GRWM Cosmetics by Mae Layug Launch and Sneak Peek! Plus ALL The Tsismax! #GoalGetters #GRWMCosmetics

GRWM Cosmetics is finally HERE! Well, I am just a bit too excited but come May 15, 2021, GRWM Cosmetics will officially launch in Lazada and Shopee and we'll have a new Proudly Pinoy Filipino Makeup Brand that happens to be cruelty-free too! Find most of what I know so far plus get a sneak peek of the GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint Swatches below!

GRWM Cosmetics by Mae Layug Launch and Sneak Peek! Here Is ALL The Tsismax!

GRWM Cosmetics by Mae Layug Launch and Sneak Peek! Plus ALL The Tsismax! #GoalGetters #GRWMCosmetics

What is GRWM Cosmetics? Is it Cruelty-Free?

GRWM Cosmetics stands for 'Get Ready With Me' Cosmetics by Mae Layug but it is a lot more than that. Mae says that she considers GRWM as a lifestyle brand according to one of Mae's brand introduction videos. I won't spoil the contents of the videos for those who want to watch them but you can watch them embedded further below linked to Mae Layug's youtube channel.

I wonder why they didn't call the company Get Ready With Mae, right? But that could be because Mae thinks of the brand as not just her own but the product of the hard work of a lot of people... the people who helped her, the people who inspired her, the people who pushed her... and maybe, the Habibis too!

QUICK THOUGHTS/TSISMAX: I really think that they would launch more products in the near future and not just cosmetics. Since Mae kinda mentioned that this venture is beyond makeup, I think they'll launch other things that will be loved by the Philippine beauty community. They kinda started with this already and you'll see the sneak peek below. 

I claim that they will release makeup tools, skincare, beauty tools/organizers, and maybe even venture into other merch like shapewear. Let's all wish these claims will be manifested by the brand but yes, that's what I think and hope knowing how entrepreneurial the people behind the brand are PLUS these are things that the Philippine Beauty Community needs. Bekenemen!

GRWM Cosmetics is backed by people who know how to listen to consumers. Part of the reason they named it Get Ready With Me is because they want to be a part of getting their consumers ready for a lot of things that go beyond just putting on makeup. Kind of like your new BFF consumer brand that serves as your tool/katuwang as you face the challenges of life. You'll get what I mean by watching Mae's videos at the end of this write-up. If they'll go this route, then there is a big opportunity for scaling up and becoming a household name. Parang gusto ko tuloy maki-invest chos!

GRWM Cosmetics by Mae Layug Launch and Sneak Peek! Plus ALL The Tsismax! #GoalGetters #GRWMCosmetics

GRWM Cosmetics is Cruelty-Free and Vegan

I've personally known Mae for a few years now and I guess even people who don't know her are aware that she's a huge animal lover. That's one of the reasons why the product development took 2 years. She made sure to find international and local manufacturers who source ingredients and components from cruelty-free suppliers. More so, the Philippines does not require animal testing so yes, no animals were/are harmed pre and post-production of their products, yay!

If you're still reading, I think it is pretty obvious now that this informal brand launch feature is just me celebrating the birth of a new Filipino Makeup Brand that I can be proud of (even though I have nothing to do with it, haha!). I started blogging because I really think that Pinoy Beauty is the Next Kbeauty of the cosmetics and skincare industry so each new brand that has the potential to grow that way makes me really excited. 

On May 15, you have a chance to purchase one of their PR kits from their Shopee and/or Lazada store. I personally love the box and will use it to keep my journal and journaling pens because not only is it cute, but the cover itself is inspiring because the backstory is all about friendship, collaboration, generosity, and going for your dreams (this is all in their brand story video). 

The GRWM Cosmetics PR Kit (for bloggers) got their initial release of Multi-Use Creamy Tint set, an organizational sticker that I LOVE, and a stencil set for swatching.

GRWM Mill Tint Swatches Multi-Use Creamy Tints Review

From what I understand, the GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint is just another name for the GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint. They just chose to change the name when they added the 6th shade because some people may misunderstand and think that they contain milk. For the record, they don't but they were called as Milk Tints because of the consistency. Plus perhaps because the shade names were taken after Milk Teas plus the product gives a diffused and milky splash of color upon application. 

I will share more later at my GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint Review. (pssst! <----CLICK THE LINK FOR THE REVIEW)

It also comes with a mirror but not sure if these inclusions are just for content creators or also for regular customers. What I am sure about is that they will sell the GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint as a set and as individual products. When you purchase the set, you will get a cute reusable box plus the 6 Multi-Use Creamy Tints, yay!

I will post a Swatches and Review blog of the GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tints separately. This is just a sneak peek because I need to try them out for a few days to come up with a comprehensive review. I like them so far. The Milk Tints retail for just P249 each.

GRWM Cosmetics by Mae Layug Launch Milk Tint #GoalGetters #GRWMCosmetics

The individual packaging of the Milk Tint matches the individual boxes.

UPDATE about the GRWM Cosmetics PR Box! 

Only P1494 at Lazada!

GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Swatch sneak peek only!

I will also publish a review video and the above is just the thumbnail sneak peek.

But first, here are Mae's videos 



Note that I only embedded the videos so all views will still go to Mae's channel :)

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