Maybelline Super BB Cream with Super Cover First Impressions | Tagalog Tuesdays

It's been a while since I last posted but I've been churning videos on the Pinay Beauty and Style Youtube channel like crazy! I mean it, it's like a vlogmas sort of thing for this month only that the videos are all about beauty finds, Philippine online shopping deals, mini and fast reviews, plus a ton of first impressions. I normally won't be giving myself an obvious pat in the back but after my twin lappy disaster (it happened the day after my first blog), I think that being committed to upload videos using just my ipodtouch/phone nearly everyday is quite a feat!

Anyway, I've finally embraced making tagalog and taglish videos, in fact, I now have Tagalog Thursdays and the video down below will be a part of my Tagalog Tuesdays series, yey!

yo, check out my screencap, that BB Cream be looking goooooooooood!

Now, I love Maybelline. I'm a Maybelline baby all the way y'all! It's why I got super excited upon hearing that one of their new BB creams is going to be available in the Philippines. Maybelline is one of the brands that kind of really thinks about the products they launch or make available per country or region. I really like that about them but that also means that some great products may not be available locally. They have stuff that's only available in the US (they haven't launched the matte poreless line in the Philippines as far as I know) and products that are only available in India and Thailand - this Maybelline Super BB Cream!

My first impressions video review above is in tagalog/taglish, but I am planning to do an english version. I also tried looking for a flash photo from the event I attended that day but all I can find are cellphone photos using no flash so not sure about how it looks like under flash photography. I will update this post when I get to that.

Now let's talk about the BB Cream!

-medium coverage
-stays on my skin for 8 hours without retouching
-does not make me oil up
-does not make me break out
-feels nice and silky, very light
-I've only been using the product for a week so I will still update this

-only two shades are available (natural and medium)
-not in stores yet, I bought mine from the beautyMNL website because the company only made a soft launching
-it is a bit pricey at 399 pesos plus shipping
-I've only been using the product for a week so I will still update this

So far that's all I can say about the product. It is very promising though so I will continue trying it out and post an update :)

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