Tipid Beauty Finds Under P300 #PinayBeautyAndStyle #TipidBeauty

I don't know why but my Youtube Subscribers at the Pinay Beauty And Style Channel really love anything #tipidbeauty. This is the main reason why I post different things on the blog here and at the YT channel and IG. The reason why I am cross posting here is I've received a few emails in the last weeks from blog readers who are asking me about affordable makeup recommendations and of course I am happy to share!

Tipid Beauty Finds Under P300

I would also want to make it clear that my #TipidBeauty Series has been around since early 2016 so I am not copying from anyone like some nasty comments on my YT suggest. Nauna po ako mga beshie! :)

Without further ado, here are my Tipid Beauty Finds Under 300 pesos!

Pinay Beauty Favorites (Philippines) October 2017 #PinayBeautyAndStyle

It's been a long time since I shared beauty favorites here in the Pinay Beauty And Style Blog because I usually just post in either instagram or the #PinayBeautyAndStyle youtube channel. Anywhoo, I filmed a taglish video featuring my beauty favorites that happen to feature mini reviews of each product mentioned!


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