Everything written on the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog is my personal opinion unless otherwise stated. This blog is meant to feature product reviews and features as well as some personal or anecdotal experiences for products and services. None of the content here is meant to be taken as legal advice, medical advice, or expert advice.

Whatever positive or negative experience I share in the Pinay Beauty And Style blog regarding anything applies to myself only and the reader may have a totally different or opposite experience. While some posts regarding press releases may be sponsored, all reviews are my unbiased opinion. 

Care has been taken to present accurate information and I often add links to credible resources. However, this is not an authority website. This is a blog site and is not peer-reviewed in any shape or form. All information shared herein is for sharing purposes only and should not be misconstrued as expert advice. 

Some links are affiliate links to help me cover the cost of running this blog. 

All reviews are my own and do not represent the opinion or thoughts of any brands or entities mentioned or otherwise affiliated with me. Under no circumstances am I responsible for whatever a reader chooses to do with the information or posts shared here. All content in both words and photos is produced by myself and are copyright protected unless otherwise stated.

I review a lot of products because that's my hobby. This is why I made this blog so I can share my reviews. I just use and review whatever I feel like so my favorite today will not be my favorite tomorrow because skin conditions and things I am interested in can change based on multiple factors. 

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