REVIEW Pittoresco Skincare Products - Perfect Nighttime Skincare for Sensitive Skin?

Pittoresco Skincare Review was the phrase that I was googling for when I found out that aside from their soothing cream, Pittoresco carries a wide array of other skincare products. I've been looking for Korean skincare products for sensitive skin for a while now so I got 4 and below is my review about them all plus a bonus demo and review video too!

Pittoresco Skincare Review - Perfect Nighttime Skincare for Sensitive Skin?

What is Pittoresco? And Why Use Pittoresco Products for Sensitive Skin?

REVIEW Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set Hello Glow ARS Price, Ingredients - Does It Work for Acne Prone Skin?

Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set was launched late 2020 if I am not mistaken but I have only had a chance to try it this year. I've tried the Hello Glow Whitening Set last year and loved it so tried this too and as expected, liked the set as well. I was worried about peeling, breakouts, and purging and thankfully, I did not experience any of that. I was wowed!

Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set Review - Is This Okay for Acne-Prone Skin?

Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set Review - Does It Work for Acne Prone Skin?

What is the Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set?

Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set is a new breed of rejuvenating set made in Korea by Filipino manufacturers to give the user a 'rejuvenated' skin using skin-safe ingredients and techniques. This brand is under Ever Bilena and so the products are Cruelty-Free and Paraben-Free. They've also spent time and money on the formulation to make sure that the products deliver their claims and do not have the negative effects associated with typical rejuvenating sets in the Philippine skincare market. 

Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set is FDA approved just like the Hello Glow Acne Defense Set and Hello Glow Whitening Set. 

Question is, does this work on sensitive acne-prone skin, and does it cause purging?

REVIEW Spotlight Cosmetics Scene Stealer Gel Eyeshadow Swatches, Price, and Where to Buy

Gel eyeshadow products are not new in the Philippine market but the ones that were available before were from international makeup brands. Don't quote me on this but I think Spotlight Cosmetics is the first Filipino Makeup Brand that released a gel eyeshadow that truly works for Philippine weather. I've been using this since March 2021 and haven't experienced the problems I've had with similar products in the past. If you have oily eyelids that tend to give you raccoon eyes, then keep on reading!

Spotlight Cosmetics Scene Stealer Gel Eyeshadow Swatches, Price,  and Where to Buy

Spotlight Cosmetics Scene Stealer Gel Eyeshadow Swatches, Price, Review,  and Where to Buy

What is Spotlight Cosmetics Scene Stealer Gel Eyeshadow?

25 Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brands Philippines 2021 #CrueltyFreePh #CrueltyFreeBeauty #CrueltyFreeMakeup #CrueltyFreeBrands

Cruelty-free cosmetics is not a new concept in the Philippines. Most, if not all of the brands featured below have been cruelty-free before it became as an 'in' thing in the world of beauty. This isn't my first article writing about cruelty-free beauty brands in the Philippines. I have an earlier entry in my old blog circa 2018 and my vlog in 2019. Back then, I was only able to list 12 makeup brands so coming up with a list of 25 Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brands in the Philippines, and in just 3 years, here we are with double the numbers. I believe this is partly because we have new cruelty-free makeup brands and some old brands that I was finally able to confirm do not harm animals and do not test on animals, yey!

25 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands Philippines 2021

cruelty free makeup brands philippines 2021

So, First, What is Cruelty-Free? What Does It Mean To Be A Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand?

A Cruelty-Free Brand is a brand that does not knowingly harm animals in any way in the process of selling and distributing their finished product. By this definition, animal testing can unknowingly happen during sourcing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, and selling their products (or the unfinished components thereof) and a brand can still be called Cruelty-Free.  This highlights the fact that being a Cruelty-Free brand is easier said than done because it is easy to overlook raw materials that harm animals or were obtained by harming animals. More so, some countries in the world require animal testing before a brand can sell in their country and animal testing can be done too by certain government bodies without informing the brands. It's a really complicated issue. 

When a brand chooses to be animal-friendly, it means that also chose not to sell their products in countries requiring animal testing, so they face loss of profits. Luckily, animal testing is not required in the Philippines. This is why a lot of Filipino makeup brands are animal-friendly to begin with. Note that in some countries with animal-testing, it is not always a mandatory thing so that is a factor too.

Technically, a Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brand is a company that doesn't test their finished product on animals (but it is possible that some materials were tested on animals because the cosmetics industry still have a lot of things to regulate). With this said, brands with the leaping bunny logo are fully animal-friendly in all aspects. 

Please use google to search for my older articles if you are looking for older entries. I have written blogs and made videos about Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands in the Philippines for years :)


Battle of the Best Sanitary Pads and SeoulUnni Won!

Sanitary pads are popular feminine products in the Philippines. Tampons and menstrual cups are not really an 'in' thing in the Philippines yet due to social reasons so a lot of people still use sanitary pads. The problem is, sanitary pads aren't created equal and so some are better and some aren't as good. For someone who have a heavy period like me, finding the right one is the difference between embarrassment and having a good day as majority of the people still have negative perceptions regarding menstrual periods. I can't change what they think but I can make sure to prevent leaks from happening, right? And so I started my search for the best sanitary pad for overnight use. 

Battle of the Best Sanitary Pads and SeoulUnni Won!

Battle of the Best Sanitary Pads and SeoulUnni Won!

But Why Find The Best Sanitary Pad for Overnight Use?

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