REVIEW GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint Swatches with WEAR TEST of the Milk Tints for 3 DAYS

GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint also goes by the name GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint so don't be confused by the name. They are the same product from the new Filipino Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand, GRWM Cosmetics by Mae Layug. 

GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint Swatches + Review 

GRWM Cosmetics Multi Use Creamy Tint Swatches Review with WEAR TEST of the Milk Tints for 3 DAYS

What is the GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint? 

  1. GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint is a multi-use creamy tint that is like a cross of the best characteristics of Colourette ColourTints and EB Advance Power Paint. 
  2. You get a cream tint that spreads like a water-based product but has the soft feel and richness of an oil-based balm with the saturation and diffused quality of a powder. 
  3. The Volume 1 of the product comes with 6 flattering shades called 100% Sugar, Cheesecake, Fruit Tea, Mixed Berries, Okinawa, and Wintermelon. I'm guessing they might release more since they called this just Volume 1. 
It's really difficult to describe but I guess the qualities are made like so because the product is meant to be used for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. You'll see what I mean at the later part of the review.

Is GRWM Cosmetics Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

GRWM Cosmetics is Cruelty-Free and Vegan. This means that they have no ingredients from animal sources and the end product was not tested on animals. 

GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Review Swatches

Where to Buy the GRWM Cosmetics PR Kit?

As I mentioned in my feature about the GRWM Cosmetics Launch, the Milk Tints is just the first product to hit the market and there are a lot more to come. The Milk Tints are sold individually but the PR Kit is also available and will be sold in Lazada starting 10am of May 15, 2021. You can find the link to the official store at the end of this blog. 

The PR Kit retails for just P1494 which contains 6 Multi-Use Creamy Tints in a special edition box. You can buy the Milk Tints individually as well for just P249 for 6 grams of product. 

GRWM Cosmetics Ingredients and Packaging for the Milk Tints

GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint ingredients are listed at the back of each one's box. There is a slight difference between each one as they don't have the same pigments but the core ingredients include shea butter, macadamia oil, and vitamin E. Vitamin E is a skin-nourishing and moisturizing anti-oxidant, macadamia oil is great for hydrating the skin and supporting skin regeneration, and shea butter is a skin soothing and moisturizing ingredient with antibacterial properties. They are all skin-loving ingredients. 

GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint

The packaging is a cute box with minimal plastic components. The tube for the product itself is soft and can be cut to get to the last drop. I think the color of the tubes closely matches the color of the tints inside. 

Each tube comes with a removable acrylic nozzle that allows you to see the product and control how much you get. The cap is clear too and has a stopper that fits perfectly over the opening of the nozzle so you won't have to worry about spills even when you store your GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint upside down. 

GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint Swatches

The GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tints come in 6 milk-tea-inspired shade names. Take a look at the swatches below!

  • 100% SUGAR is like a non metallic rose gold or maybe a warm pinky-brown
  • CHEESECAKE is a nude mid-pink or muted rose
  • FRUIT TEA is described as a muted mauve pink but it leans on the peach side if you have warm undertone like I do
  • MIXED BERRIES is a red with blue undertones so think like MAC Ruby Woo but in cream tint form
  • OKINAWA is a muted burnt orange or light brick
  • WINTERMELON is a golden warm coppery peach

Below are swatches from the Instagram account of GRWM Cosmetics. Follow them for updates.

Below are lip, cheeks, and lid swatches from the Instagram account of GRWM Cosmetics. Follow them for updates.

3 DAYS WEAR TEST REVIEW of GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint 

The photo above was taken after the 3rd reapplication on the 3rd day of testing. You can watch the full demo and video review below the written summary.

GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint Review Summary

  • Water-resistant and transfer-resistant but not waterproof or transfer-proof.
  • Doesn't stain and easy to take off (super thankful for this)
  • Lasting power is anywhere from 2-8 hours but can be reapplied with no issues
  • Can be applied on bare face, over powder, under makeup, and over existing full face of makeup. On my wear-test video, I applied on bare face on the first day, on face with powder for 2nd day, and under and over full face of makeup on the 3rd day
  • watermelon fruity scent but does not linger
  • feels like second skin
  • light as a serum, pigmented as a cream, dries like satin powder
  • does not feel dry on the lips and does not dry my already dry lips
  • does not emphasize flaws on cheeks
  • best to apply over powder on eyelids or under powder eyeshadow to achieve a long-wearing finish. Gives a 1930s glossy look if used on its own. I like it. 
  • Easy to retouch (just blot first) then reapply as needed

  • I wish they got a deep brown or deep brown red and plum for those with deep skin tone
  • The shade labels are transparent over the clear acrylic cap so hard to read for someone who got bad eyesight like me
  • I wish they released more because BITIN ako but knowing that it is quarantine now and that there are more products in development, it could be that they are having a challenging time sourcing/finalizing.
I don't have official score yet but the product is definitely impressive. I want to use for 1 week before giving my scores because my number one thing that I watch out for in tints is if its drying after several days. I will update after a week of continued use.

GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Review and Swatches Video


Timestamps GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tints Review 
or GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint Swatches

  • GRWM Cosmetics Owner and Launch 0:25
  • GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint What it is 1:00
  • PR Kit and Packaging 1:30
  • GRWM Cosmetics 6 Milk Tints 1:30
  • Unboxing GRWM Cosmetics PR Kit 2:40
  • Summary 3:35
  • WEAR TEST for 3 Days 4:30
  • Reapplication demo 7:35
  • GRWM Cosmetics Review Final Thoughts 8:35 

GRWM Cosmetics Launch blog below!

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