Careline Multi Sticks Review with Swatches and Wear Test! Contour Stick, Blur Stick, and Strobe Stick!

I've been excited to get my hands on the Careline Multi Sticks ever since I first saw them during the Careline Girl Gang Better Than Basic launch that I attended a year ago (blog here). I almost thought that I'll never get to see them and all I'll ever have are Careline Multi Sticks Swatches hahaha! Good thing that BeautyMNL started carrying Careline products and I was able to buy the much awaited Careline Blur Stick, Careline Strobe Stick, and Careline Contour Stick!

Careline Multi Sticks Review with Swatches and Wear Test! 

I decided to buy only the Careline Blur Stick, Careline Strobe Stick, and Careline Contour Stick and opted to get the brighten, peach, and rose stick later because I wasn't sure how they will perform but now I am tempted to buy all and complete my collection of Careline Multi Sticks!

I love BeautyMNL na, I've had issues trying to buy from Lazada eh but BeautyMNL always hassle-free and delivered the following day agad-agad!

What are Careline Multi Sticks?

The Multi Sticks are Careline's answer for fuss-free high performing on the go makeup. The 3 variants I got are the following:
  • Careline Blur Stick for blurring and priming
  • Careline Contour Stick for creating shadows
  • Careline Strobe Stick for highlighting

Retails for P199-P205 each! I bought mine at BeautyMNL for P205 each! Delivery just took a single day! So happy!

I wasn't expecting much at first because although I liked them when I first saw them a year ago, I was thinking that maybe it took them a year to launch because they changed the formula (spoiler alert! they didn't!).

Below are the product details on the Careline Blur Stick, Careline Strobe Stick, and Careline Contour Stick.

Careline Strobe Stick

The Careline Strobe Stick is true to its name. It doesn't give you a highlighted look to the high heavens, rather it gives you a wet/dewy sheen that is very flattering. Straight up highlighters tend to highlight flaws and imperfections but the Careline Strobe Stick doesn't do that. You can use this on its own or pair this up with a powder highlighter. I really like this for everyday highlight and for body contouring (see photos further below). 

Careline Contour Stick

Oh wow! Finally! I've been looking for a contour stick in real contour shade for ages! For some reason, those that I bought (from expensive brands, no less!) end up looking orange on me. The Careline Contour Stick is a neutral dark-ish brown that will truly work for contouring no matter whether you have light skin or morena skin. I loved the Careline Contour Stick so much that I am already halfway my stick!

Careline Blur Stick

The Careline Blur Stick is the bomb! This blur sticks acts as a primer and pore-blurrer at the same time. Oil control is similar to when I am using expensive primers so I am very happy with this purchase. You can check out my review video at the Pinay Beauty And Style YouTube Channel to see the Careline Blur Stick in action!

Packaging Careline Multi Sticks

As can be seen in the photos I've shared, the Careline Multi Sticks come in a tube/stick packaging that can be twisted up for better access to the product. I like that this is in stick form so you won't have to use applicators to apply the products. 

Above are close-ups of my Careline Multi Sticks Swatches for the Contour Stick, Blur Stick, and Strobe Stick!

My favorite use for the contour stick is for body contouring. I also use this for my face but these days I don't apply a lot of makeup on my face anymore. Can you see how amazed I was? Sorry I took these screenshots from one of my Get Ready with Me videos haha!

In the photo above, I already applied the Careline Strobe Stick too.

The photo above is much clearer because I took it as a real photo, not a video screenshot.

I really can't get over how creamy the multi sticks are as well as blendable. It is so hard to apply body makeup because you really have no excuse if it looks too obvious. I'm really glad I can achieve the "pumayat look" with Careline. Best part is because they are soooo affordable I don't feel guilty using them on large swatches of skin like the body :)

Careline Multi Sticks Review  Summary

What I like:
  • Blendable
  • Saturated colors
  • Does what they say on the packaging
  • Crazy affordable as in!
  • lasts 3-4 hours. More if set with powder.
  • No breakouts for me
  • paraben-free and cruelty-free
  • easy to use, beginner-friendly

What I don't like:
  • I need more colors of the strobe stick seriously. I can't believe they made just 1.
  • The brighten stick is too dark for me but I am still planning to buy it. Maybe I can use it to tone down the contour a bit.
  • I can't forgive them that it took a year to release. Galit ako, hahahahah!

Overall 5/5 as in 5/5 talaga I swear. Just not sure with the variants I don't have but the ones I've tried are more than pak na pak!

UPDATE: Careline Multi-Sticks NEW COLORS (click HERE)

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