BYS Peach Palette Review with Swatches and Price plus Peach Makeup Wear Test!

You have no idea how much I've been lusting after the BYS Peach Eyeshadow Palette! I've waited for about a month before I saw this at a Watsons near me and I immediately bought one. I was so happy coming home when I discovered that BYS Philippines will be having a makeup sale! 

 BYS Peach Palette Review with Swatches and Price plus Peach Makeup Wear Test!

The BYS Philippines makeup sale offers 3 palettes for P1499! I was like, NOOOOOOO! Coz I've just bought 2 palettes when I discovered that haha! Lugi ako besh! Anyway, I decided to review the BYS Peach Palette because the sale is ongoing til the end of October 2017. By the time I publish this blog, you will still have 3 weeks left to shop if you're from the Philippines!

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okay, let's move on to the 

BYS Peach Palette Review!

I've been using my BYS Peach palette for a few weeks now, so excuse that it isn't looking so pristine anymore. This palette is cruelty free too and that appeals to me coz, ehem, ehem, I got a lot of pets (shout out to my dog's hair in the photo above).

PACKAGING: The packaging is a tin can with a matte finish. It looks a bit satin actually, not reflective. I like that the shade names are also printed at the back of the palette because the shade names printed in the front are not as visible. 

The palette comes in a sturdy plastic 'box' that shows you exactly what you will get inside. I don't why but I've only seen BYS Cosmetics do this. Perhaps it is to make selling easier and minimize returns due to broken palettes since customers can clearly see that the product is intact before leaving the store? There is a sturdy paper insert with the name of the palette that covers the mirror on the lid. I wish the lid is magnetic closure but it isn't. It has a snap closure.

They've included two brushes that I really don't see being useful in daily makeup application but perhaps if you're in a pinch?

The mirror is big enough so can be used for on-the-go makeup application.

There are 12 colors in various finishes.

LEFT: swatches under daylight, RIGHT: swatches under artificial light 

BYS Peach Palette Swatches

I added a close up of the swatches so you can fully appreciate the colors. I swatched them without a primer using my fingers on my bare skin. 

  • Dainty matte ivory white
  • Dazzling metallic pale gold with some glittery chunks
  • Slay shimmery pink with a hint of gold
  • Pamper shimmery peachy pink
  • Lavish matte burnt peach
  • Cheeky shimmery or metallic pomelo, a mix of pink and orange

  • Peachy metallic muted orange
  • Dashing shimmery copper shade
  • Devoted metallic brown, very pretty
  • Enticing matte chocolate brown
  • Brazen shimmery dark brown, if you blend enoug can pass off as satin
  • Flashy glittery pale yellow, this one has chunks too

Notes for improvement:

The mirror could be a bit flatter and I wish they got magnetic closure. I worry that I am going to break the shadows when I snap the lid on more so that you have to be very careful to align the part that snaps together.

I also wish that they included better brushes because the two small brushes are clumsy. I also don't see myself using them because of the type of brushes included. Just not something that I will use for shadow application. Perhaps a long brush with a smudger end and a fluffy crease brush end would be better. 

There are two shades that are difficult to work with in this palette (Flashy and Dazzling). They are even more difficult to use with the included brushes that often fall off the palette on their own. 

BYS Peach Eyeshadow Palette Review Summary

Pigmentation: no chalkiness on the mattes which surprised me but Flashy and Dazzling have glittery fallout. Pigmentation is pretty decent more so for the price. I'm expecting more from the shimmery shades but its the mattes that I liked more. Some shades need to be built up or applied over primer for maxium payoff. 

Texture: The shadows are smooth and blendable except Flashy and Dazzling which have glittery chunks like Urban Decay's midnight rodeo or midnight cowboy. I find that they are best applied with a wet brush. The rest are good. 

Wear time: Almost a full 6-8 hours day without primer which is wow considering that I got very oily lids. The matte shades can also last upwards of 8 to 10 hours with primer. 

Value for money: Not bad! Quite affordable really because each shade is just like 100 pesos (12 shades for P1199)

Where to buy: SM Beauty and Watsons

Overall rating: 4.5/5 Near perfect but my rating was blighted by the packaging and the brushes.

nearly full face BYS makeup after 11 hours of wear. The shadows faded well :)
see me wear a peach makeup look in this video!

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