In Her Element Squalane Oil Review - My Favorite Facial Oil for Dry and Oily Skin

I've raved about the In Her Element Spot Control Oil lots of times in my Instagram but only posted about the In Her Element Squalane Oil a few times. I know I've mentioned this product frequently as a skincare favorite in PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube videos but I feel that this truly deserves having its own review post.

The In Her Element Pure Squalane Facial Oil earned it's place as a staple in my skincare routine for the past year! 

In Her Element Squalane Oil Review - My Favorite Facial Oil for Dry and Oily Skin 

For the record, I have combination skin sensitive skin with a lot of redness. I am in my mid-30s. My t-zone is oily and I got dry patches on the sides of my cheeks and my jawline. This is an issue because although I do not have a lot of skin texture, having dry patches makes my foundation look cakey even when I am oiling up. 

I tried the In Her Element Squalane Facial Oil because I've had good results with their Spot Control Oil. I am very happy with how it fared as part of my skincare regimen as well as part of my makeup routine.

So, What is the In Her Element Pure Squalane Facial Oil?

This product is marketed as the perfect facial oil for all skin types. They use olive-derived squalane oil as the main ingredient - an organic oil derived from the olive tree so it is also cruelty-free and vegan unlike squalane oil sourced from animal sources. 

What makes squalane oil great for all skin types is because of its skin-soothing properties that help with minimizing irritation. It protects skin from damage and is known as a powerful anti-oxidant. I love it because it regulates my oil production while giving me a healthy glow. It is very lightweight too.

Price: P445 for a 15 ml bottle with a dropper dispenser
You can buy in BeautyMNL or In Her Element website. 

The first time I tried this squalane facial oil from the Filipino brand In Her Element was from a free sample of the product from I immediately bought a bottle the day after I tried this though I still have a lot of the sample. That was how impressed I was (and still am).

I also prefer this squalane facial oil over the one sold by The Ordinary. I could be imagining things but I think the formulation for the IHE one is better. 

How to Use Squalane Oil as a Facial Oil?

The instructions are pretty straightforward. You use a few drops as one of the final steps in your skincare routine. I usually use this after toning and applying serum in lieu of my moisturizer. If my skin is extra dry, I apply this mixed with my moisturizer. 

Like what the product instructions said, I also use this with my makeup. If I find that an oil-based foundation is too matte, then I add a drop or two of this oil. It is important that you just use this with an oil-based foundation to avoid separation. So far, I've had no issues with using this while making my makeup last the whole day. The key is to use less than what you think you need. 

Why is Squalane Oil  My Favorite Facial Oil for Dry and Oily Skin?

I have combination sensitive skin that reacts badly to a lot of ingredients. I find that squalane oil fits perfectly with my other skincare products and doesn't give me that slick, mantika face feeling. This is because squalane oil is quite close in molecular structure compared to our own skin oils so it is absorbed better.

I've also read online that squalane can help make skin firmer by boosting collagen production. You can search other skin benefits but I'm only mentioning those that I've found to be true for myself. 

Please note that squalene is not the same as squalane so make sure you check labels when shopping for your facial oil. Squalane does not clog pores and is lighter in feel. 

Finding a facial oil that works for oily skin while also being great for dry skin is a real challenge. I am so glad that I found this facial oil and even more so because it really works for me!

I've been using this since 2017 and tried to use other brands but always find myself coming back to this. It really is high-time for a blog feature!

In Her Element Pure Squalane Facial Oil Review Summary

  • Price - A small bottle that retails for P445 can last you months. Super sulit!
  • Effects on skin - Already mentioned above, basically gives you moisturized skin while regulating oil production and no greasy feel
  • Scent - No weird scent, almost scentless - this is a huge factor for me. 
  • Moisturizing property - really great
  • Ease of use - beginner-friendly
  • Overall - 5/5 

Highly recommended as a facial oil for dry and oily skin!

Snapped this pic from one of my skincare videos haha!

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