EB Lip and Cheek Roller Review - New Ever Bilena Lip Tint!

Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller is here and I am so excited to share them with you guys! But wait, I feel that I should disclose that I'm not a fanatic lip and cheek tint gal because they don't usually show up well on screen or on stage when I am giving lectures (in my field). With this said, I've also reviewed the EB Advance Blushing Cheeks and the Ever Bilena Blush Glow in the past and know for a fact that they work. I also like the Ever Bilena Blushing Cheeks product and the Careline Jelly Tint plus used all sorts of roller tints from KJM, Skin Genie etc so I guess it is safe to say that I'm warming up to using tints?

Looking for the NEW SHADES of the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller Tints? Click the highlighted part!

photo by LunaLinaBeauty

EB Lip and Cheek Roller Review

What is the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller?

The Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller is the newest lip tint and cheek tint to join the other 'tint-type' products in the EB Arsenal (see photo below)

All of the previous lip and cheek tint products from Ever Bilena in the past have a gel-like or jelly-like consistency but the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller is as thin as water. Nothing to worry about, though, because it is as pigmented as the more viscous tints they have. 

Personally speaking, I am glad that Ever Bilena came up with a roller tint product because I am getting quite worried with the proliferation of similar fly-by-night products that undergo no quality control and are often just repacked from those selling per-gallon tints. This is not to shame those who sell those products but let's be honest that not all adhere to sanitary manufacturing practices. This is why buying from a company with a solid reputation is much better in my book (this is my personal belief kasi maarte ako K).

  • Price - P125 pesos for 8.5 ml of product
  • Other Details - available in 3 shades, I only bought one but have swatches below for all 3
  • Where to buy - everywhere EB products are sold

The Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller packaging is also shrink-wrapped so you can be sure that your lips or skin will really be touching a fresh clean product untouched by anyone else.

As you can see, the texture and consistency is as thin as water but the pigment is there. There is no scent as well so that's a big plus in my book. Yay!

EB Lip and Cheek Roller Swatches

EB Lip and Cheek Roller swatches above are single swipe ones

Above are photo swatches of all 3 shades. From left to right, they are: Night Berry, Red to Go, and Uptown Red.

The photo on the left is under a mix of warm and white artificial light and the one on the left is under natural morning sunlight.

  • Night Berry is a berry-pink that I think will suit more skintones
  • Red to Go is a barely there red that would be good for very fair folks
  • Uptown Red is a KPOP red that will suit kayumangi skin and would look really red on fair skin.

another photo from Avilo MG, used with permission. Swatches were taken under yellowish store lighting

 EB Lip and Cheek Roller Review  Summary

Do I like this Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller tint?

Oh yes! I find that I can easily get the much-raved drunk blush look using this product quite easily and the lasting power is quite decent at 5-8 hours. It fades faster on the lips but on the cheeks it lasts almost the entire day...granted I am only on my second try so I will still update this post with more notes.

  • scent: nearly non-existent yay!
  • taste: no weird or bitter taste
  • does this dry the lips? Nope yay!
  • lasting power: 5 to 8 hours
  • finish: soft matte, just like your lips just tinted
  • packaging: roller bottle but good quality because the tint doesn't leak
  • blendability: quite good! Can even be applied after powder but best before powder
  • staining on hands? No so yay!
  • my rating: 4.75/5

I do think that for P125 up to P135 a pop and you're sure of the quality, you can't go wrong trying this out. Especially lovely for summer as you can see in my almost no makeup selfie below!

night berry on lips and cheeks! 2 layers on cheeks and 1 on the lips. Dries very fast but with enough leeway so you can still blend

I'm thinking of getting the two other shades now yassss!

Best part is that this roller tint doesn't stain the hand too much and can be taken out using makeup remover wipes! I have a few swipes of the roller tint in the photo above. 

Would you want a comparison review of all the other EB products below!? Do let me know!

Below is a video for the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller Review! (press play button to watch the video)

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to see their new releases too!

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