REVIEW Ever Bilena Match Color Stix Swatches - Creamy Stick Highlighter for Gals on the Go!

Ever Bilena Match Color Stix is one of the new-ish products that was released by this Cruelty-Free Makeup brand. I say new-ish because it's definitely older than 6 months but was just not hyped or had as much recognition as the Careline Multi Sticks which are very popular. Perhaps because instead of a full-range of cream face products, the Match Color Stix only has 3 shimmer shades. Don't let that stop you from trying these out btw, they performed better than expected!

Ever Bilena Match Color Stix Swatches and Review

Ever Bilena Match Color Stix Swatches Review

What is the Match Color Stix by Ever Bilena?

The Match Color Stix by Ever Bilena is a collection of 3 cream stick highlighters that I assume were chosen to complement various skin tones and uses. The stick form makes it easy to apply even on the go and doesn't require the use of fingers or applicators making it more hygienic and easy to control. It is also quite hardy and survived being left out in a hot car during summer so that's a plus!

Is it worth it to buy this if you already have the Careline Multi Sticks? Find out below!

Ever Bilena Match Color Stix Swatches Review

Available Shades:
  • So Shy is a sheer pale warm pink champagne
  • First Touch is a sheer pale gold
  • Second Chance is a sheer golden bronze

Ever Bilena Match Color Stix is Cruelty-Free and Paraben-Free, yay! Each stick is 5 grams and although I have used So Shy for around 2 months now, I've only used up maybe 20-30% of the product so it's definitely SULIT!

I love that each tube is retractable and that the color of the caps match the products inside.

Ever Bilena Match Color Stix Swatches Review

Like other highlighters, they tend to highlight flaws when you use too much. The good news is that you can sheer out the application to achieve a dewy and airbrushed finish. Application is really the trick.

They can melt on the skin when use sparingly. Sorry my hand are too dry haha!

Used on the face on top of foundation, it gives a dewy look. You can use this under powder highlighter to make your highlight pop but I prefer a more skin-like look so I used it on its own. 

Applied on its own, this usually just lasts 2-4 hours but if you layer this under powder highlighter, then it can last 8-12 hours.

These are highlighter sticks that work the same way as the CareLine Multi Sticks in Strobe and Beam but there are no duplicate shades so you can buy all even when you already have the highlighter sticks from CareLine. 

They look better on primed skin or skin with minimal flaws.

I forgot to mention this earlier but they come shrink-wrapped so you know that you are getting a new one plus I like the minimal use of packaging. It is better for the environment compared to similar products which are sealed, boxed, and then shrink-wrapped. 

Overall, I give this a 4.5/5. The shades are not similar to the Careline ones so if you have those, these basically perform the same way but they do not have the same colors so feel free to add to your Philippine Drugstore Makeup collection!

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Purchase this HERE---->  Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online from their official Shopee store to avoid fakes and make sure that you get fresh stocks always!

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