REVIEW WetNWild ColorIcon Not a Basic Peach Palette Swatches

Not a Basic Peach Palette from Wet N Wild's Color Icon collection is what brought me out of my makeup rut. Since the quarantine started, I find myself not wearing makeup as much as I would like to. I've been mostly working from home even prior to Covid-19 pandemic and I guess I just liked it having to live up to expectations of a full face of makeup everyday. With this said, this was only great for the first few months but later on, I find that my productivity suffered. There is something to putting yourself together in the morning that kick-starts your brain for real but the problem was I got so used to not wearing makeup that most eyeshadow palettes overwhelmed me. I lived in BB cream, mascara, and tint for months until I rediscovered the WetNWild ColorIcon Not a Basic Peach Palette when I was downsizing my things. I began swatching and before I knew it, was wearing eyeshadow again!

WetNWild ColorIcon Not a Basic Peach Palette Swatches and Review

WetNWild ColorIcon Not a Basic Peach Palette, What Is It?

Not a Basic Peach Palette from Wet N Wild is part of their newest color icon relaunch. This is a new palette using the old formula in a new sleeker packaging. Two shades make this a unique neutral palette, the inclusion of a light blue satin and a matte orange. 

The palette is cruelty-free and retails for $5-$6 or between P250-P400 pesos depending on where you are buying. Such a great deal given the quality of Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes. 


There are 10 neutral shades in the palette in a mix of matte, satin, and metallic shimmers. They didn't name the shades but they did number them as can be seen at the back of the palette. 

WetNWild ColorIcon Not a Basic Peach Palette Swatches and Review


1 matte light beige for overall lid and blending color
2 satin cream
3 frosted gold
4 matte muted orange
5 copper or rose gold shimmer
6 peach with shimmers
7 pinkish brown with metallic shimmer
8 light blue satin
9 matte neutral dark brown
10 matte terracotta

Wet N Wild Color Icon Not a Basic Peach Palette Review Summary

  • color saturation 4.5/5, the mattes are impressive although a tad powdery for the darker shades
  • longevity 4.5/5, lasts for 4-8 hours and more with primer so not bad for a budget palette
  • ease of use 4.5/5, the color story is very easy to work with and will with most warm skintones. With the right bronzer, this can work too for those with cool undertone. Those with very deep skin may not appreciate this palette as much
  • packaging 5/5, no mirror and brush but that is normal for WnW palettes
  • reapplication 4/5, does not look patchy so that's great. Layers beautifully too if you want to just add layers for night look
  • scent 5/5 no strong makeup scent so yay!
  • color selection 4.5/5, some may disagree but I really think this is a daily-look and beginner-friendly palette
  • Value for money 5/5

I give this a final rating of 4.75/5

Now I want to collect everything in the new color icon line!

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