GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint Volume 3 Review Swatches

GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint Volume 3 is one of my current favorite makeup products and so I am reviewing it today! This is probably the 3rd or 4th article on the same product because GRWM Cosmetics released new shades. For the record, this is volume 3. Volumes 1 and 2 are tackled below :)

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GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint Volume 3 Review Swatches

The 5 new shades are below

Where to buy: You can buy in Shopee HERE or Lazada HERE if you want to avail of brand promos. The brand doesn't have a physical store as of now but maybe soon!

Prices vary because you can snag the Radiance Tints for as low as $6 or P300 when there is a sale but the published retail price is P349 or $7. Note that their initial pricing was P499 so this is already discounted.  

  • Peach: This is a new brighter peach compared to the version in Volume 2
  • Vanilla: Light color concealer great for highlighting
  • Green Corrector: I personally use this to spot correct redness and mix with other shades for bigger patches of skin
  • Pebble: New shade, you can use as spot concealer or liquid foundation
  • Sable: New shade, you can use as spot concealer or liquid foundation

Same reliable packaging as previous versions. I'm still kinda on the fence about having a doe foot applicator because of possible hygiene issues but at the same time, I know that a squeeze tube will be a lot more difficult to handle. As usual, I am simply nitpicking, haha!

Swatches time!

Look at the creaminess and the coverage!

Quite blendable!

You can mix to create custom shades. Here I am comparing the new peach (left side) and the old peach (right side)/ The new one is peachier and I think is better suited for medium to deep skin while the old peach is better for correcting fair skin. 

The final verdict?

These new GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint (buy from Shopee) gets a 4.75/5 from me. I am so happy that my previous wish that they have more shades such as green, yellow, and purple color correctors is slowly coming to life. Really wishing for a yellow and purple corrector soon as they are great colors for brightening. As usual, my only gripe is the packaging because I would prefer a squeeze tube for this personally but if we are judging on performance alone, wow this is a 5/5 for me too!

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