EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches NEW LOOK from Ever Bilena

The first time that I reviewed the EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick from Ever Bilena was in 2017 (REVIEW HERE) and I still have my repurchases of the old packaging. This year, Ever Bilena and EB Advance have been revamping their packaging and one of the lippies they've modernized the look for is the EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick.

EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches NEW LOOK from Ever Bilena

What is the NEW EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick?

The new thing about the EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick is just the look. The formula is still the same, the pricing is just a few pesos more compared to 5 years ago, and the longevity of the product remains the same. You even get the same 5ML amount. The difference is really just the modernized packaging and maybe the addition of a new shade, Tiramisu. 

The new packaging is cleaner looking, is sleeker, and a lot thinner and longer than the previous one. Each tube remains fresh for up to 5 years if unopened and up to 2 years once used.

The formula is paraben free, cruelty-free, and vegan. 

The applicator remains the same as you will see in the review video in the later part of the review

This new collection has a total of 9 shades. Over the years, I think there have been 12-15 shades for the EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick. They kept the wearable shades and did not include certain shades like private beach (very pale beige), rich vino, jetsetter, and chocolate truffle. 

Personally, I like that they kept this new look smaller. Everything here is wearable!

EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches 

Cashmere Blush
Fire Opal
Moody Merlot
Moroccan Spice
Pink Pearl
Red Carpet
Skinny Dip
Soft Cinnamon

The EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick is still a soft matte finish liquid lipstick with a mousse-like consistency.  Watch the video below to see the swatches in action as well as individual notes per shade. 


EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick Review Summary

Price: P200 each

Finish: Soft Matte, transfer resistant but not fully smudge proof

Coverage: Full coverage in 1 swipe but light shades might need 2 swipes. Leaves a stain for the dark shades

Contents: 5ml

Consistency: Not sure if I am imagining things but the new formula seems to set a bit slower than the old formula but not very noticeable

Packaging: Spongy doe foot applicator is included in the compact packaging. The tube is almost the same color as the lippie. 

Shades: 9 shades! Cashmere Blush, Fire Opal, Moody Merlot, Moroccan Spice, Pink Pearl, Red Carpet, Skinny Dip, Soft Cinnamon, Tiramisu

Lasting power: 4-8 hours but the stain of the darker shades can last as long as 12 hours. Not fully transfer-proof or smudge-proof but is transfer-resistant

Cons: fully drying may take 15-30 mins.

VERDICT: 4.75/5 (still the same!)

By the way, the darker shades really do leave a visible stain even after cleansing with micellar water. This can be good or bad depending on your preferences. The bad side is that switching lippies is not going to be easy but on the up side, they're truly long-lasting. 

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