#PerfectlyPixi #Glamourbox Unboxing! YEY!

It has been a while since GlamourBoxPh had an open subscription for a Philippine beauty box so when they posted on their social media in early of June 2016 that they'll be having a collaboration with PixiBeautyPh, I was beyond excited! 

I didn't get a chance to blog about the announcement because I was super busy at that time...plus I wasn't sure yet if the box will be worth it. The last thing I would want to do is help hype up something that I wouldn't really want to recommend to a friend so I bid my time and YASSSSSssssss, the wait for the #PerfectlyPixi #Glamourbox is totally worth it!

And just to share with you guys how much I like my Pixi by Petra Glamourbox collab beauty box, I wrote a blog!

Huge Korean Beauty Haul + Mini Reviews (ENGLISH) | Althea Korea Philippines Haul

I've debated with myself whether I'll post this blog or not but since some of my friends loved my Althea Korea video, I thought to share my real customer experience as well with you guys!

First off, I filmed a haul video because a friend of mine thought that Althea Korea Philippines is a fake site or a bit shady...her reasoning is that it seems all the people featuring the site are bloggers who got sent free stuff or are known for posting sponsored blogs (and not disclosing the said blogs are sponsored). Now, I've shopped at Althea Korea Philippines sssssoooooo many times that I know for a fact that the site is legit and that they sell authentic Korean skincare and authentic Korean cosmetics at rock-bottom prices, so here I am sharing with you this post!

Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream and Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream

I hate creams...for the most part. Creams are usually sticky, make me break out, and are simply not worth the trouble for me. This is why you'll seldom read about creams or lotions on this blog of mine. Sadly, I am not getting younger, and because I am plagued with a myriad of sensitive skin issues, using creams to address those issues is inescapable. I've been on the lookout for mild but effective cruelty-free lotions and creams because of this. I've tried so many (and that's kinda weird for someone who's not into creams to begin with) and been disappointed so many times. 

Don't you just hate it when you purchase a much raved-about product for lots of your hard-earned cash and then it turns out that the product does not want to cooperate with you? I, for one, have had my reservations about the Philippine skin care brand Zenutrients because a lot of people are hyping about their products (even though I loved their All is Well Oil and Candle) - and we all know we cannot really trust the majority of hyped reviews online these days.  Nevertheless, I admit I was really excited when they launched their Zenutrients Olive Face Cream and Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream at Sampleroom because their brand is organic and cruelty-free!

I ordered samples and hoped to the high heavens that the creams would work for me. I mean, even if they don't work like angel's tears and fresh unicorn blood, I'd be okay if they don't break me out...so yes, I was keeping my expectations low because I don't want to be brokenhearted (drama pa more!).

Truth be told, I was thinking that Zenutrients' new creams are just like any other creams out there, especially that a 100 grams tub is only 260 pesos. I mean, that's quite cheap so the products might be cheapos as well, right?

Boy, I was SO WRONG!

Yep, halleluiah people. Both the creams worked great on me!

And that is why I've broken my no-creams-review rule and wrote this piece. I've tested both the Zenutrients Olive Face Cream and Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream and loved both, so it is only right that I share the good news with you guys!

If you're looking for organic skincare in the Philippines, then this post is for you!

Zenutrients Olive Face Cream

I know, I know...I've mentioned a gazillion times before that I've got uber sensitive oily skin on my face. It isn't just the oil-slick kind of oily though, it also sports dry patches all over! Ugh! talk about difficult skin, huh?!

Again, I wasn't expecting much when I got a free sample of the Zenutrients Olive Face Cream from SampleRoomPh, but I was also hoping that it would at least be half as good as their All is Well Balm (which I love!).
the product info says that it will deeply moisturize dry skin and all you need is a pea-sized amount for your whole face. Now, I have OILY skin so I was thinking that this might make me oilier but it didn't! It actually helped control my oil.

What I usually do is wash my face, get a pea sized amount of the Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream, and massage it using circular motions all over my face. That's it! Then I go to sleep and wake up with nice skin.

I really love the fruity grapefruit scent and how light the cream is. The active ingredients are olives, avocado oils, coconut oil, and grapefruit extract. Who would have thought that they will work so great together, huh?

The sample I got is a generous 50 grams. It came in a half-filled plastic tub and looked like over processed avocado shake. The scent is very fruity, like a citrusy grapefruit clean scent that is oh-so-enticing!

Isn't it obvious that I cannot get over the scent?

NOTE: After testing it out on my inner arm (in case I've got an allergy, just to be safe), I used it as a moisturizer on my face. This was wayyyy back in May and let me just say that my tub is almost empty now. Need I say more?

 Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream

I was actually half dreading testing out the  Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream because I do not like using creams and lotions on my body. Anyway, I womaned-up (is that a word?) and used some on my arms and legs after shaving. 

The experience was amaze-balls!

It soothed my dry and sunburnt skin on my arms and legs at that time. I've actually managed to use up the whole 50 grams sample in just 3 days...but I was slathering it all over my whole body day and night, hahah!

I'm awaiting when the Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream will be available at Takatack or BeautyMNL because I usually just get their products online. If you're reading this and know where I can order this, please let me know how I can get this online :)

A Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Skin Saver Cream is available at BeautyMNL but I am not sure if they are the same thing...

Anyway, the active ingredients for this product are calendula extract, coconut, and aloe. The product info says that this is safe for sensitive skin (whohoo!) and can also be used by people with eczema and/or psoriasis.

The scent is so mild and does not feel sticky after you perspire. This is always a dealbreaker for me but thankfully, the Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream does not do that so yey!

I simply massage this all over my body after bathing. I also use the cream on my dry spots. I've exiled myself at an air-conditioned room for the month of May and had dry spots because of that.

Overall, I give both creams a solid 11 out of 10, ahahah!

I'm actually getting addicted to Zenutrients products now. I have a whole stash of their All is Well balm and now I want to try more of their products.

Which ones should I try next?

By the way, I googled them and here is link to their website:

Zenutrients Website <----- CLICK HERE

Guys, as of writing this blog, I saw that there are still around 20 FREE SAMPLES each of the Zenutrients Olive Face Cream and Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream at Sampleroom.Ph

You can grab a sample of the Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream <--- HERE
and you can grab a sample of the Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream <--- HERE.

Both the Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream and Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream are part of my #SampleRoomPh favorites video!




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Olay Regenerist #5NightsChallenge - Updated for #Olay28DayChallenge

Hi, guys! If you've been hanging around this blog or my channel for awhile, then you probably already know that I am addicted to doing try-it-with-me sort of reviews. This is why I am so excited to share this newest skincare find of mine and yup! It comes with the #OlayNightRitual #5NightsChallenge!

Update: see my #Olay28DayChallenge in YouTube too! Video at the end of this blog.

Truth be told, I've been hearing about the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream for a while but I was in denial thinking that maybe I'm not 'that old' yet to start using with an anti-aging skincare routine...but who are we kidding? I'm in my 30s and I should have started about a decade ago!

Anyway, Olay partnered with SampleRoomPh to launch their newest product combination in the Philippines, the Olay Regenerist Night Ritual Duo, and I was one of the few lucky bloggers who got to try it out a few days in advance of you guys!

Wait, it gets even MORE exciting! We were asked to try out the Olay Regenerist Night Ritual Duo and take the #5NightsChallenge as part of the #SRBeautyInsider search, and of course, share what our findings are. 

Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in BROWN Swatches and First Impressions Review + VIDEO!

You guys liked my review of the Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in Pink so here I am sharing with you my thoughts on the BROWN palette!

The brown palette piqued my interest because it seems to be all-matte from photos on Instagram and since I picked up the pink one, it just makes sense to go ahead and get the sister palette for review and swatches, right?

Like the pink palette, this one goes for only 150 pesos and has 6 shades with more than a gram of product per shade. The packaging is sleek and very travel-friendly. I even liked the sponge tip applicator that comes with it!

Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in BROWN Swatches and First Impressions Review + VIDEO!

Here is how it looks like in the box together with it's pink sister. Aren't they cute?

Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Palette Swatches

I know this is only my first post about Makeup Revolution products but I legit freakin LURRVVVV the brand! Not only do they make awesome dupes for really highend makeups, they make outstanding new products as well!

My favorite from them is their line of blush palettes and their highlighters. Girl, if you're all about that Jeffree Starr and Jaclyn Hill level of glow, you need to checkout Makeup Revolution's highlighters!

Okay, let's get back to their blush palettes. They've recently launched the new Makeup Revolution blush and highlight palette in Blush Goddess and oh my blush goodness, it is so drool-worthy!

I got dirty makeup hands :P

The palette contains 4 highlighters and 4 blushes that are oh-so-very-cute and highly pigmented.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the dramatic change in packaging for this palette (and it's twin sister, the Blush Queen palette)? The usual packaging for Makeup Revolution's face palettes are just a sleek black case but this time, they opted to have a huge window in front of the palette so you can see what's inside. I super love this because I have quite a few of their products and it can take a while to find the palette I want because they used to all look the same. Great job, Makeup Revolution!

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