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Cruelty-free cosmetics is not a new concept in the Philippines. Most, if not all of the brands featured below have been cruelty-free before it became as an 'in' thing in the world of beauty. This isn't my first article writing about cruelty-free beauty brands in the Philippines. I have an earlier entry in my old blog circa 2018 and my vlog in 2019. Back then, I was only able to list 12 makeup brands so coming up with a list of 25 Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brands in the Philippines, and in just 3 years, here we are with double the numbers. I believe this is partly because we have new cruelty-free makeup brands and some old brands that I was finally able to confirm do not harm animals and do not test on animals, yey!

25 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands Philippines 2021

cruelty free makeup brands philippines 2021

So, First, What is Cruelty-Free? What Does It Mean To Be A Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand?

A Cruelty-Free Brand is a brand that does not knowingly harm animals in any way in the process of selling and distributing their finished product. By this definition, animal testing can unknowingly happen during sourcing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, and selling their products (or the unfinished components thereof) and a brand can still be called Cruelty-Free.  This highlights the fact that being a Cruelty-Free brand is easier said than done because it is easy to overlook raw materials that harm animals or were obtained by harming animals. More so, some countries in the world require animal testing before a brand can sell in their country and animal testing can be done too by certain government bodies without informing the brands. It's a really complicated issue. 

When a brand chooses to be animal-friendly, it means that also chose not to sell their products in countries requiring animal testing, so they face loss of profits. Luckily, animal testing is not required in the Philippines. This is why a lot of Filipino makeup brands are animal-friendly to begin with. Note that in some countries with animal-testing, it is not always a mandatory thing so that is a factor too.

Technically, a Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brand is a company that doesn't test their finished product on animals (but it is possible that some materials were tested on animals because the cosmetics industry still have a lot of things to regulate). With this said, brands with the leaping bunny logo are fully animal-friendly in all aspects. 

Please use google to search for my older articles if you are looking for older entries. I have written blogs and made videos about Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands in the Philippines for years :)


DISCLAIMER: I am aware that there are plenty more other Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands in the Philippines but I've only specifically included Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brands in the Philippines as of 2021 that I have personally tried. Not all are Filipino brands but rest assured that those from foreign countries are locally available and have flagship stores either in Shopee or Lazada. I will link to each brand's website and online store(s) when applicable. I will also link to my reviews of their products if I have written reviews so you will know which products are great to try!

I will have a separate blog post for Cruelty Free Skincare Brands in the Philippines but it might take a while because I am waiting on confirmation from the skincare brands. I started sending out emails in mid March 2021 and still have not gotten replies from most of them. 

Click on the BRAND NAMES below to go to each one's website or main social channel :)

This List of Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands in the Philippines is in Alphabetical Order

Is BLK Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

BLK Cosmetics

I haven't written a lot about BLK Cosmetics because I only have a few of their products. Most of their products are more of the natural makeup look so I have just never gotten around to wearing them for videos but I do use them for every day. If you're looking for a teenage-friendly brand with makeup that's appropriate for school or office setting, then BLK is worth a shot.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of BLK Cosmetics 

Is Bobbie Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Bobbie Cosmetics

Bobbie Cosmetics has been around for more than a decade if I am not mistaken but they just do not have a lot of social media presence compared to newer brands. However, their products are great and range from nail polish to cosmetics at an affordable price point. You can usually shop Bobbie Cosmetics at Mercury Drug and some Supermarkets such as Waltermart. They have some products that are deeper skin-friendly which is usually lacking in a lot of other brands. I love their pot concealer. Here is a link to my review of their poppin cheeks blush that doubles as a contour powder for fair skin.

 >>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of  Bobbie Cosmetics

Is Careline Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Careline Cosmetics

Careline has grown to become one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. Since they have rebranded a few years back, they've consistently released products that are great for almost everyone, even when you are no longer a teen! I reviewed the Careline Multi Sticks and repurchased them so many times. I love the contour stick and blur stick. CareLine tints and bases are good too. I usually buy from their official store in Shopee and Lazada but they are also sold in Watsons online and Robinson Department Store online as well as SM app. There are plenty of resellers of their products as well. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of  Careline Cosmetics

Is Cathy Doll Cruelty Free Makeup?

Cathy Doll

Cathy Doll is cruelty free but a lot of people may not be aware of it because they sound like a foreign brand. I remember viewers and readers asking if they are Korean, Chinese, or Pinoy haha so there's some confusion for sure. To set the records straight, Cathy Doll is a Thai makeup and skincare brand that was brought to the Philippines by a Fil-Chi company. Their skincare standards follow Korean protocols so they are certainly well-made. When I was in Thailand, Cathy Doll was available even in remote 7-elevens at the foot of the mountain so they truly have a huge following everywhere. I even saw them reviewed by Indonesian bloggers. 

