NYX Face Awards Is Now in the Philippines!!! YASSSS!

Your blog author (me) got an invite to attend the launch of the NYX Face Awards Philippines at the Palace Pool Club yesterday, and boy, attend I did!

NYX Face Awards Philippines

I'm a bit confused about the launch because they decided to launch the competition together with the new NYX Chromatic collection (see photos later) but basically speaking, Face Awards is an annual makeup competition sponsored by NYX Cosmetics that showcases the best talents that the makeup world has to offer.

For those who may not know, this is the competition that helped shape up the career of makeup giants such as Glam&Gore, MadeYewLook, Patrick Starr, and a lot more.

Of course, I was more than pumped that my fave makeup competition is now in the Philippines, YASSSSS!

NYX Face Awards Ph Mechanics

This is how you join Nyx Face Awards Ph:

1. Upload a new or existing YouTube makeup tutorial showing your favorite look. They say the videos will be judged according to how well it showcases your artistry and talent plus the presentation and the quality of the video.

2. Create a YouTube account and upload your video. For those who already have a YT account, the video entry can be an old or existing video.

3. You will also have to share a photo of your final look on IG or FB with hashtags #NyxCosmeticsPH and #FaceAwardsPh (account must be public so NYX can view your entry).

4. Don't forget to submit a filled out entry form at faceawards.nyxcosmetics.com.ph. Refer to the deadline of submission (this was moved a few days from the original deadline to April 24 11:59 pm). 

5. Wait til the finalists are announced and confirmed on April 26 6pm!

NYX Face Awards Philippines has the following Timeline

  • April 5-24 Open Submissions 
  • April 26 Top 30 Announced 
  • April 28 First Challenge Revealed 
  • May 11–15 VOTE for Top 15 
  • May 17 Top 15 Announced 
  • May 19 Second Challenge Revealed
  • June 1–5 VOTE for Top 6 
  • June 7 Top 6 Announced 
  • June 7-9 Top 6 Final Challenge 
  • June 17 Annual FACE Awards (Live Event Voting)

According to the NYX Face Awards Philippines page:

NYX Professional Makeup wants you to help us find 2017’s Beauty Vlogger of the Year. Anyone and everyone with a love of makeup artistry is invited to enter. The competition starts on April 5th and ends on June 17th at our LIVE event awards show.

But the timeline was just added on the 3rd week of April, so this is an edited post guys!

Click here to see an update!

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It's summer! No doubt some of you may be planning beach adventures, hiking expeditions, and other fun activities under the sun. Before you soak in the sun and dip into cooling waters, make sure that your skin is protected and this is your chance!

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UNBOXING! Lash Lab Manila Lash Drawer - First in the Philippines!

I can't even remember when I started looking for a lash book or a lash drawer to help me organize my stash of falsies, but it seems all lash books and lash drawers being made are meant for little girls! Of course I'm not happy with that, so I simply made do with stashing my lashes in pill boxes, the sides of my laptop, and everywhere else...and then I saw Lash Lab Manila's newest creation.

Lash Lab Manila Lash Drawer as seen on Instagram

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  I can't believe my eyes when I saw the photo above because I've been looking for something like that for so long! It's sleek, versatile-looking, thick enough to house costume falsies, and it is locally available (and locally made!).

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