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Annnnnddddd I am back with a first impressions review featuring another local drugstore makeup. This time, I am featuring the EB Advance Matic Lipstick, yey! Just a heads up, the video I took (you'll see it at the latter part of this post) was kind of an impromptu slash spur-of-the-moment thing but I think it did capture the essence of a first impressions review so I am sharing it with all of you!

EB Advance Blushing Cheeks Review VS Ever Bilena Blush Glow Review

I remember the first time I've tried some Ever Bilena products years and years ago. At that time, I was under the impression that their products are not good because they are quite cheap (aka affordable) and of course I got so surprised after trying some of their products out and realizing that I have been missing out on a lot of great drugstore makeups!

So far, I've tested out some of their eyeshadow palettes, their dual ended mascara, some of their blushes, and loved the EB Advance BB Cream and Two Way Cake. I remember falling in love with the Ever Bilena cheek and lip tint as well...the one that comes in a tube with a long spout. You can totally do a korean look with that product and it is only 125 pesos!

Okay, before I go on raving about some other Ever Bilena and EB advance makeups I've tried, I'll cut that chit chat short for now and focus on one of the newest products from their company that I've been testing out for the past few days.

Both products I am featuring today are actually a part of my Pinay Summer Essentials Haul at Watsons. I was originally only supposed to review and blog about the EB Advance Blushing Cheeks tint, but I got requests from some susbcribes to do a comparison with a similar product, the Ever Bilena Blush Glow tint...so here I am with this FULL DAY try on review for both!

 EB Advance Blushing Cheeks and Ever Bilena Blush Glow Review
EB Advance Blushing Cheeks and Ever Bilena Blush Glow Full Day Comparison Review
I did film a full day review video for the EB Advance Blushing Cheeks and Ever Bilena Blush Glow Full Day Wear Test and Comparison review but I just thought adding photos to this post would be great for those who would rather see photos than videos.

Sampleroom.ph VIP Membership 2016 - Exciting News!

A few of you gals asked me about my sampleroom.ph VIP membership and if it is truly worth it. Well, I won't be this vocal about my sampleroom.ph membership if it wasn't! Remember my Sampleroom VIP review video wherein I was talking about the total product worth I got from the old Sampleroom VIP membership with the 799 pesos fee? I was able to sample 11,525 pesos worth of products for only 799 pesos. Okay, it's 2,000 pesos if we are going to include the moolah I spent on shipping, but hey, that's still a bargain! The good news is, Sampleroom.ph revamped their VIP membership from 799 pesos to only 649 pesos!

***the highlighhted text above is a link to my video review, click it!!!

Sampleroom.ph VIP Membership
Photo courtesy of the sampleroom website. I borrowed it without them knowing, baaaaaddddd

Essence Stay All Day 16 Hr Long Lasting Makeup WEAR TEST and First Impressions

Hey, hey, hey everyone! I know that this essence cosmetics product isn't new and that it has been around for years, but I've recently gotten this from the Watson's at SM Beauty section. I thought to myself, what better time to do a first impressions try-on review of a foundation for oily skin than now since it is summer in the Philippines!

Affordable Beauty Products Haul Philippines - Just Around 200 Pesos Each OR LESS!

Quite a few subscribers from youtube has requested for this so here is my haul of affordable beauty products that are available in the Philippines! Just a heads up, the video has mini-reviews but I will still be trying the stuff I bought more so I can give a better 'review'. I will update this blog post once I've been able to test everything but for the meantime, just watch the video :)

click on play button to watch the video

Collective Korean Beauty and Korean Food haul

I made  a promise to myself that I will be blogging soon but I was flooded with work and hardly ever have time for myself lately...then I got lazy (sorry folks!). Anyway, I'm back!

Today, I am sharing with you guys what I've been up to these past two months and more! Of course, there's been lots of shopping (just online mostly) and travel. To be honest, I find it ironic that here I am, mostly making my living as a ghostwriter and I've been neglecting my own blogs. Badddd Dianne (that's me. btw)! So that's the lame intro for this post haha!

If you're a certified foodie and beauty products love me, there's no doubt that you've heard of all the gastronomic delights and advanced skin care that Koreans are known for. Just a few years ago, getting your hands on these goodies used to be a long shot in the dark but well, not anymore! Do I hear a yey? YEY!

I've featured some Korean food and Korean skin care at my youtube channel in the past and have been bombarded with the following questions:
  • Where to find Korean red chili flakes in the Philippines?
  • Where to buy Korean fire noodles?
  • Where to buy authentic Korean beauty products in the Philippines?
  • Where to find Korean grocery in Metro Manila?

Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA++++ Full Day Try On + First Impressions Review

I've been wanting to try this Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA++++ since I saw this at Watsons and after trying the Belo BB Cream, I knew this one ought to be good as well so I bought one for 449 pesos! That's a great deal  for a 50 ml tube of tinted sunscreen!

belo sunexpert perfecting shield tinted sunscreen

The Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream The Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream really worked for me (you should see my video review on that) and I was thinking that this one could be better if not as great.

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++ Review + FULL DAY try-on

I've been eyeing this BB Cream from the Belo Intensive Whitening line ever since I've seen the Belo group post pictures of this at their instagram account. You see, finding brands or products that really work for my evil skin isn't always an easy thing but I happen to know for a fact that other Belo products in this specific line worked wonders for me so yup, I got very excited.

You won't believe how I stalk my local beauty counter just to get my hands on this BB Cream haha! Anyway, I happened to chance upon it while shopping at Zalora one day and yep, my grabby hands couldn't contain themselves and 48 hours later, I got one delivered at my place, yey!

belo bb cream review

This isn't sponsored nor a 'gifted' product review. I haven't reached that level of popularity yet as a beginning blogger, okay? I'm saying this because I tend to rave about products I really like so people sometimes think that my opinion has been bought (as if there's enough moolah in the world!). 

My BYS Matte Maven Glamourbox Unboxing and First Impressions | Subscription Saturdays

So, I've been doing haul videos and review videos on Youtube but wasn't I really into the whole blogging thing until some viewers requested that I write a blog for products that I don't take videos of. 

Hey, don't you worry, I will not stop doing videos and in fact, I do have a video for the #BYSMatteMaven #GlamourboxUnboxing but it's in tagalog (as requested). I figured that writing a blog post would cover both sides of the coin for my non-filipino viewers and subscribers so here it is - MY VERY FIRST BLOG!

On to the box!

*note: There's an unboxing video at the end!

The BYS Matte Maven GlamourBox came with all these 6 gorgeous items!

Now, of course the items in the box were first kept as a surprise when #GlamourBoxPh announced that they'll be having another collaboration beauty box with #BYSPhilippines. It was a bit of a gamble for me but seeing that their previous box, the BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox is such a big hit, I decided to take the plunge!

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