Be Healthy Inside and Out to Look Good Feel Great with Watsons Philippines!

I've been trying to be healthier for the past few months. Some of you may have heard that I'm doing the keto diet and that I've been more interested in natural beauty products and natural self-care products. It is not a secret that one of my favorites to shop in is Watsons Philippines (I have too many Watsons haul videos over the years, haha!) and I am glad to share with you how shopping in Watsons Philippines helped me with my health journey. 

Be Healthy Inside and Out to Look Good Feel Great with Watsons Philippines! 

By the way, being healthier is a work in progress project for me so be ready for more updates in the future! As much as I want to say that things will just take a month, I found out that choosing what is healthy for you will really take a lot of trial and error. I'm just glad that now I know that Watsons Philippines has almost everything that I need and I can even order through their online store too

So, how did I got healthier inside and out? And what does Watsons Philippines got to do with it?

I used to shop in Watsons for just beauty supplies but over the past months, I've been buying more of my health supplements through them. The Watsons health aisle is a new thing for me. I've seen some vitamins and minerals here and there in the past but they've really expanded the Watsons health aisle recently as you'll see later.

New beauty and health discoveries in WatsonsPh!

Shopping in Watsons helped me in my health journey because I used to have to order some of the supplements that I am taking (like virgin coconut oil). Because those items are available in Watsons, I don't run out anymore and am able to stick to my healthy lifestyle easier. It has been statistically proven that the easier it is to stick to a new lifestyle, the more likely an individual will keep at it.

I was surprised that my Watsons health kit above came with some items that are borderline pharmaceutical so I made sure to shop for my medicine cabinet at Watsons too. 

Healthier and Stronger Body Achieved!

It was the perfect timing because about a week into testing a healthier lifestyle, I got sick. I posted about it on Facebook and Instagram (see here) but I was still able to attend a few blogging events and a concert. I think it was largely because my body was full of antioxidants and vitamins and so although I was sick, I was a lot livelier than previous times that I was under the weather. 

I felt encouraged because I was seeing results. My cold lasted only a week when it used to leave me spent for 2 weeks. Hooray for faster recovery!

I made sure to continue replacing bad choices with healthier ones. Since I am doing keto diet and already said goodbye to milk tea, I began taking Belo Collagen Melon as my milk tea replacement. Cravings satisfied! Best part is I get both vitamin C and collagen with my new merienda drink!

By the way, I reviewed the Belo Collagen Strawberry Smoothie HERE

I also discovered a few new supplements at WatsonsPh but my favorite is the Watsons Glutathione Gummies. Note to self: create a separate review for this!

I don't think you'll get whiter skin with Watsons Glutathione Gummies because the Glutathione levels are quite low but if you're craving candy, it is better to just take this and you'll get collagen instead of just sugar. I took 2 per day although the packaging says 1 is enough. The Glutathione concentration is not high so the effect is more of what antioxidants do to the body, make the body stronger and support the immune system. 

my last Watsons Glutathione Gummies...noooooo!

After about a month of sticking to my keto diet and healthier lifestyle, I was able to do things that I couldn't do wearing my old jeans! This is a HUGE deal for me because it took me years to fit in it again. See my post on Facebook and Instagram here.

Positive Results are Encouraging!

I think my improved energy levels had a positive effect on my weight loss. Because I am taking supplements, I didn't feel deprived despite of my diet. I'm such a believer that I shopped in Watsons a few weeks ago. I made sure to snap a few pics there although I was told taking photos isn't allowed. 

New happy place! I think I'll buy the Watsons collagen drink next.

I bought all the remaining boxes of the Belo Collagen Melon. I'm not sorry :P

I went on a sale day so the supplies are not well stocked. I replenished my Berroca stash and bought more bottles of the Watsons Glutathione Gummies

They're only 600-ish per bottle. I'm thinking of trying the other 2 next.

Look, I was able to find keto diet supplies too!

One of the best parts is I got to get some freebies courtesy of the promo at that time plus being a Watsons Card Member. I also wrote about how to get a Watsons Card here

You can see my latest Watsons haul videos below!


I have another Watson Haul but I will just upload it some other time. For now, I am really glad to report that instead of tiring in my health journey, I am feeling more encouraged and motivated. I got to admit that I was feeling overwhelmed a month ago because it is difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle because of my work (usually out of town). Since Watsons is practically everywhere in the Philippines and also offers delivery service, life is indeed a lot better when you're healthy inside and out and having an easy time doing so! Not only do I look better and feel great, I am less stressed too about where to get the supplements that I need. No wonder I am blogging more these days!

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