Best Health and Beauty Budols in Shopee for PayDay Sale! June to July 2022

Due to popular demand, I've come up with a list of my highly recommended products that also happened to be on sale. I made sure to scout the best stores with the most discounts so I hope that this helps!

Shopee budols tipid finds

First in the list is SKJN Collagen. 

This Japanese collagen supplement comes in two variants:

Both work perfectly as advertised so it woill just boil down to your preferences which one you prefer the most. I've seen this endorsed by so many artistas as well as bloggers and based on my experience, this does work! I prefer SKJN Collagen Microtablets over the Chewables because they are easier to take for me and have a liitle bit more collagen if we are counting to the last milligram :)

I bought my SKJN Collagen microtablets from Shopee HERE (this is a direct link to buy hassle-free but I also buy from SKJN Collagen Official Shopee store HERE  (this is a direct link to buy hassle-free :)

Another great buy is the GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Volume 2.

I am still working on the review for the GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Volume 2 HERE but let me tell you that you NEED to go ahead and try some for yourself NOW!

These tints come in 16 wearable shades for all skin tones and have a lip soothing formula that makes your lips feel and look healthier all the while giving it a splash of color. BUT WAIT, this does not just work on the lips, these tints can also be worn as a serum blush and liquid eyeshadow. WOW, right?

I got al 16 shades swatched in a video too HERE (link opens in YouTube).

GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Volume 2 where to buy

Buy GRWM Cosmetics Milk Tint Volume 2 in Shopee: (<--click that to buy) and enjoy brand discounts and promotions

Health is wealth so stock up on Puritan's Pride Supplements!

I don't think Puritan's Pride supplememts need an introduction. I remember being a kid and already taking Puritan's Pride. The good new is they have  a Shopee store below and they post crazy deals there. I'm talking about half-off plus extra discount vouchers. I always buy during their sales and all products I got have 1-3 years expiration so they're sending new stocks. 

Immune Boosters Are Now in the Philippines! Affordable Health Supplements and Vitamins to Protect You from Covid-19!

Puritans Pride opened a Shopee store. 
Buy Puritans Pride in Shopee for cheaper shipping! 

EB Plus Serums. These are Serums from Ever Bilena Plus.

I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back because I prediected Ever Bilena will venture more into skin care back in 2017 and here we are, right? So far, they have released 6 serums that I talked about HERE. I talked about each active and for whom they might work based on yoursin condition and concern. If you prefer the video format, I have a video for EB PLus Serums here

EVER BILENA PLUS SERUMS ARE HERE! EB PLus Harnessed the Power of Niacinamide, Bakuchiol, Peptides, AHA, BHA, Zinc, Vitamin C, Coq10, and Hyaluronic Acid in These Powerful Serums!

Buy the Ever Bilena PLUS Skincare Collection CLICK HERE at their official store. Be sure to claim the store discount coupon every payday and big sale!

Hoard Hello Glow Products. And I mean it when I say HOARD. 

I am not being lazy by just saying Hello Glow Products but its just that I can't even decide which one to recommend because they are all so good!
So there, I gave you all the links so you can decide for yourself. Anywhoo, hoarding won't be so bad since they do B1T1 sales for 6.6 and 7.7 or any double digit sale for that matter. Check their store below!

Buy Hello Glow products on their official Shopee
store to enjoy discounts and buy1take1 deals (click this link >>><<<)

Maybelline Products, my childhood favorite drugstore brand.

I guess everyone kind of grew up with Maybelline and it doesn't really need an introduction. But anyway the reason why I added them in this list is because they have so many mask-friendly products. I even blogged about that HERE - Mask Friendly Makeup from Maybelline. 

My Maybelline Mask-Friendly Makeup Recommendations


I bought and tried everything that is there so I don't just add random things. 

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