To date, I have reviewed tons of skincare and makeup products from Cathy Doll that you can view HERE. That's not all because I have more Cathy Doll reviews in YouTube. I highly recommend their base products and the Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil. I haven't tried their Hello Kitty line yet but that's because I haven't seen them in person yet. You can shop them in Watsons, 7-elevens, Waltermart, Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMNL and so many retailers all over the Philippines. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of  Cathy Doll Philippines 

Is Colourette Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Colourette Cosmetics

Colourette Cosmetics started off as a social media fueled brand but their products have proven worth the hype. It's just a pity that my favorite tint Dione is almost always out of stock. They have official stores in both Shopee and Lazada.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of  Colourette Cosmetics

Is Detail Makeover Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Detail Makeover or Detail Cosmetics

Detail Makeover had so many makeovers, literally. They currently go by the name Detail Cosmetics and also branched out to a teen brand called Squad Cosmetics. I mostly like their eyeshadows which has proven to be consistent throughout their evolution. Most of my reviews of their products are either on my YouTube channel or Instagram but here is a link to my Detail Cosmetics liquid lipstick review on the blog and if you are looking for a fiery eyeshadow, here is my review for the Sunset Dream Palette too.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of  Detail Cosmetics

Is EB Advance Cruelty Free Makeup?

EB Advance

EB Advance is under the Ever Bilena Umbrella and all Ever Bilena products as far as I know are Cruelty-Free. What I like about EB Advance is that it is true to its name, they continually release color cosmetics that are a step up to what is available in other Philippine drugstore makeup brands. Over the past 5 years of blogging, I have written more EB Advance product reviews than Ever Bilena. My favorite is their BB powder but I can safely say that I liked the majority of the dozens of EB Advance products that I've tried. I got reviews for the contour palette, trio face pallete, lipsticks, highlighters, and more. I got them all HERE. Too many to mention literally!

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of  Ever Bilena and EB Advance

Is Ellana Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Ellana Minerals Cosmetics

Ellana Minerals was one of the first local makeup brands I've tried about a decade ago. I remember buying a lot of their mineral makeup in a bazaar in SM Manila and I still have a lot of them to this day. Mineral cosmetics practically do not expire and since I bought pigments back then, I can keep using them. I might try creating my own pressed pigments palette later so will update on that but a must-try is their hydrating lip and cheek stain. You can buy Ellana Minerals products from their own Lazada and Shopee store plus their website. They used to be available at MySpace if I am not mistaken. My gosh, my tita age is showing!

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Ellana Minerals Cosmetics

Is Ever Bilena Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Ever Bilena Cosmetics

Ever Bilena Cosmetics was one of very first Philippine drugstore makeup brands that I've used. That's more than a decade ago considering I was back in college then and I've heard of the brand wayyyyy before that. I have so many Ever Bilena makeup reviews as well and it is really difficult to pick a favorite. You can never go wrong with their matte lipsticks. I find that they last as long as 5 years when properly stored and they got so many shades that there is always one for any skin tone or occasion. 

Ever Bilena got almost any makeup product that you can think of. Blythe Cosmetics by Careline, EB Advance, Ara Colours, Kris Life Kit, and Careline are all under the Ever Bilena umbrella so if I will list everything as a separate brand, I can push this list to be the 30 Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brands Philippines 2021 instead of just a list of 25 haha! They even have their own subcategory in this blog which is a testament as to how much I like their products because I don't bother writing about things that didn't work for me. Ever Bilena is cruelty-free since 2018 or maybe even earlier. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Ever Bilena

Is Fashion21 Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Fashion21 Cosmetics

Fashion21 Cosmetics is not under the Fashion 21 Korean brand. It is a completely different brand with Filipino roots. I haven't written plenty of reviews about Fashion21 but their products are a mainstay in my YouTube videos. Their powders are particularly great for Philippine weather and the Fashion 21 Double mascara made its way to my Ride or Die Makeup video as well as my list of Top Philippine Beauty Finds Under P300

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Fashion 21 Cosmetics

Is Focallure Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?


