Kris Aquino Is Ever Bilena's Newest Endorser! Waiting for #KrisAquinoLovesEverBilena Makeup Collection!

Kris Aquino will be launching new makeup with Ever Bilena as part of her new endorsement deal and I can't wait! Yup! My excitement is through the roof for this news yassssss! Bring on the #KrisAquinoLovesEverBilena Makeup Collection!

Kris Aquino Is Ever Bilena's Newest Endorser Indeed!

I don't normally write about press things I wasn't a part of but I'm gonna go ahead and be epal  and all because I love Kris and I love the brand.

I mean, a quick look around the Pinay Beauty And Style Blog and you'll see how many posts of mine are about Ever Bilena, EB Advance, and Careline products, right? 

Truth is, I've been seeing hints of a possible endorsement by Kris for Ever Bilena even before they went public but I didn't want to keep my hopes up because hey, Kris IS Kris. I don't mean that in a negative sort of way but Ever Bilena is a Philippine Drugstore Makeup Brand and not really perceived by most as for the sosyal crowd... 

Okay you guys deserve a bit of tea in honor of tita Krissy, haha!

I remember there was this time when another brand told me that they'd want to tap the PinayBeautyAndStyle youtube channel for a marketing campaign but they had to retract their offer because they saw I have a ton of Ever Bilena videos. They said they didn't want to be 'masa'. I'm sure they'd be shookt about Kris Aquino endorsing Ever Bilena haha!

 A #KrisAquinoLovesEverBilena Makeup Collection?

Don't quote me on this but yup they'd be launching new makeup for Kris. I'm not sure if they'd do it as a one time thing or do it little by little since Kris signed a 3-year contract with them.

Okay, none of this was supposed to come out anyway but if you're reading this you know how daldal Kris is (parang close kami noh?) and well, she kinda let on some things she wasn't supposed to divulge yet during the presscon for #KrisAquinoLovesEverBilena held at yesterday.

Please know that all these chika are secondary information shared to me by those who were there (because they know how much of a Kris fan I am). I really don't want to get ahead of myself but I'm super fired up with anticipation for a possible Kris Aquino Makeup Collection, and with Ever Bilena, no less!

So far the confirmed new Ever Bilena makeup that will be a part of the Kris Aquino Makeup Collection is a brow product. I'm hoping they'd release a pale powder loose powder, a girly pink blush, setting spray, and please, please, please, a brow pomade! 

Well we can hope and I sure am hoping! Cheers to this #KrisAquinoLovesEverBilena makeup news!

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P109 Eyeshadow! Matte Eyeshadow in Natural Glamour from LOL Cosmetics Review

I was happily browsing good finds in Watsons when I came across some testers from LOL Cosmetics. I wasn't really planning on buying anything until I saw the new LOL Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Natural Glamour and wow! It is gorgeous!

LOL Cosmetics Eyeshadow Review - Natural Glamour 01

Would you just look at that beauty!

What is the LOL Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette in Glamour and why the name LOL?

EB Advance Uncover 2 Palette Review with Swatches (demo video too!)

Ever Bilena has a new palette and you know that as an eyeshadow palette collector, I won't pass this up so I went ahead and made abangers sa Lazada to be sure that I get one haha! Below are my thoughts on my the Ever Bilena Uncover Palette 2 Review.

Ever Bilena Uncover Palette 2 Review

I have a video review of the Uncover 1 and Uncover 2 palette as well but I figured a blog post is in order because this is the best eyeshadow palette Ever Bilena has released so far.

Loreal Revitalift Power Water Review #AntiAging #BestOfBeauty #YeyAndieSkin

I know I should be blogging about my list of Best Beauty Finds for 2017 but I feel that I should first publish separate reviews of my ultimate skincare and makeup finds before I do that. One favorite that made it to both of my lists is the Loreal Revitalift Power Water!

Loreal Revitalift Power Water Review

How I discovered the Loreal Power Water was purely incidental. I was shopping at Watsons in SM Megamall because they have a Watsons sale at that time. I needed to reach a total of P1500 to get an extra 10% off and so I grabbed a bottle of Loreal Power Water which was on sale for just P249 from an original price of P499. I thought to myself that if the product didn't work, then I almost got it for free because I'll be getting a discount on top of already discounted products! Oh yeah, I'm a tipid beauty and sulit na sulit beauty shopper!

What is the Loreal Revitalift Power Water?

EB Advance Highlighter Review, Price, Swatch with Video too! #Ever Bilena Glow Out Highlighter

Finally! After 6 months of waiting since you first spotted them at the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog, the EB Advance highlighters are going to be released in the market this month!

EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter Review

What is the Ever Bilena Advance Highlighter?

Ever Bilena Advance Highlighters Are Here! They Truly Glow Out Too!

(updated blog post with video)

Sneak peek video below!

More details next week! I will simply update this post with a link. I want to compare this with similar products too :)

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to see their other product releases too!

As of now, my first impressions with the Ever Bilena highlighters are that they shine better than I expected, they are quite well suited for most filipinas, and they didn't break me out so they are a definite win!

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Welcoming the New Year with PinayBeautyAndStyle!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share all my plans for the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog for 2018! 2017 was a blast and I can't wait to see what the next year have in store for the blog and for you guys!

This blog wasn't planned, same as the Pinay Beauty And Style Youtube channel wasn't planned. 

I only wanted to share my good finds and I can't really do that via social media and certainly not under my 'real' account. I created the Youtube Channel to share anonymously on the web...and people liked that and wanted more. 

I'll add an unrelated photo 'influencer style' hahaha!

The thing is, I really am pressed for time so I thought hey why not create a blog for write ups that are easier to create than videos...and the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog was born!

Fast forward to today and the Pinay Beauty And Style Blog has been named as one of the top 100 beauty blogs in Asia and one of the 40 top beauty blogs in the Philippines!

I still can't believe how these blessings came to be because I know I sort of neglected the blog and I am planning to change that!

I'll be launching another blog hopefully this month and that will be a lifestyle one. I feel that I have so much more to share and can't really do that in this blog because this is more for Pinay Beauty topics...I want to share crafts, cooking, restaurant reviews, travel hacks, shopping hacks, YOU NAME IT!

On top of all the above I hold myself responsible for creating at least 1 content each week in here aside from the Youtube Channel.

Whew! Hopefully guys, hopefully!

By the way, the photo above is of myself. Someone emailed me why I don't post a lot of selfies like influencers do and that is because I don't view myself as an influencer...I'm just someone who likes sharing things and ideas. Nevertheless, will definitely try to share more! I pinkie-promise!

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