Althea Korea Holiday Makeup Boxes 2016

Who's excited for some more holiday shopping?

IKR? As much as I know that I'd have to work extra as soon as the holidays are over, it's nearly impossible to stop one's self from shopping with all the amazing sales going on! And you guys know I love KBeauty sales!

This holiday season, Althea Korea has started offering curated beauty boxes. They've actually started earlier last month with body care box (such as the Althea Super Food Box), hair care box, and more. While I was truly happy shopping the other beauty boxes, I'm ecstatic and can't wait to unbox my orders of the Althea Korea Holiday Makeup boxes below!

Althea Korea Holiday Makeup Boxes 2016

I'm really bummed that it was too late when I discovered this sale. The Althea Korea Holiday Makeup boxes 1 and 2 were already sold out. Luckily, the Althea Korea Holiday Makeup Glitter Box is still available, YEY!

Althea Korea Launches NEW Mobile App! Shop with Discount!

Yasssss! Mobile shoppers rejoice!

Ehem, ehem...okay, just Kbeauty mobile shoppers then :)

Excuse my jubilant mood because I've just found out that my favorite online store for all Korean Beauty items now has an app!

Not just that, but with this great news also comes some great discounts!

Althea Korea Launches NEW Althea Korea Mobile App

Who wouldn't want to shop some Kbeauty favorites at the palm of their hands and get more for less too?

No one!

Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin

Yasss! Holidays are just around the corner! Who's as excited as I am?

Some of you have been requesting me to do a holiday makeup look at the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube Channel and some are also requesting for a Sephora Philippines haul video. I've got y'all covered girls!

While all of my Sephora hauls as of now have been featuring stuff I bought from Sephora US, I'm more than ready to turn over a new leaf and shop closer to home.

Truth be told, the only reason why I haven't been shopping at Sephora Philippines was because I was thinking that they won't have the items I want and that the parcels will have to be picked up at the post office. Boy, I was wrong!

So just to let y'all know, Sephora Philippines delivers straight to your doorstep!

Yep! No long lines at the customs office and no trips to the post office. Isn't that great?

Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin

Oh yeah! With everything said, I believe that Tis the Season to be SEPHORA Glammin indeed!

I was thinking of making this a surprise (via YouTube) but hey, I thought it would be fun to give blog readers a sneak peek of what I've been eyeing at Sephora Philippines.

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