I Want to Become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider

If you've been a subscriber at the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube channel for a while, then you probably already know how much I love SampleroomPh! I discovered them via BeautybyTellie's blog late last year and from the first free sample I got, I was hooked!

Photo shows my biggest beauty and Filipina skincare finds from SampleRoomPh. Yep! They have organic skincare and luxe products for sampling too!
Before I go on and talk about why I want to become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider, I'll let you in first on the reasons why I got hooked on their website and the revolutionary sampling service they offer below!

Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in Pink Swatches and First Impressions Review + VIDEO!

I've been absent from blogging lately because of crazy work schedule and I know I owe you guys A LOT of reviews! I'm starting off this review spree with a first impressions review and swatches of the Ever Bilena eyeshadow palette in pink!

I've been seeing this palette all over Instagram but I held off from purchasing one for a while because I already have a lot of neutral eyeshadow palettes. That is... until the day when one of my students asked me if I am wearing this palette. I was wearing my Lorac Unzipped Gold at that time and my student remarking that she noticed my makeup did not budge for a whole day of lecture and thinking that I am wearing this Ever Bilena palette piqued my interest. I was like, "okay Andie, time for you to check this out!". At Watson's that day, I was surprised to find out that the palette is only 150 pesos. I was thinking that it would be around 300-500ish ***inner scream YEY!*** so, happy with my find, I paid for the palette without swatching and got back to my hotel

***I'm a nurse review lecturer by the way, so I am often on the road.

I actually forgot about the palette until I got back home and noticed it when I was unpacking. Lo and behold! It is prettiness galore!

First time swatching it the morning I got home. Can you hear the halleluiah in the background?
O.M.G! My heart and my eyes lit up. SOOOOOO shining, shimmering, splendid!

My Fave Body and Skincare Products + SampleroomPh Review

Hi, everyone! Some of you have emailed have about my SampleRoomPh video and the Sampleroom VIP membership blog I posted a while back asking which products I loved and if signing up is indeed worth it. Since it seems that I'd be getting more emails in the future, I figured that I should just film a video to address both. Oh, yeah! I'm all about hitting two birds with one stone :)

***no birds were harmed for this blog by the way!

Because I love you guys, below is my video on my current favorite body and skincare products that are locally available. Yes, I got to try most of them via Sampleroomph, so I thought, why not share the love and just combine it with my SampleRoom review? This way, you guys can check out both and also avail of FREE SAMPLES like I did!

Dupes for Nivea Post Shave Balm Philippines edition? Testing Master Zero Oil Facial Moisturizer & Vaseline Men Moisturizer as Primers

Everybody and their mother (on YouTube) have been raving about how great the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer, but if you're a gal from the Philippines or somewhere in Southeast Asia, chances are, Nivea does not sell it locally. What a bummer, right?

Body Acne Causes, Treatment and Tips (with Back Acne Info too!) PART 1

Back Acne, oh the horror! This skin predicament usually rears its ugly head when the weather is warming up and you'll be showing more of your skin. Don't you wish that you're more equipped to handle back acne?

My back acne and body acne story video in YouTube, with tips, tricks, and backgrounder in TAGALOG

That's what I wished years ago, when I had zero inkling regarding what back acne is, how to prevent, what treatment options are available for me, and what back acne tips actually work. Fast forward to now and I still get mini body acne and back acne breakouts, but not as crazy as I used to get. So, what's my secret?

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