Cathy Doll Skinny EyeBrow Pencil Review - A NYX Micro Brow Pencil Dupe!

I have a thing for brow pencils and so when I saw the Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil that looks just like my favorite pencil from NYX, I was drawn to it, albeit with a hint of skepticism.

My skepticism is partly because I've been loving my NYX Micro Brow Pencil for almost 3 years (so I think its irreplaceable, haha!) and partly because the Cathy Doll Skinny Eyebrow Pencil is so cheap! It is only P259 to P269 pesos or just around $5, half the price of my favorite!

Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil Review -  A NYX Micro Brow Pencil Dupe!

The Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil is true to its name. For comparison in the photo below, I've laid it beside a gel pen so you guys can see how thin the retractable pencil is.

So you can just imagine how thin the actual product is as well as the spooley included in the end. I really like this because I've always been a pencil user and love having a brow product that I can keep in my purse without the need to carry an eyebrow brush. 

The product is dual ended, one side is the pencil side and one side is the spooley side. Can you see how thin the spooley is? Like wow!

I got 2 of the shades. I think there are 5 shades that are locally available in the Philippines. I prefer using 2 pencils for my brows so I can create a slight ombre effect for more natural-looking brows. 

Dark brown is a full-on brown with a hint of warmth to it while chestnut brown has a hint of green. I think that you should just choose your shades based on your undertone. Both works for me but I use dark brown for my inner brows and switch to chestnut brown for the tail part of my brows. 

A close-up look at both ends of the Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil.

I was initially worried that the pencil itself would break because it is super thin but it didn't for picture taking. Of course, if I am using this for the application I make sure that I retract the pencil inside the packaging.

The pencil is very easy to use. I'm not a makeup guru and yet I was able to create polished and groomed brows in 2-3 minutes. 

I like that the pencil is not waxy so I can draw hair-like strokes. It is just the right texture to be blendable yet still be able to create defined lines if need be.

I can totally say that the Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil is a dupe for the NYX Micro Brow Pencil! Even the lasting power is the same for me. The downside is there is so little of the product for both so an entire pencil will just last me 2-3 weeks. In this regard, Cathy Doll wins coz it is more matipid because it is just half the price of NYX.

Edit: I run out of the pencils after 5 weeks of use. Since I used 2, I think one pencil will last 2-3 weeks especially if you want thick brows or defined brows.

The photo above was me trying on the Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil to create full defined brows.

The photo below was when I tried to create softer, natural-looking brows using the Skinny Brow Pencil from Cathy Doll. As you can see, it works for both applications!

Cathy Doll Skinny Brow Pencil Review Summary

  • ease of use 5/5 pang beginner talaga but I think those who are more adept at using makeup will love this too
  • value for money 5/5 super worth it!
  • lasting power 4-6 hours so 4.5/5 for me (but I got oily skin and touch my face lots of times)
  • shade range 5/5 because they definitely are friendly for Filipina skin! The undertones are not red unlike other brow pencils
  • overall score 4.9/5 I love this!

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