SKJN Collagen Review - The Best Japanese Collagen Supplement?

I posted a SKJN Collagen Review video at the PinayBeautyAndStyleBlog youtube channel almost a year ago and so after a long time of using it, I decided it's time to post a review post for the blog readers out there who are looking for an effective collagen supplement review. 

I've been taking collagen supplements on and off for more than a decade now. let's just say that I have a love-hate relationship with collagen supplements because most of the tablets available in the Philippines are too large and those that are in powder form are often difficult to dissolve and are either tasteless or have an aftertaste. Since I discovered some easy-to-drink collagen supplements 2 years ago, some have become my favorites and later, you can check them out at my review link for my list of Effective Collagen Supplement Reviews.

I bought my SKJN Collagen microtablets from Shopee HERE (this is a direct link to buy hassle-free :)     

SKJN Collagen Review - The Best Japanese Collagen Supplement?

SKJN Collagen Review - The Best Japanese Collagen Supplement?

What is SKJN Collagen?

SKJN is a Japanese Collagen supplement that launched in the Philippines before the quarantine started back in early 2020 or late 2019. I didn't think that the product was going to be good when I initially saw it on Instagram but after checking out their official account, I saw that they published certifications about their Japanese Collagen supplement and so I was intrigued and convinced to try.

SKJN Collagen Supplement comes in microtablet form, the size of an M&M. You need to take 1-2 doses a day and each dose is 2-6 caplets according to your needs. Generally speaking, the younger you are, the less you will need but if you want to enjoy the skin rejuvenating effects of collagen, you have to take a higher dose. 

UPDATE: SKJN Collagen Chewable is now available. I've made a blog review HERE (click that for chewable collagen review)

Just a note, collagen is one of the most abundant proteins that is naturally produced in our body so it is not possible to overdose on it. What happens if you take too many tablets is that you will just not see much of a difference. It is best to just take what you need to maximize the effects and not waste it. You can find out more about what collagen is and what are collagen benefits HERE

SKJN Collagen Review - The Best Japanese Collagen Supplement?

Why Try Japanese Collagen?

Japanese Collagen is known for its high quality standards. The Japanese Collagen used in SKJN is derived from marine sources which might be easier absorbed by the body according to some studies.

Top Collagen Supplement Benefits Include:

  1. faster wound healing
  2. possible brightening of the skin (makes the skin look plumper so it looks healthier and brighter)
  3. stronger nails
  4. faster growing hair
  5. anti-aging effect (related to the skin brightening effect and better wound healing)
  6. overall better nails, skin, and hair, really
  7. possible smoother feel of joints
Where to Buy Affordable SKJN Japanese Collagen Supplement

Where to Buy Affordable SKJN Japanese Collagen Supplement?

Just search SKJN Collagen on Instagram and buy direct from their official account @skjncollagen. They cost 950 pesos to 1150 pesos per bottle depending on how many you buy. That is just 20-24 in USD. I use my non-blogging IG account to be sure that I don't get special treatment just because I am a blogger. That way, I get to experience what other customers experience.

Anyway they are really polite and respond within a day. You can choose a payment method and your products will be shipped within a few days. I got mine within 3 days after payment, yay!

UPDATE: easiest way to buy these days is via Shopee! 

I also buy my SKJN Collagen microtablets from Shopee HERE (this is a direct link to another one of the cheapest resellers that I buy from so you can buy hassle-free :)

What is SKJN Collagen

All the product benefit and important information are already listed on the bottle. I love that they send new stocks always and long shelf life. I think this is because they get sold out fast so there are always new stocks from Japan. I make sure to get a few bottles at a time because there are times that you have to wait until they get a new shipment. These are really selling like hotcakes.

Disclaimer : The first bottle I tried was sent to me for review but if you know me, I still choose to buy especially if its a new brand or a new store to have an idea how easy the process of buying is.

Buy SKJN Collagen

All bottles are also sealed and they pack all orders really well. The PR sample I received and the ones I bought with my own money are identical. 

popular effective collagen tablets

SKJN Collagen comes in microtablet form which is easy to swallow. I have wasted too many other collagen supplements in the past because the tablets or capsules are too big and I end up not using them. SKJN Collagen microtablets are small and you don't have to put extra effort to take them except maybe to remember taking them daily.

There is no fishy scent or taste. I tried another popular collagen supplement before and although it was effective, the taste and scent made me stop. I was thinking there would be a medicine taste too but really none. 

pinaybeautyandstyle philippines collagen review yeyandie

SKJN Collagen Review Notes

I wasn't able to take before and after photos plus since I was taking other supplements before this (I was taking Belo Collagen Smoothie and Puritans Pride Vitamin C and CO Enzyme q10), I think that before and after photos won't be an accurate representation of the results or effectiveness. 

All I can say is that this is as effective as Shiseido Collagen and a bit better than DHC Collagen for me for the skincare benefits. 

I noticed that my nails became really tough after using this and this was confirmed after I switched to another brand a few months after wherein I can literally see the difference in the thickness of my nail growth and strength.

My knees felt lighter and more fluid or smoother. Hard to describe but if you're feeling the signs of aging, then you definitely know what I mean. 

My hair also grew faster but maybe that's my quarantine imagination haha! 

I used this for 3 months straight before I drafted my review for this post which I am only publishing now since I went on a blogging hiatus last year. At the time I filmed my video review, I was taking this for around 6-7 weeks.

I give this 4.5/5

I usually buy my SKJN Collagen microtablets from Shopee HERE that is their official store and always have stocks

What is The Best Japanese Collagen Supplement? yeyandie

Do I think that this is the Best Japanese Collagen Supplement I've tried? Not sure because I can't pick just one due to many criteria. What I can say is that this is definitely in my top 3 Favorite Best Collagen Supplements.



Please watch the video above because it has more details than this written review. You can also see my skin there in action haha!

You can buy SKJN Collagen microtablets from Shopee HERE  (this is a direct link to buy hassle-free :) This link is also cheaper than others. I like buying Collagen supplements in Shopee because I get to see reviews.      

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