Conceal Touch Up Powder Review for Receding Hair Line, Bald Spots, and Gray Hair Coverage

I'm not gonna lie, I have a bit of insecurity concerning my uneven and seemingly receding hair line, my stark white scalp showing as bald spots, my sparse eyebrows, and gray hair. 

I've always wanted to change my hairline, somehow cover my semi bald spots, and define my sparse brows - that's why I used the Conceal Touch Up Powder to do all that and sharing with you the results below!
Conceal Touch Up Powder Review
(dark mocha brown)

I have also used the Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Solution to cover my gray hair so if bald spots and receding hairline are not your issues, you might want to check out that review instead. 

So, what is the Conceal Touch Up Powder?

Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Solution Review with Price - When You're Not Yet Ready to Join the Gray Hair Trend

Although the gray hair trend or gray hair color is very much IN these days, it is still 'dyahe/embarrassing' when you have a few gray hair colored hair peeking through your tresses. 

I can't really go light or try funky hair colors because I mainly work as an academe so the next best thing is to get rid of gray hair for myself is to cover it with hair dye...if only my hair doesn't grow so fast! 

My hair grows like a weed, thanks to my genes. Unfortunately, I also happened to have inherited genes for premature graying from both sides of the family. This means That I have to get rid of gray hair every 4-6 weeks or else I would perceived as someone who doesn't take care of herself (the beauty blogging world and post-grad students are kinda judgmental y'all!)!

I'm really trying to cut back on trying to get rid of gray hair through hair coloring almost every month. I find that wearing a high ponytail is amazing for this purpose giving me that Ariana Grande vibe (teehee), but seriously, I love letting my hair down! 

So what to do then? 

I simply use Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Solution on days I feel like the gray hair near my roots need help hiding since they are so sparse and no way near what could be considered as an attempt to get on with the gray hair trend. 

Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Touch-Up Solution Review

What is the Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Solution?

Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Solution is a product designed to temporarily cover bald spots and gray hair for a day or two.

Watsons Haul 2018! Good Finds Affordable Makeup and Skincare!

I usually don't do cross posting of #PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube channel videos here but I can't help sharing this Watsons Haul 2018 video for affordable makeup and skincare because nearly all of the products I bought are worth a review!

Watsons Haul 2018! Good Finds Affordable Makeup and Skincare!

click on play button to watch the video
click on play button to watch the video

Makeup products and skincare products in  this Watson's haul video are below

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Review, Price, Where to Buy in the Philippines

This review for the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret quick dry spray has been sitting in my drafts folder for about a year. I have always been on the lookout for products that will let really be an answer to the how to dry your hair fast dilemma because I have very long, thick, and unruly hair. This did not disappoint and I am currently on my 2nd big bottle. It took me some time to write a review because I wasn't sure how I can give enough credit as to how amazing this product is. Really suits the name My Amazing Blow Dry Secret!

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Review

What kind of hair care product is My Amazing Blow Dry Secret?

Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally with Moringa-02 Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner (Review)

I love using products with moringa for hair benefits and skin benefits they provide. In fact, one of my favorite shampoo and conditioner is a Korean brand with moringa as the primary ingredient. Sad thing is that I've run out weeks ago and can't get more because the product was discontinued. 

In my quest finding similar hair care products, I seem to have triggered my sensitive scalp to freak out. The result? I developed ultra oily scalp and dandruff. Knowing that I have sensitive skin, I was on the lookout for hair care products that would help me get rid of dandruff naturally. Good thing I saw Moringa-02 come up with a #bluemoringa variant for their moringa personal care line via Moringa-O2's Instagram! I immediately went to Watson's but came back empty handed so imagine how happy I was when made the blue moringa anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner available for free sampling yassss!

(edit: that was more than 10 days ago I'm pretty sure this product have hit the shelf in some Watson's and other retailers nationwide by now).

Moringa-02 Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Moringa oleifera, otherwise known as malunggay, is a wonder tree that's scientifically proven to have properties that make moringa oil great for the skin and has a ton of hair benefits too. I was initially drawn to Moringa-02's products middle of 2017 and wanted to get my hands on this new blue moringa variant because I've read up about moringa hair benefits and how it may be able to get rid of dandruff naturally.

Best Affordable and Drugstore Makeup 2017 Philippines Face Category #PBASawards2017

I know that this blog for my top finds or best makeup 2017 is a bit late. It's now February! nevertheless, I still want to share or create a post since this blog is my online beauty diary after all, right? Besides, we still got 2 weeks before the year turns in the lunar calendar haha!

Best Affordable Makeup 2017 Philippines Face Category #PBASawards2017

I figured that to best share my best makeup finds for 2017, I have to create a 3-part blog. This one will feature foundations, primers, concealers, and powder. The next part will feature eye and lip makeup. The last part will talk about face palettes, blushes, contour, highlighter, and bronzer, yey!

I'm planning to create videos as well but hey, I can hardly keep up with blogging due to my hectic schedule so it is likely that only the Best Makeup 2017 Philippines Face Category for #PBASawards2017 will have a video (see below), and the rest might just be blog entries.

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