Fernberry Daily Body Scrub Review - Their Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Formula Works Wonders!

I have an addiction for body scrubs and for a good reason. Ever since I've hit my 30s, my normally supple and smooth skin has been prone to bouts of dryness that leads to dry skin patches. Of course that issue can be remedied with a good exfoliating body scrub and moisturizer but too much exfoliation can damage the skin...and I'm not really a fan of applying lotions. This is the reason why I was intrigued by the Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub!


You see, from the name itself, the Fernberry Daily Body Scrub is gentle enough for everyday use. I have also seen and read a few reviews from all over the world saying that the scrub is really good. Thankfully I was able to try (ehem,they are on sale!) and OMG! The Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub is worth every penny!

Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review - Here are Their Best Products!

A few months ago I talked about the soft relaunch of the Filipino makeup brand BTLA or Beauty Treats of LA here in the blog. Although I share some of my thoughts about their products in that post, I would like to share an update post and a more detailed review of their products with you guys.

Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review

The thing is, Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare are quite good, but they are virtually unheard of in the beauty community. I brought up liking the BTLA Pureskin Anti Acne cream to another beauty creator who they sent the same PR parcel to and she couldn't even remember them. I had to show her my IG post just so she could remember the products that she didn't even try. 

With the above said, I'm aware that this blog post would probably be met with disinterest...but if you're a real beauty enthusiast and not just listening on what is hyped in social media, you ought to keep reading this Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review!

GT Cosmetics Pressed Powder Review - Great for Oily Sensitive Skin!

I seldom hit pan on powder products because I have quite a few (see photo at the pinaybeautyandstyle instagram) so when I test out a pressed powder product and end up hitting pan, I know the product is a keeper! Such is the case with the GT Cosmetics Pressed Powder!

my shade is light beige

GT Cosmetics Pressed Powder Review

Found The Best Hair Serum in Good Virtues Co's Black Seed for Hair Formula!

I've recently colored my hair with Liese Blaune and although the formula of that DIY Hair Color Kit did not damage my tresses, I knew for a fact that my already damaged hair would need some extra TLC in the coming weeks, good thing I found the Good Virtues Co Hair Serum!

Good Virtues Co Hair Serum Reviewed! 

I must admit that I only used the Good Virtues Co hair care products that were gifted from a party because I forgot to bring toiletries and stayed at my other place. I did not have preconceived notions prior to my first use as I have not yet used anything from the brand before and their products are not hyped-up. I believe they are very new to the Philippine market (They are a Malaysian brand). 

Intros aside, I am so happy about that incidence of serendipity because I believe that I've just found a new holy grail hair product for myself, no other than the Good Virtues Co Hair Serum!

What Makes the Good Virtues Co Hair Serum one of the Best Hair Serums in my opinion?

Aztec Secrets Healing Clay Review + DIY Aztec Clay Hacks for Sensitive Skin

I've been using the Aztec Secret Healing Clay as a mask since late 2014 so I guess a review is finally in order! I'll also be sharing some DIY Aztec Clay Mask recipes and tweaks to make the mask work better for my sensitive skin so keep on reading if you want to hear more!

Aztec Secrets Healing Clay Review 

So first off, what is the Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Clay thingy, to begin with?

Liese Blaune Now in the Philippines + Demo and Review Liese Blaune Rose Brown!

I have a thing for hair products that were specifically formulated for Asian hair so I'm so glad that Liese Blaune is finally here in the Philippines!

Truth be told, I've seen Liese Blaune haircolor in other Top Asian Beauty Blogs I follow but the products were only brought here in the Philippines in October 2017. It was right around the time when my hair roots were showing with streaks of gray and white (yikes!). Good thing their PR contacted me and so I eagerly waited for a sample instead of having my hair done at a salon...but who am I kidding? I have no time to go to a salon haha!

Liese Blaune Rose Brown for Gray Hair Coverage

I ain't gonna lie; the signs of aging came early for my hair. I have a lot of grays and white and they are very visible though I have long thick hair. I usually use 2-3 boxes of DIY at home hair color or spend close to 2K at a salon to help maintain the appearance of my brown locks. You see, my job in academe means that I am constantly in front of people and have to deal with a ton of kunsumisyon day in and day out. No wonder my hair is greying prematurely!

Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream Review

I recently blogged my review on the Seoul White Korea Double Whitening Soap, and I figured I might as well post a separate review of the Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Cream and here it is!

Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Cream - Instant Chok Chok Koreana Skin!

So, what is this first-of-its-kind in the Filipino market new skincare?

The Seoul White Korea’s Instant White Tone Up Cream is a brand new type of product that gives hydration and instantly lighter skin upon application. It isn't heavy unlike other whitening creams and can be used on its own as a sort of tinted primer and a skin-lightening moisturizer.

Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap Review

I was on the fence about trying another whitening soap but the name and the main ingredients of the Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap caught my eye!

Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap - A Korean-Filipino Soap Fusion!

 As I've written in an earlier blog post about the Seoul White Korea Launch, the products are Filipino made using Korean Beauty formula and ingredients, but the soap's base is proudly pinoy coconut oil!

Esfolio Phillipines Haul! Affordable Korean Skincare Haul!

I've been hearing about Esfolio Kbeauty products for more than a year and have also tried the Esfolio Aloe Vera Gel from a friend but I haven't gotten around to getting my hands on their products until a few days ago, thanks to their expanding list of establishments and online stores you can purchase Esfolio products from!

I was first introduced to the brand via my friend a long time ago, but she bought her Esfolio Aloe Vera Gel abroad. Then I kept seeing their products popping in social media but hadn't really looked because I thought that I would have to have a tita in Korea just to purchase. Imagine my glee when I found out that they are available in Metro Department Stores! 

Buy Esfolio skin care products  HERE https://shope.ee/4ALLf13fma via their Shopee store <--- avoid fakes by buying direct from Esfolio

Here is a link to the YOUTUBE VIDEO on my Esfolio Haul

Seoul White Korea Skincare Launch - Korean Formula but Proudly Filipino At Heart!

Seoul White Korea... the name alone brings forth images of kpop beauties with amazing skin but this new #kbeauty brand to have made it to the Philippine beauty scene is proudly pinoy!

You've read that right, all the products (the Seoul White Korea Double White Soap and the Seoul White Korea Tone Up Cream) are both made for the Filipino market using Korean Skincare formula and technology. What's not to love, right?

Seoul White Korea Skincare Launch

Speaking of the launch, I wasn't able to go because I can't book an Uber or a Grab. I was really sad to miss it because the people behind the brand are people I trust, meaning I know for a fact that they won't launch a half-baked product. Good thing is that they sent me a kit (and I also bought some na at Watson's after trying my kit, will talk about this later) so I was able to try asap. Truth be told, I've been using the soap now for a week and have worn the Tone Up Cream both as a makeup base and as a skin brightener so a more detailed post with reviews will be posted soon. For now, I just want to talk about what was launched by Seoul White Korea.

What Makes Seoul White Korea Special?

We Made it! 100 Top Asian Beauty Blog list of the Best Beauty Blogs in Asia!

OMG! I know I've been away for an entire month in here (but I was active in the Pinay Beauty And Style Youtube Channel y'all!) and was shookt when viewers and PinayBeautyAndStyle blog readers sent me DMs and PMs that we've been named as one of the 100 Top Asian Beauty Blog in their list of the Best Beauty Blogs in Asia!

Our small year-old blog as a Top Asian Beauty Blog?

Fernberry Review - Japanese Cruelty Free Luxury Skincare That Works!

I first heard about Fernberry luxury skincare products a few months ago via some Canadian influencers and was intrigued by how much they liked the products. I knew that I would be travelling a lot in a few weeks back then and wanted to ensure that I won't be caught with flaky dry skin once the weather turns. Luckily for myself, the Fernberry skincare products were on sale at that time!

Fernberry Review - Cruelty Free Luxury Skincare 

As you can see in the photo above, they even have a beautiful secure box that you can use if you are giving the products as a gift to someone special, and each of the Fernberry Skincare products are secured via elastic bands and further housed in their own boxes - SWEET!

Buying and Delivery Fernberry in the Philippines

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