Unlimited FREE Online Games at Solitaire.Org (REVIEW)

I do love reviewing mostly beauty products but I am also an old-school (ahem) board gamer at heart. There is just something about board games that is so soothing and fun...or could it be a generational thing? Anyway if you know me, Gaming is one of my Best Kept Anti-Aging Secrets and I even wrote about that in an earlier blog HERE

Playing games is amazing for maintaining mental health and alertness and it is a great way to pass time as well as vent some stress. The thing is, I'm not really into installing a lot of games on my phone or my laptop so having more ways to play board games without going through buying product licenses and installing them is what I am all about. Thankfully, I came across Solitaire.org.

Unlimited FREE Online Games at Solitaire.Org

What drew me to the site is, well, they have free online games. I like the idea of having access to games from anywhere and not having to commit to downloading or installing anything.

What is Solitaire.org?

Solitaire.org is an online gaming site that has been on the web for 22 years. I was surprised as well about this and come to think of it, I might have used the site in the past without really remembering it or having the screenshots saved for proof.

The games are free and you won't be bothered by ads that are running while playing unlike the free applications for mobile games from other sources. 

How many games are in Solitaire.org?

I did not bother to count how many because in my understanding, the site is still developing more games so whatever number I say will no longer be accurate in a few weeks. What I can say, though, is that there is A LOT!

Solitaire.org allows you to enjoy games in the following categories:

  • Solitaire 
  • Card Games 
  • Mahjong 
  • Hidden Objects 
  • Match 3 
  • Logic Puzzles 
  • Word Games 
  • Simulation Games

And MANY MORE Free Online Games in under categories. Considering that each category above comes with several games, perhaps an estimate would be several dozens for everyone to enjoy!

Is Solitaire.org Multi-lingual?

YES! I won't bother reviewing if I don't feel that I can share this with many people. The site is multi-lingual and supports languages that are understood by billions of people. One thing that I enjoy is switching languages as I am currently learning Spanish too. I feel that playing in a foreign language helps with that.

Hmmm, maybe Solitaire.org can come up with games for language learners, right?

What Features I liked at Solitaire.Org

So, aside from being multi-lingual, I liked that all the games are played in real-time and fully online. I liked that the graphics are not too loud or hyperrealistic. Maybe I like the nostalgia feel of maybe because the graphics are just kinder to the eyes. 

Each game is available in several languages and each game comes with instructions and sometimes tips on how to play the game. This is partly why it took me a while to post this review because I look at a game, find out how it is played, and spend hours having fun with it haha!

I also liked that the graphics are fast and intuitive. Even without the instructions, playing the games shouldn't be an issue. They also load fast for both web browser and mobile browser. I am always on the go and often have to rely on mobile internet so a fast-loading site is a must. 

Games are scored. After each game, you can lay claim on your score and submit your name for the leaderboard. There is an option to connect to social media as well. Since I am competitive, I spent weeks trying to get up higher on the leaderboards :)

If you choose to join the leaderboard, other players from all over the world can see your score and your chosen username. You can use any name that you want if you wish to remain anonymous. I even used my dog's name so it won't look like I've been playing too much haha!

My Recommended Games at Solitaire.Org

Missing Objects - Hidden Kitchen Edition

I did not expect to like this game. I was simply looking at something 'boring' to pass time as I'm usually someone who prefers strategy games but they made it interesting enough and challenging enough to require concentration. Looking for hidden objects is fun as you will often find them in kind of unusual places. I find that this game helps me with grounding and focusing. I even have the page saved as a tab for easy access.  

The backgrounds change for each level so it won't be a matter of memorizing things. You will really have to look. 


Well, the site won't be Solitaire.org if they have no card games, right? The good thing with this is I can  now play cards even without having cards with me. I usually play this as a way of winding down when I am about to sleep. 

Word Scrabble

I play Word SCrabble at Solitaire.org when I need a picker-upper or a respite from my work. It is timed so you have a bit of a pressure and it also requires nimble fingers. I like the challenge. Played this in both English and Spanish because as you can see in the screenshot above, the games are available in multiple languages.  

You will have to click on the tiles in the proper order to form words and then click submit. So yeah, you will need fast fingers. The graphics respond in real-time. 

You Can Also Play Free Online Games at Solitaire.org via Mobile! Check my Instagram stories and Tiktok to see the videos I've shared there. 

If you're looking for free online games, you can type SOLITAIRE.ORG in your browser or click HERE

Overall, I like the site and I hope you like it too. 5/5

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