REVIEW Careline Multi Sticks New Colors Swatches + UPDATE

My swatches for the Careline Multi Sticks was one of my most popular blogs in the past few months so when Careline went on sale, I made it my mission to purchase more so I can post an update. I will add links to my previous posts covering Careline Multi Sticks.

Careline Multi Sticks New Colors Swatches Review UPDATE

Careline Multi Sticks New Colors Swatches Review UPDATE

I am not sure how many Careline Multi Sticks are new right now because honestly it isn't like they send or post press releases when they have new products for existing lines but from what I can infer, it seems that they added a new highlighting stick and several blush sticks. That would make a total of 10 from the first 6 launched in 2018. I kinda wish that they added a bronzing stick plus a lighter matte highlighter because the one they have (brighten) is too dark on me plus the contouring stick is too cool-toned for bronzing.

I think the new releases are Berry, Coral, Flush, and 3 blushers and 1 highlighter.

What is the Careline Multi-Stick?

Careline Multi-Stick is a multi-use cream product in stick form. I like this better than multi-pots and other multiple-use products because the stick form doesn't melt in Philippine weather, is easier to apply, and more hygienic. Each stick has 5 grams of product. That may seem like it's too little but I haven't even halved the ones I bought 3 years ago. No worries because the shelf life is 36-60 months. I think for this one, it's really 60 months or 5 years. 

Careline Multi-Sticks are cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free just like other new Ever Bilena products.

I noticed that Careline kinda revamped their packaging for new products. Those manufactured starting 2020 seem to have taken a more minimalist approach to packaging. I like it but at the same time, I also liked having all the important details printed on the packaging. I'm torn!

So I got Peach Stick, Berry Stick, Brighten Stick, and Beam. I wanted to complete it but I can't since the other shades I wanted were out of stock everywhere. So anyway that's why I only have 7 out of 10. I am missing Rose, Flush, and Coral. 

By the way, Beam and Strobe are nothing alike. Strobe is cool-toned while Beam is warm-toned. They look so nice on the skin so I can't pick one. They're also both neutral enough so you can use either but also quite different on closer look. 

Careline Multi Sticks New Colors Swatches Review UPDATE

I got 7, check out the Careline Multi Sticks Swatches below!

Careline Multi Sticks New Colors Swatches Review UPDATE

L-R: Contour, Berry, Peach, Brighten, Strobe, Beam, and Blur (which is almost invisible)

They blend on the skin nicely. Still the same dependable formula yay!

Careline Multi Sticks New Colors Swatches Review UPDATE

Told you I got 7! I just got the wrong photo above haha!

I got photos applying them on a previous post. Just click on the link below for application and review!

Careline Multi Sticks REVIEW (<----THAT is a link, click on it!)

I don't have anything to add except still a 5/5 for me! And yes, it seems like they listen to consumers because the new shades seem like the result of suggestions from reviews!

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