Ara Colours Matte Lipstick Swatches Review Price - Collaboration Between Ara Mina and Ever Bilena!

Ara Colours is a new line of local cosmetics under Ever Bilena. This new collaboration between entrepreneur-actress Ara Mina and cosmetics giant Ever Bilena has been in the works since last year and is finally launching by end of July 2019. I heard about this new paraben-free and cruelty-free collaboration a year ago but kept mum because I didn't want to jinx anything. So happy that some of the products are already available via Shopee and Lazada under Ara Colours official store!

Ara Colours Matte Lipstick Swatches Review Price - Collaboration Between Ara Mina and Ever Bilena!

Ara Colours Collection by Ever Bilena

From what I've heard, Ara Colours is a collection/line made for busy women. The launch isn't until July 31 but I am not sure if I can be there because of my busy schedule so I am blogging about Ara Colours now. The line/collection will release some eyeshadow and lip tint products but I don't know when will that be. For now, the product that is available for everyone via online channels is the Ara Colours Matte Lipstick.

What is the Ara Colours Matte Lipstick?

The Ara Colours Matte Lipstick is a collection of 7 bullet-pencil lipstick hybrids in mostly nude shades to flatter every Filipina. The colors are wearable and are meant to complement both day and night makeup. The packaging is sleek and compact making the product easier to use and apply. Even the lippie is perfectly shaped to deliver color in just 1 swipe. Sakto sa branding, infernes!

Where to Buy Ara Colours Matte Lipstick?

At the current time, the Ara Colours Matte Lipstick and their other products are not yet available in physical stores but can be bought at Lazada and Shopee. Each tube is only P195 each and contains 1.3 grams of product per retractable tube.

See Ara Colours in Shopee by using the search tab. Product is sold by various Ever Bilena direct sellers. 

1.3 grams per tube seems like 'tinipid' at first glance but after using the Ara Colours Matte Lipsticks for a week (and creating a ton of swatches too), I can safely say that a little goes a long way. 1 swipe delivers full-color coverage and saturation for my lips.

Ara Colours Matte Lipstick is paraben-free and cruelty-free just like the new makeup releases from  Ever Bilena for the past year.

I think that the secret is in the formula. This lippie has a more refined feel than other Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks. This lippie leaves my lips softer. I didn't get sore lips despite filming swatches twice (for video swatches and photo swatches).

Ara Colours Matte Lipstick Lip Swatches

  • Austria is a muted brick
  • Canada is a medium neutral pink
  • Croatia is a warm reddish-brown
  • France is a medium peachy-nude which can look like orange creamsicle under certain lights
  • Monaco is a medium warm nude
  • Spain is soft cool-toned red
  • Sweden is a pale mauve

I made lip swatches for the Ara Colours Matte Lipstick above. As you can see, although some of the lippie shades seem similar to each other, they do create different looks when worn. Do note that the colors may seem washed out on the photo above because I took the photos for the lips swatches under bright lights. The photo for the Ara Colours Matte Lipstick swatches on my arm below was taken under natural light.

All of the Ara Colours Matte Lipstick swatches above were made with just 1 swipe. You can see how  I unboxed and first tested everything in the video below. Note that the video was from last week and this written review is after a week of use. 

Watch my unboxing, swatching, and first impressions video for the Ara Colours Matte Lipstick below!


Ara Colours Matte Lipstick Review Summary

  • Color Pay-Off: 5/5, 1 swipe is good enough to achieve full color
  • Lasting Power: 3-4 up to 6 hours. This is not marketed as a long-lasting lippie
  • Finish: is soft matte, not full-on matte. Has a soft natural sheen
  • Scent: is mild and sweet, a little of like vanilla dessert
  • Value for Money: 5/5 surprisingly sulit considering only 1.3 grams per P195 tube!
  • Packaging: Love the look of the box although not a fan of extra packaging coz not eco-friendly (I'm torn!). The retractable tube is a good size and travel-friendly. It is not too small and fits just right on my hand.
  • Other Notes: does not emphasize my lip lines, leaves my dry lips soft (exfoliate before use if you have dry lips)

Cons: I think a few more cooler-toned and darker shades would have been great to complement Filipinas with darker skin. The box could have been made smaller. 

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Hoping Ara Colours eyeshadow and tint will be good too. Excited for those!

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