Blythe by Careline Launch - Blythe Cosmetics Hyper Cosmic Collection is HERE! #BlytheByCareline

I've heard about Blythe's own line via Careline late last year but I wasn't at a liberty to share anything because, well, that's not right, haha! Anyway, after more than half a year of waiting, Blythe Cosmetics is finally here! Blythe by Careline is due to launch today, August 14, 2019 but I can't make it due to prior work commitments. Thankfully, I saw them have a soft online launch via Lazada late night yesterday. Here is what you have to know about Blythe Cosmetics, the newest Ever Bilena baby - Blythe by Careline!

Blythe by Careline Launch - Blythe Cosmetics is HERE!

What is Blythe by Careline or Blythe Cosmetics?

Blythe Cosmetics, aka, Blythe by Careline is the newest collection to launch from Ever Bilena. The Blythe by Careline Hyper Cosmic Collection is composed of 25 products with a cosmic or astrological theme ranging from eye and brow products to lots and lots of fun lippies and tints. Just to be clear, there are a total of 8 different kinds of products but overall the entire Hyper Cosmic Collection has 25 items. Details below!

NOTE: Promotional photos in here are from the Brand's public profiles, used here with A-okay.

The face behind the collection is no other than Dani Gurl's daughter and vlogger Marga Bartolome of Kadenang Ginto (charowt!). I meant, Andrea Brillantes, haha! I was also there when she was launched as one of the faces behind Careline Girl Gang back in 2017 - blog post HERE

The products are PARABEN-FREE and CRUELTY-FREE. FDA approved too so yey!

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So without further ado, here are the new Careline products under the Blythe by Careline Hyper Cosmic Collection.

Blythe by Careline Cosmic Collection Price and Products

As mentioned earlier, the Blythe Cosmetics Cosmic Collection is composed of 25 products, namely:

  • Stellar Satin Lipstick (4 shades)
  • Starlight Eyes (3 shades)
  • Face Palette (2 variants)
  • Perfect Brow Trio (3 shades)
  • Majestic Matte Lipstick (4 shades)
  • Stardust Palette
  • Eyeliner Duo Stamp (2 shades)
  • Cloud Tint (6 shades)
I've seen and swatched some of these products before. Check out this video from December 2018 during the EB House Party. Got some on my blog post about new Ever Bilena and Careline products from months ago too.

Blythe by Careline Cloud Tint - P195 each

 If I am not mistaken, these are Blythe by Careline Cloud Tint swatches from EB HOUSE PARTY 2018.

Blythe Cosmetics Cloud Tint Swatches

They were shown to bloggers and vloggers a few months ago but at that time, this was a mystery product. If my hunch is correct, then the Blythe Cosmetics Cloud Tint which they claimed are good for the lips, eyes, and cheeks is indeed one of their most innovative products. I remember the texture is in between a gel and a mousse and the color saturation is just wow. My niece placed an order for some so I'll check when her order arrives. 

Blythe by Careline Duo Stamp - P185 each

What makes the Blythe Cosmetics Duo Stamp an exciting product for me is the stamp they've included. It is such a minor detail but it is fresh and totally unexpected. If the formula of the product is anywhere near the Careline Graph Ink Liner (REVIEW HERE), then this will be good. 

Blythe by Careline Face Palette - P245 each

This is the product that caught my attention when I first saw it via Instagram. I am particularly drawn to the Blythe Cosmetics Eclipse Face Palette because it looks like the shades I typically wear on a daily basis. Love the minimalist presentation too. Price isn't bad for a quad of shadows and a multi-tasking tint. We'll see when I get my hands on this.

Blythe by Careline Majestic Matte Lipstick - P165 each

According to initial reports, the Blythe Cosmetics Majestic Matte Lipsticks are the b.o.m.b! A friend swatched these at a store and she was blown away by the uniqueness of the colors and the price of P165. She particularly raved about Kelvin and Cosmic so this must be very good. Personally, I wish they have a green shade but I might break my makeup NO-BUY for Kelvin. I mean, Look at Kelvin, look at it! That burnt orange will fit so many looks and generally look awesome for almost all skin tones. 

Blythe by Careline Brow Duo - P265 each

I am not excited about this brow product because I have an entire drawer of unopened brow items but I am living for that small wand in the brow gel. If that wand is as good as the small wand in the EB Advance Lash Define mascara and if the formula of the brow gel is the same as the one from Careline brow gel, then that makes for one of the best drugstore makeup combinations. 

Blythe by Careline Stardust Palette - P275

You need this in your life! I was able to swatch this in December 2018 during the product development stage and THAT WHITE POWDER IS HOLOGRAPHIC!!!. Yeah I also like the metallic soft gold and the slightly golden pink but the white powder in the Blythe Cosmetics Stardust Palette is next-level unicorn goodness. BUY THIS!

Blythe by Careline Starlight Eyes - P195 each

I am not a fan of liquid eyeshadows but I am intrigued by the idea that Starlight eyes can be used as a glitter topper and as an eyeliner too. I'll wait for better swatches because those I've seen from social media aren't very promising. Still, at only P195 each, this is a steal. Similar products from other brands are at P500 and up.

Blythe by Careline Stellar Satin Lipstick - P165 each

I am loving the shades of the Blythe Cosmetics Stellar Satin Lips but I was told by a friend who swatched it in store that they aren't very color-saturated as compared to the Majestic Matte Lipstick. I think that they'd be a good option for those seeking MLBB shades and got dry lips as most of the good nude lipsticks from Ever Bilena are matte. 

BUY Blythe Cosmetics products online from their Shopee store to avail of discounts! (<----buy from the link for authentic Careline products!). 

These products are currently available online and some physical stores where Ever Bilena products are sold. If you have questions, feel free to ask the brand directly via their social media below. 

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