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Vice Cosmetics just launched the Top Cheekret Aura Collection just 2 weeks ago and they've now come up with more pasabog in the form of a totally new product, the Vice Velvet Lip Kit!

Vice Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kit Review and Swatches


What is it?

The Vice Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kit is a kit containing 2 products for just P295 per kit: the reformulated Vice Cosmetics Lip Liner and a totally new product, the Phenomenal Vice Velvet Liquid Lipstick!

LIP LINER THOUGHTS (0.25 grams per retractable pencil): The lip liner totally improved from their previous formula. 

I didn't blog about their first release because the lip liners from the older collection all broke on me. This time though, they really listened to customer complaints and the new Vice Cosmetics lips liners are pigmented, smooth, creamy but firm/doesn't break, and I love that it has ZERO scent yay!

CLICK HERE for the official Shopee store of Vice Cosmetics where they offer discounts, especially around sweldo days.

The Vice Phenomenal Liquid Lip Kits are available in 8 shades that range from nudes, pinks, reds, and mauvey-wine shades (complete swatches far down below).

Each kit retails for P295 pesos containing the velvet liquid lipstick and the lip liner. 

VELVET LIQUID LIPSTICK THOUGHTS (3ml per tube): The STAR of the Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Velvet Lip Kit is the liquid lipstick IMHO.

It is NOT a matte liquid liquid lipstick. Rather, it is a cross between a mousse and a tint with a very thin or light oil-based formula. That's the closest I can describe it. It would be like if glossier's cloud paints were oil-based and A LOT more tinted.

Someone asked me if the formula is similar to Ofra liquid lipsticks (because that one is velvety too) but nope, this one is actually more comfortable! I wish they release more shades because the velvet liquid lipstick can double as a tint (shown in video below!).

Just note that the formula doesn't fully dry. I repeat, this is NOT A MATTE LIP KIT. This is a TOTALLY NEW PRODUCT FORMULA in the local market :)

As usual, the products are #parabenfree and #crueltyfree, yay!

They also wrote down the ingredients for both the lip liner and the velvet liquid lipstick in the box so that gets a thumbs up from me. 

Two things that can be improved are the HUGE box for the 2 small products (maybe can be made smaller to create less waste? conserve the environment and all) and the lip liners not bearing the shade name for the product. There is a sticker to indicate the color but that can come off easily.

Two things that I love about the packaging: The retractable pencil is super easy to use and yup, played with it a little and the pencil didn't break! Slides right back in too so not a problem if you ever over extend it. 

The velvet liquid lipstick's wand has a dent to it that can hold enough product for a light application for the entire lips so you don't need to double dip. The packaging also bears each shade's name. 

Vice Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kit Swatches

NOTE: I used the lip liners to label the velvet liquid lipsticks so you can appreciate how easy it glides and the color saturation!

swatches taken under natural afternoon sunlight

so lets talk about the colors...

From the top:

  • Kumelavu is a warm mauve. I know that sounds weird but it IS warm on swatch bordering on terracotta but looks more mauve on the lips.
  • Taravu is a fire engine red. Ala Marilyn Monroe.
  • Vulevu is a terracota color, so it is a red with a hint of brown or perhaps a really burnt orange.
  • Zelavu is a deep wine shade. This may look maroon on some people or even ox blood red on some.

From the top:
  • Getlavu is a bright blue-toned red. This is the red that is nakakaputi ng ipin!
  • Givlavu is a pinkish red or a red with a hint of pink depending on skin tone. Can also be described as a watermelon shade (this was what I was wearing in the video, this fades to a pretty pink!)
  • Izkeravu is a warm nude, like an orange creamsicle or a peaches and cream shade
  • Iteklavu is a warm rose with a hint of dustiness to it.

If you noticed I did not label the shades as for fair skin or for morena when I was describing the colors...that is because they can all suit any skin tone. Yep! Truly #GandaForAll indeed. The trick to finding a shade that will work for you is to look at the undertone and choose accordingly. The velvet liquid lipsticks can be sheered out for fair skin and applied full-on for those with deeper skin tones. 


swatches taken under low natural light

UPDATE: this is how I usually wear the lip color, Korean makeup style on my lips and cheeks!

My first impressions review of the Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Velvet Liquid Lip Kit Collection:

I have only tried these for 2 days and so the opinions shared below may still be edited/updated at a later date for a more accurate review.
  • Lasting power: the tint/color can last for a full day but that is just the tint. The velvet finish can last 3-5 hours or until you have a meal if you don't constantly lick your lips. Remember that this DOES transfer because this is not a matte liquid lipstick that fully sets. 
  • Pigment: really saturated for both the pencil and the liquid lippie.
  • Scent: the lip liner has no scent but the velvet liquid lipstick has a light scent that may be from the container. Anyway there is no lingering scent after application.
  • Ease of use: This is regular-user friendly. No need to be a makeup artist as long as you understand that this is a mousse liquid lipstick that does not fully dry unlike the first collection released a year ago. I have to keep on emphasizing this because I keep getting DMs and PMs from people asking if this is kiss proof or transfer proof kahit nasa caption na in my IG and FB...Note that this product isn't designed to be like the first release (sa pangalan pa lang obvious na actually haha! wag po makulit)
  • Texture: a cross between a mousse and a tint. Light and airy but very color saturated.
  • Other notes: Paraben free and cruelty free, formulated in the US. I haven't tried using the liner with the liquid lippie yet and have so far used the velvet liquid lipsticks just on their own. I will update after I've used all so around a month for a fair and full review! I literally got this less than 48 hours ago as I am writing this :)
UPDATE: same findings as my earlier notes. Been months and I still love the product.

CLICK HERE for the official Shopee store of Vice Cosmetics where they offer discounts, especially around sweldo days.

another note, the products do leave a tint! as in bakat pa din after soap and water!

Will update at a later date :)

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