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Hey, good news everyone!

Looking for new products to try these coming 'ber' months?

Sampleroom has a lot of new free sample offerings for new and old members alike!

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Complete your holiday wellness kit with essentials from LANEIGE Philippines, MoringaO2, and Cathy Doll Philippines!

NEW Fashion 21 TWIST EYE PENCIL Review with Swatches per Set and GIVEAWAY!

Hello everyone! I know that some of you are waiting for another blog giveaway (we have an ongoing one at YOUTUBE too!) and I hear you! Before we go on to that, though, let's first talk about the new Fashion 21 Twist Eye Pencil sets below!


Yep! Your eyes are not kidding you! The Fashion 21 Twist Eye Pencils now come in more affordable 3-pencil sets!

What's great with this is that you won't have to guess anymore which Fashion 21 Twist Eye Pencils to use together to create a certain look. The F21 eye pencil sets are also about 50 pesos cheaper as compared to when you're buying the pencils separately because each set retails for only P250 pesos!

NEW Fashion 21 TWIST EYE PENCIL Review

Yes, I'm Lazy! Should I Let Someone Else Do My Dirty Jobs?

If there's one thing that I hate when it comes to living on my own, it would be cleaning up after myself. Oh yes! I hate dusting and vacuuming with a passion!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a slob. It's just that when you're traveling all the time or have a very mentally exhausting job, dusting and vacuuming are probably not ranking very high on your priorities (at least for me)

photo grabbed from Wikipedia commons

I'm also not a very patient person. 

Sure, you've seen me do DIY home decorating on YouTube, or perhaps have seen some of my beauty hacks and all that...but hey, that's different! That involves a bit of creativity and not really repetitive...unlike having to clean my own place :(

Johnson's Milk+Oats Super Skin Transformation (New at SampleRoomPh!)

I haven't really shared any baby care products in this blog...and that's just because I don't have a little one yet (unless you count in puppies and kittens!). Well, things are going to change today because one of my favorite new baby products has already been launched!

Meet the new Johnson's Milk+Oats™ Bath and Lotion and the Active Kids™ Shiny Drops™ Shampoo!

As of this writing, I've only tried the Johnson's Milk+Oats™ Baby Lotion  and the Active Kids™ Shiny Drops™ Shampoo once so I can't say much about them yet...however. I've used the Johnson's Milk+Oats™ Baby Bath to help soothe my sunburnt skin a few weeks ago and have used it since then each time I feel that my skin needs some TLC. I guess you can say that these new Johnson's products aren't just for kids, eh?

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