Battle of the Best Sanitary Pads and SeoulUnni Won!

Sanitary pads are popular feminine products in the Philippines. Tampons and menstrual cups are not really an 'in' thing in the Philippines yet due to social reasons so a lot of people still use sanitary pads. The problem is, sanitary pads aren't created equal and so some are better and some aren't as good. For someone who have a heavy period like me, finding the right one is the difference between embarrassment and having a good day as majority of the people still have negative perceptions regarding menstrual periods. I can't change what they think but I can make sure to prevent leaks from happening, right? And so I started my search for the best sanitary pad for overnight use. 

Battle of the Best Sanitary Pads and SeoulUnni Won!

Battle of the Best Sanitary Pads and SeoulUnni Won!

But Why Find The Best Sanitary Pad for Overnight Use?

I want to find the most absorbent napkin and I figured that since I mostly use overnight pads for my heavy days as they are the most absorbent, I only focused my search on them. It's already a given  that they perform better than the day use kinds anyway. 

I went through more than 10 different kinds of  locally available sanitary pads in the Philippines to find a winner. I have the full video below for you to see how my search and experiment went. 



SeoulUnni Sanitary Pads was the top performer #SeoulUnni

This was a surprise for me because it won over my 2 favorites for years and they are all overnight sanitary pads so are heavy duty for those with heavy flow.

*****Video highlights*****

  • Intro 0:05
  • Background of battle 0:10
  • Best pad winners 0:55
  • SeoulUnni intro 2:00
  • Experiment part 2:40
  • Review of seoulunni sanitary pad 9:10

My main thoughts:

  • -soft feminine scent and no bad odor after use
  • -feels like not wearing a pad, very comfortable and breathable
  • -gentle on the skin
  • -very absorbent
  • -happy because FDA approved

Battle of the Best Sanitary Pads and SeoulUnni Won!

SeoulUnni Herbal Napkin is available in 2 sizes

UltraSlim Sanitary pad Day Medium 10 pads P129 now P85 ONLY for 8 pads

UltraSlim Sanitary pad Night Large 8 pads P129 now P85 ONLY for 8 pads

SeoulUnni is a brand based in Korea that does research and develops product that makes Women's life more beautiful. The products are made by the distributor itself so quality control is paramount. 

I don't have anything left to say except, wow! They really meant all their claims!


  1. Rapid & Super Absorbent -180GSM SAP secret R&D - World Class material of SUMITOMO -360 degree leak side prevention - more than 4,000 micro-holes per sqm 
  2. Herbal Scent - Aloe & Houttuynia Cordata - Sealed to prevent dirt contamination 
  3. Extra Soft & Ultra slim - Skin friendly - Less rash & irritation - air breathable

You can purchase SeoulUnni in Shopee!

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