is It Better Than Their Original Japanese Collagen?

So what can I say about trying the new chewable collagen formula from SKJN? Honestly, the older formula is one of my top 5 collagen supplements so I wasn't very keen on trying out more collagen supplements. However, since there was a time when I had throat issues and it made taking supplements easier, I thought of trying out the chewable formula for people who may be unable to take the regular supplements as well. Just to be clear, the regular supplements are really small as you can see in the comparison photo below but for people who have sorethroat, even small ones can be difficult to swallow so having an alternative that can completely dissolve while still in the mouth is great!

Why Switch to SKJN Chewable Collagen Tablets?

First of all, if you've already tried the SKJN collagen supplement in the original formula, then you already know that it works. The chewable version is basically the same with a few modifications in the ingredients as well as the sizes. I've included photos of the back panel so you can see for yourself. The differences in the ingredients are minimal. 

If I am gonna summarize why you should take the SKJN Chewable Collagen, then I can share the following reasons:

  1. The daily cost could be a bit cheaper because 1 chewable tablet is equivalent to 5 microtablets from the original formula. One bottle is good for up to 30 days whereas the original microtablet is usually good for up to 24 days per bottle
  2. You can take this chewable collagen even without water. It doesn't stick too much to the gums or teeth so you can take this on the go.
  3. The effects are the same as the original formula.
  4. The chewable tablet is overall more convenient.
has a little bit of lingering taste which is the same taste you get from collagen drinks so its fine
if you are wearing braces, some may stick to your braces

Here is a review video of the SKJN Chewable Collagen too!


Please watch the video above because it has more details than this written review. You can also see my skin there in action haha!

I bought my SKJN Collagen microtablets and chewable from Shopee HERE  (this is a direct link to buy hassle-free :) This link is also cheaper than others. I like buying Collagen supplements in Shopee because I get to see reviews from real buyers.

And sometimes I buy SKJN Collagen Chewable from Lazada HERE because Lazada (direct link to their official store) can have better sales and stackable vouchers around payday but most of the time, Shopee has better deals. 

A good tip is to check both because shopping deals are not always the same. For more good finds, you can check my directory of SULIT online shopping finds HERE  

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