Focallure is not a Filipino brand but they've had a flagship store in Shopee and Lazada for quite a while now. Yes, their products are China-made but so are more than 50% of all available cosmetics worldwide. They do not sell in China, though so they're still Cruelty-Free. They are one of the budget makeup brands that make good eyeshadow and glitters. Their products range from avant-garde to neutral daily makeup. I've featured them so many times at the PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube channel. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Focallure

Is GT Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

GT Cosmetics

GT Cosmetics is not just a Filipino Makeup and Skincare Brand, but they are one of the few that started outside of NCR. Products are great which is a huge surprise for me because normally, new releases for a new-ish brand would leave a lot to be desired. GT has so far always released good to very good products. I think they are currently rebranding their makeup line into GT Colour Cosmetics but I am not sure as they seldom respond to inquiries. Try the GT Cosmetics Color Wand and the GT Cosmetics Pressed Powder!

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of GT Cosmetics

Is Happy Skin Cruelty Free Makeup?

Happy Skin

Happy Skin is cruelty-free so yay! Wouldn't that make their brand really true to its name? Although I am not always a fan of all their earlier releases, they are growing on me slowly but surely. The color selection usually favors fair skin and although I have fair skin, I would have liked to see a more inclusive selection. 

Anyway, Happy Skin products are indeed good for the skin. I have had zero sensitivity reaction to their products whereas this is usually learned via trial and error when I am using other brands. I love the Happy Skin Lip Lacquer the most because it gives me 90s lip gloss vibes and doesn't make my lips chap. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Happy Skin

Is Human Heart Nature Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Human Heart Nature

Human Heart Nature gained popularity for their skincare products but I personally love their home care items. I love their liquid laundry detergent as well as their powder detergent because not only do they use locally-sourced coconut oil for those, but they are effective clothing cleansers that do not irritate my skin. But before I get carried away with my love for their panglaba, they do have some cosmetic products. I have only tried their Made to Bloom Lipstick so far but they have face powder, eyeshadows, lip balm, blushers, bronzers etc. I really want to try their Lip and Cheek Cream Tint so that is next on my agenda.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Human Heart Nature

Is Imagic Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Imagic Professional Cosmetics

Imagic Professional Cosmetics is a HongKong based professional makeup brand. This is why a lot of their products have nondescript packaging. Performance-wise, I am impressed. Imagic is available in the Philippines via BeautyMNL

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Imagic Cosmetics

Is In Her Element Cruelty Free Makeup?

In Her Element

In Her Element Squalane Oil is one of my favorite nourishing oils so when the brands released makeup-skincare hybrid products in the form of Butterlips Conditioning Color, I gave it a try and liked it. I haven't gotten around to writing a review because I lost it haha but its good. I got the shade Hanan which is very flattering. I hope they create more makeup-skincare hybrids. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of In Her Element

Is BYS Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Lustrous by BYS and BYS Cosmetics

Lustrous by BYS is a makeup line by Nadine Lustre under BYS Cosmetics. This is a limited edition release although BYS itself is Cruelty-Free so if you cannot find the sariling atin collection, you can enjoy other BYS products which by the way are also vegan. I featured the BYS Bloom collection before as well as reviewed the BYS Peach Palette and many more. BYS is an Australian makeup brand but sells in the Philippines. Just to be clear, their products are made in China but BYS Cosmetics is cruelty-free.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of BYS Cosmetics

Is Nichido Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Nichido Cosmetics

Nichido Cosmetics does not have a lot of social media hype but they are well-loved by the Philippine makeup community. Despite them being low-key, they've consistently released good products that are enjoyed by beauty enthusiasts. I've also noticed that they released the pen-type lippies before Philippine drugstore makeup brands so do not mistake their non-hype status for being left out of trend. I love the Nichido Master Eye Pencil, the Nichido setting powder, and more. Check my Nichido makeup reviews for what to buy!

Nichido Cosmetics >>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Nichido Cosmetics

Is Pink Sugar Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup?

Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar was one of the influencer-fueled local makeup brands that I've initially tried when I started blogging. My favorite is their cheek products because the packaging is so sleek and compact. The Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color in Morocco is a great contour shade for fair skin. Not sure what happened to them, I just don't hear anything from them anymore. Too bad because Pink Sugar is a cruelty-free brand with promising products.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Pink Sugar

Is Spotlight Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Spotlight Cosmetics

Spotlight Cosmetics is cruelty-free and I think, paraben-free too! I've been trying almost their entire product range for the past few months and I like everything! My favorites are the Spotlight Scene Stealer Gel Eyeshadow in pots, the liquid eyeshadow, and the eyeshadow palette. Sad to say but my Spotlight Cosmetics palette broke after my cats knocked it off the table and proceeded to fling it around like a frisbee. I am currently waiting for their Shopee store to go live again so I can repurchase and post my giant Spotlight Cosmetics review

Maybe I should just publish one review per product too because the draft blog is already 3,000 words long with more than 50 photos haha! I know I am gushing like a schoolgirl but man, this brand truly exceeded my expectations. Here is my review for the Rising Star Lip and Cheek Paint, btw.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Spotlight Cosmetics

Is Squad Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup Brand?

