Girlstuff 2018 Summer Romance Collection Review Swatches Demo Nail Art!

GirlStuff nail polish has been part of my beauty repertoire since I discovered the shades Sophia and Diana 5-ish years ago. I've always been sensitive to scents and I like that their nail polish formula is free from formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutylphtalate. They last longer on me than other popular nail polishes and come in a huge array of colors. They've recently launched the GirlStuff 2018 Summer Romance Collection and here they are!

GirlStuff 2018 Summer Romance Collection Review Swatches Demo Nail Art!

What is the GirlStuff 2018 Summer Romance Collection?

Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line Review | I Tried Coconut Skincare!

Coconut for skincare is something that I believed in since I was a kid but being the city girl that I am, I am limited by both time and availability of coconut to use for skincare routine (not to mention the amount of effort probably needed to create your own coconut skincare, haha!). Having been given a sample of the coconut by a friend, I was really looking forward to trying out the entire Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line as soon as I could!

Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line Review
(my first time to try coconut skincare!)

I know from my random internet research that coconut for skincare is great for those who like me have dry skin, skin inflammation, redness, and the like. I tried the entire Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line  with the hopes that I'll get the benefits of using coconut skincare without the hassle. Glad I did!

What is the Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line?

Vice Cosmetics and Bang Pineda Collaboration Launch #ViceXBang Review Swatches

Vice Cosmetics first made an appearance on the PinayBeautyAndStyle Blog a few months ago when they first launched and I immediately placed an order for the entire line. At the time, my order took 3 weeks to arrive and so I didn't get to writing about the newly released Vice Cosmetics phenomenal lip kits and lipsticks because the momentum was long gone back then. This time, we are fortunate enough to be one of the first digital peeps to get a first glance and I'm also pleased to report that the current formula is leaps and bounds better than the first batch!

Vice Cosmetics and Bang Pineda Collaboration Launch  and #ViceXBang Swatches

Just a heads up, this post will still be updated during the weekend once I've got the VLOG part up but I figured that it won't hurt to publish some details and the much-awaited real skin swatches of the #ViceXBang Collection!

#ViceXBang Lunch VIDEO sneak peek
(watch the video on FB! the above is a link!)

What is the #ViceXBang Collection?

Kris Life Kit Review, Swatches, Price, Wear Test from Ever Bilena #EBKrisLifeKit

Kris Life Kit has been making the rounds on social media for about a week now and I'm only posting this review today! The truth is, I've been super busy the past two months (I only published one blog for May! gasp!) and if it didn't rain the entire day today I wouldn't be able to find the time to create this post. 

What better way to make a blogging comeback than talk about the latest makeup release from one of my favorite Philippine makeup brands, right? I figured people will appreciate a review post on the #EBKrisLifeKit more than if I decide to write about the EB Kris Life Kit launch first, so here goes!

EB Kris Life Kit Review

As much as I would like to claim that this is going to be a full review of all the products in the EB Kris Life Kit Collection, this will only focus on the two products that are already in the market as of May 31, 2018 - the Ever Bilena Kris Matte Brow Liner and Brow Mascara and the Kris Matte Matic Lipstick. 

but first,

What is the EB Kris Life Kit? (chika in this paragraph, haha!)

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