Cheapest Naked 3 Dupe? Cathy Doll Nude Me Pink Champagne Eyeshadow Palette Review

It seems like almost every makeup brand has been coming up with their own version of the ever so popular Naked palettes from Urban Decay. Truth be told, I'm no longer surprised when I spotted the 3 new eyeshadow palettes from the Cathy Doll Nude Me Collection launch and saw that they look like they were inspired from Naked 1, 2, and 3 respectively. What I wasn't expecting was how nice they are; more so when compared to the ones by the "maybe she's born with it" brand!

I would be publishing separate reviews for all 3 new Cathy Doll palettes but I'll start with my favorite among the 3 - the pink one, of course!

Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow in Pink Champagne Review

The Cathy Doll Nude Me Pink Champagne eyeshadow palette fresh from the box!
I got the Pink Champagne eyeshadow palettes as a press sample after attending the Cathy Doll Nude Me collection launch last week. Being that I'm a sucker for anything pink, I didn't waste any time taking it for a test run. But first, I took lots of photos and videos for makeup porn (see IG and YT channel haha!).

CLICK HERE for the official Shopee store of  Cathy Doll Philippines  where they regularly go on sale so you can enjoy Cathy Doll makeup with a discount :)

Belo Baby Talc Free Powder Review! The Belo Family Just Got Bigger!

I drafted this Belo Baby post as a review or introduction blog for the new Belo Baby Talc Free Powder but it ended up more like a brand review! If you don't mind reading about my thoughts on the ENTIRE Belo Baby line, then you better start reading!

Belo Baby Products Review

loving all the Belo Baby products released so far!

I first heard about the Belo Baby brand from my go-to discovery hub of new products - I remember seeing their paraben-free bar soap, body lotion, and hair and body wash and thinking to myself, will they be a great locally available dupe of a pricey foreign brand I use?

NEW MAKEUP! Cathy Doll Nude Me Makeup Launch and Cathy Doll Philippines 1st Year Celebration

I'm usually not someone who's into celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and the, like but Cathy Doll Philippines is one of those brands that I've been following the progress of and they've recently turned 1!

It's Cathy Doll's First Birthday in The Philippines!

Read about Cathy Doll Philippine's first year anniversary celebration and launch of new products farther down in this post!

I first heard about Cathy Doll from a friend in Thailand. She was raving about some whitening cream from the brand but I wasn't really paying attention because it wasn't like I can go out and buy what she was talking about, right?


Belo Body BB Cream Review | Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream Spray SPF 50 & PA ++++

Summer is definitely not over if we're to judge by how warm it is in the Philippines. Although we're just a few weeks away from Tag-ulan (monsoon season), the days of showing a bit of skin, wearing frolic-worthy summer dresses, and those shoulder-baring and leg-baring outfits are still upon us.

But what if you're not blessed with beautiful complexion?

How are you going to survive wearing skin-baring clothes without inviting some judgy stares?

That is exactly one of my problems...and I'm quite sure some of you can relate.

I have visible veins on my legs, some battle marks from living with cats, and cellulite on my upper arms. Of course, it wouldn't be such a devious sin to expose the public to such sights but hey, I wanted to look better for my own personal reasons!

Enter the Belo Body BB Cream...also known as Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream Spray SPF 50 & PA ++++

Buy Belo skincare products at the BELO ESSENTIALS Shopee store (click THIS  for the Belo official store and discounts). 

Belo Body BB Cream Review

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream Spray SPF 50 & PA ++++
 I seldom post reviews as blogs these days because I hate typing, but I am making an exception for this Belo Body BB Cream and here's why!

NEW FILIPINO BRAND ALERT! Abby's House of Glycerin Shop

I seldom create blog posts for new brands and product launches, but this new all-natural Filipino brand featuring handmade organic product blew my mind! I saw the Abby's House of Glycerin Shop products first at #MarthasMermaidParty and initially thought that they're one of those run-of-the-mill shops littering IG these days. Oh boy, was I wrong! 

How do I know?

I came home with these...

Abby's House of Glycerin Shop

and fell in-love with the initial products I've tried! Organic skincare junkie for life!

Summer Perfect Samples! New Pantene Summer Rescue, Sanosan Baby Ointment, and Celeteque Sunscreen Are Now at SampleRoom!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Everyone! Summer is definitely at its full might these days. The humidity is through the roof, the sun is scorching hot, and the heat can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Wouldn't this be the perfect time to try out new products that are specifically designed to handle summer hair and skin issues?

You're in luck! Sampleroom just announced that they will be carrying the following samples on their site for you to try out!

Summer Perfect Free Samples at SampleRoomPh!

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