Squad Cosmetics

Squad Cosmetics is a baby or sister brand of Detail Makeover or Detail Cosmetics. It is another social media-centric makeup brand whose target is mainly teenage users. With this said, the products perform better than some drugstore makeup brands at an even cheaper price point so I guess the hype is well deserved. So far I've tried their cheek cream/blusher and Squad Cosmetics Neutral eyeshadow and I think they're truly beginner-friendly. Detail Cosmetics and Squad Cosmetics are cruelty-free but they don't talk about it as much as other brands.

Is Strokes Beauty lab Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Strokes Beauty Lab

Strokes Beauty Lab started off as an eye studio wherein people go to have their eyebrows fixed. Less than a year ago (2020), they launched their own makeup line which consisted of eyebrow products. To date, they've released lippies as well as eyeliners too. I reviewed the Strokes Beauty Brow Artist Collection and was really impressed with how everything fared. I think it's because Strokes is one of those brands that got makeup artists as part of the product development team. I wish they'd release eyeshadows too. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Strokes Beauty Lab

Is Teviant Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Teviant Beauty

Teviant Beauty is a new favorite for me. So far I've tried their eyeliners and eyeshadow palettes and they're quite good. If you're looking for a Filipino Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand that's beyond the drugstore (packaging comparable to mid-range and semi-luxe international palettes), then Teviant is for you. This is my new go-to brand when I want to introduce Filipino makeup to foreign friends or when I want to gift makeup. Even Manny MUA was impressed with Teviant Queen eyeshadow palette

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Teviant Beauty

Is Vice Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Vice Cosmetics

Vice Cosmetics is cruelty-free and always has something new. I don't know why but they somehow took a backseat during the pandemic but they have a solid line of products. I find that their older releases are better than the newer ones so that could be a factor but if you want affordable cheek color, you should try the Vice Cosmetics Aura Collection. The Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Powder Foundation is good too. Lippies are mostly good but the best collection is the Velvet Lip Kit Collection and maybe, My Little Ponies. 

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of Vice Cosmetics 

Is WetNWild Cosmetics Cruelty Free Makeup brand?

Wet N Wild Philippines

WetNWild has been one of my favorite drugstore cruelty-free makeup brands for more than a decade. They've actively promoted cruelty-free makeup before it was even mainstream. Their powder products like eyeshadows are comparable to midrange brands like Urban Decay. They're back in the Philippines too. sadly ELF Cosmetics is no longer available in the Philippines except via resellers but if you're looking for ELF price point and want colors that pop, then WetNWild should be on your radar. They have updated their coloricon palettes about 2 years ago. One of the newest is the WetNWild ColorIcon Not A Basic Peach eyeshadow palette. I wish they also release their really wild eyeshadow palettes in the Philippines so I can finally review them and not have to order from the US. Btw, the issue about WnW not being Cruelty-Free has been debunked/cleared already and as of September 2019, even PETA certified them.  With this said, just know that if they will be proven to have tested on animals in the future (which is a possibility since for brands that sell in China and other countries with post-manufacturing animal testing), then I will erase them from this list. As of now, Wet N Wild is cruelty-free.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< for the official Shopee store of WetNWild Cosmetics in the Philippines

Cruelty free cosmetic brands philippines 2021

That's it Guys! My actual list of Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brands in the Philippines is at around 35 but I haven't personally tried the products from the other brands in my list yet so I haven't included them here but I will update this list next year after I do and take out or add brands as things change! Check my videos on Cruelty-Free Makeup in the Philippines at the Pinay Beauty And Style Youtube Channel too!

Please know that this blog/independent publication is not entirely CF. I have plenty of old blog entries with non CF brands because I already purchased the products before I decided to lean more towards animal-friendly items. As much as possible, I do not buy non CF items anymore but I still write about products that were gifted to me or that I already have. No sense in wasting them....plus the fact that some people live in places with no access to better brands or ethical brands. Perhaps one day, things will be a lot better. 

This list actually has 29 brands listed but I just wanted to write 25, haha! I think that's fine since some brands are sub-brands of bigger ones. Also know that not all Cruelty-Free Brands have the leaping bunny logo. I think it takes a lot of time and money to get that and some brands are still small and can't afford the paperwork yet plus there is the issue of politics which I won't get into haha! Madrama ang beauty industry, as in! Will update this 'list' next year, either another blog or video. 

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