Got Myself Affordable Graded Eyeglasses at EO Optical! Anti Radiation and Anti Blue Light Technology

Affordable eyeglasses are something that I have been on the lookout for, for years as I have bad eyesight but it seems that affordable eyeglasses are also easy to break. Today, I am sharing my experience getting affordable or cheap eyeglasses from EO Optical back in May 2017 and how the glasses survived with me through the years. Yes, I've been wearing these glasses for the past 4 years and have gone hiking with me, traveled with me, and my favorite cheap eyeglasses for the gym!

Got Myself Affordable Eyeglasses at EO Optical!

Got Myself Affordable Eyeglasses at EO Optical

I wasn't planning to buy affordable eyeglasses or any glasses for that matter when I bought this from EO Optical a few years back but I have just been to an Ever Bilena Big Beauty event and accidently left my glasses in a cab. Thankfully, my Uber destination was Landmark Trinoma because I wanted to buy some grocery so when I saw that they have an EO Optical, I went in and happily came home with these affordable eyeglasses that have become a favorite over the years.

I usually buy my stylish and affordable glasses at Firmoo, by the way, but I will write about that later. To date, I bought 5 pairs from them for the past 4 years and love all!

So Why Buy Your Affordable Graded Lenses from EO Optical?

Affordable Graded Lenses from EO Optical

I got personal and general reasons but my top 5 are:
  1. Fast Transaction
  2. Helpful Staff
  3. Anti-Radiation and Blue-Light Technology
  4. Decent Selection of Frames and other Customizations
  5. SULIT!
Got Myself Affordable Graded Eyeglasses at EO Optical! Anti Radiation and Anti Blue Light Technology

Helpful Staff at EO Optical Landmark Trinoma

My SUKI EO Optical is the one in Landmark Trinoma. I remember one time, one of my glasses was loose and they tightened the screws for me without asking for anything in return. Anyway, this blog is about my first transaction with them so they do not know me back then and never interacted with me prior. They were polite and accommodating without being a hard-sell. 

You know how irritating it is when you want to buy something and the staff keeps trying to upsell? They didn't do that. They respected the fact that I only wanted affordable graded eyeglasses so I can go to the grocery without issues and provided me with options within what I was willing to spend that day (so of course, I kept buying from them after!). 

The doctor at EO Optical Trinoma was also nice. I asked her some questions about contacts and she answered them and gave me a copy of my lens grade plus the equivalent for contact lenses. She also made sure to reassess my eyes even though I know my lens grade and found out that I need an adjustment. My eyes went from  HD to 4K, haha! And I wasn't even aware I needed the adjustment!

Fast Transaction Cheap Graded Eyeglasses at EO Optical

All the tsika, reassessment, and getting my glasses done took less than 1 hour. My eyes assessed, they asked me what I need, etc etc and told me to come back after half an hour to collect my glasses. I can't remember when I paid because this was years ago but yes, I went to look at some makeup and when I came back, I got my glasses and happily went grocery shopping seeing everything in 4K resolution haha.

Got Myself Affordable Reading Eyeglasses at EO Optical

Graded EyeGlasses are Affordable at EO Optical, FOR REAL!

You can get eyeglasses for around 1,000 pesos but I needed one which is a bit sturdy and got anti-radiation and blue light technology as I work long hours in front of a computer so my bill was 1 peso shy of 2,000 pesos (this is just $40). I always upgrade my lenses whenever possible because it is cheaper to get things done properly when you buy than to replace later.

customized eyeglasses EO OPtical

Decent Selection of Frames and Other Customizations

The reason why I got so many graded eyeglasses and buy affordable ones is that I think of them as fashion accessories as well. I like looking good even with glasses on and although EO Optical doesn't have the hundreds of selections available in Firmoo, you will definitely have at least 10 and above choices for the frames alone per price range. 

They also let you fit the frames and offer helpful pointers such as what frames could be better for your face shape even if it's cheaper and they won't get as much profit. I like that! Customizations are also available for lens coating but this depends on availability. I am blogging about a transaction that happened years ago so this is before the pandemic. 

Anti-Radiation and Blue-Light Technology

Back then these features were so expensive and EO offered the cheapest. Not sure now but I can only guess they improved and got more options for cheaper. I haven't been outside or in non-essential stores in a year!

Anti-Radiation and Blue-Light Technology are a must if you work on a computer!

Got Myself Affordable Graded Eyeglasses at EO Optical! Anti Radiation and Anti Blue Light Technology

Graded Lenses from EO Optical with Blue Light Technology Review

So after 4 years, this pair is still my pang harabas glasses. You can visit my Instagram pages and see me wearing this pair for physical activities such as hiking and working out. They fit nicely, do not fog a lot, almost scratch-proof and the leans are still clear considering this pair is my most used. I haven't blogged about anything after 4 years of use so this is a first because WOW 5/5!

Got Myself Affordable Graded Eyeglasses at EO Optical!

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