EB Advance Eyeconic Palette Swatches, Review, Price ALL COLORS Minimalist, Black Tie, Jackpot, Mixed Metals

By the way, I believe they also released foundation sticks but I haven't seen those yet in stores. There are other releases too but those are under Ever Bilena and Careline, not EB Advance. If you're interested to see those, you can check out my post on Ever Bilena, Careline, and Kris Life Kit New Products.

EB Advance Eyeconic Palettes

The EB Advance Eyeconic Palettes retail for P175 each for a palette with 6 eyeshadow shades, double-ended foam applicator, and a thin mirror. These are paraben-free and cruelty-free like their other new releases.

EB Advance Eyeconic Palette in Black Tie

This palette is the perfect one to have for those who wear minimal eyeshadow or those who are looking for office-appropriate eyeshadow colors. I think the matte brown is a nice addition so you can create a complete look with just 1 palette. I wish they replaced the silver with a darker gray or a black.

EB Advance Eyeconic Palette in Jackpot

I wasn't very thrilled about the color selection that EB Advance included in this palette until I tried mixing this up with the other palettes. On its own, the EB Advance Eyeconic Palette in Jackpot can't be used to create an entire eye look but the colors do look nice as accents when used with other palettes such as the ones below. 

EB Advance Eyeconic Palette in Minimalist

EB Advance Eyeconic Palette in Minimalist is my favorite. I know it sounds weird and most people will gravitate towards Mixed Metals but I really like the matte shades in Minimalist. All are mattes, btw, and work great as transition shades for the other palettes. I really think that if they replaced the matte pale yellow with a blackish-brown, this would have been perfect!

EB Advance Eyeconic Palette Swatches, Review, Price Mixed Metals

EB Advance Eyeconic Palette in Mixed Metals

No wonder the EB Advance Eyeconic Palette in Mixed Metals created a buzz amongst the influencers who first tried it! The colors are trendy and actually look great against Filipina skin tone on both sides of the spectrum. And yeah, I still think this is missing a dark brown or a black but that's just me, haha!

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Good news! The EB Advance Eyeconic Palettes are only configured like the Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette and the Ever Bilena Pink Eyeshadow Palette but they don't have same shades. Feel free to order them online if you can't find them in local stores. Rest assured you won't have duplicates from the earlier Ever Bilena eyeshadow palettes. 

Purchase Ever Bilena makeup HERE---->  Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online from their official Shopee store to avoid fakes and make sure that you get fresh stocks always!

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