Bloom this Summer with BYS Summer Bloom and Urban Safari Collection! I got Swatches!

Bloom this summer with BYS Summer Bloom and Urban Safari collection indeed! I can't believe that I've only found out a few days ago that BYS Cosmetics is mostly a cruelty-free makeup brand. I have a ton of their products but I held off blogging because I wanted to keep this blog cruelty-free as much as possible. I know, I know, I still get lots of requests for reviews of non cruelty-free makeup products and I am really considering featuring some again because I have a ton in my stash; but now that I found out that BYS Cosmetics is mostly cruelty-free, I am just glad that I won't have to stop myself from blogging about new BYS Cosmetics makeup anymore.

Let's start off our BYS Cosmetics party with their newest makeup releases in the Philippines, their new lip and cheek tint plus the Urban Safari and Summer Bloom collections!

Bloom this Summer with BYS Summer Bloom and Urban Safari Collection! I got Swatches!

BYS Cosmetics Summer Bloom

The BYS Cosmetics Summer Bloom collection was created to help beauty lovers achieve a soft glam look with a focus on rosy hues. The colors are inspired by delicate cherry blossoms. The color selection is a bit worrying at first if you're used to nudes but the colors are soft enough to wear for daytime. 

First in the collection is the Bloom 12-piece Eyeshadow Palette which retails for P899. I have seen it in Watsons but haven't tried yet. The packaging is a cute tin can embossed with butterflies/florals from what I can remember and the eyeshadow colors are a mix of nudes, reds, and pinks in a variety of finishes.

BYS Cosmetics sent me the on-the-go palettes under the Summer Bloom collection. I got the 8-piece Cherry Blossom Eyeshadow Palette which retails for P449 and the Blush Trio in Lush which retails for P449 as well. 

Happy with what they sent me because I find that although I have a weakness for huge palettes, I almost never get to use them because they're too inconvenient to tote around. The palettes I've made a significant dent on are the ones that are small around to carry in a purse. 

I will post separate reviews but I just wanted to share some photos of me trying out the products. 2 shades are mattes, 3 are shimmers, and 3 are satins in the 8-piece Cherry Blossom Eyeshadow Palette . 

They look intimidating on the pan but the shades are truly wearable. I know summer is already over in the Philippines but if you really think about it, we still have summer vibes even during rainy season. More so, Sakura or Cherry blossom hues are a big trend in Kbeauty and JBeauty so if you want to try Japanese makeup trends and Korean makeup looks, I think that the BYS Summer Bloom is an affordable option. Japanese and Korean makeup are on the expensive side and a lot are not cruelty-free because they also sell in China. 

BYS Blush Trio in Lush is another sulit find. You essentially pay just P150 for each product based on the SRP so not bad. You get a matte blush, a matte blush that can double as a bronzer, and a pressed shimmer highlighter

I layered the blushes to create an almost draped blush look. My favorite is the highlighter. The shades looked really nice on fair skin. I quickly tried this on to get ready for Sarah Geronimo's Shopee Launch (vlog here to see BYS makeup in action).

My first ever BYS Cosmetics product was their neon gloss. I didn't know they have Lip & Cheek Tint until a few days ago. BYS Lip & Cheek Tint retails for P299 each and have a creamy opaque consistency and feel. There are 3 colors, Shy for those with fair skin, Innocent for those with warmer skin tones, and Sultry for all skin tones.

I have Sultry and Shy. Sultry is a blue-toned bright red and Shy is a pinkish brown hue. I used both to create a gradient lip. I am used to gel lip & cheek tints but this creamy formula is good too. 

BYS Summer Bloom new lip & cheek tint swatches!

BYS Cosmetics Urban Safari is not photographed because I don't have any of the items under this collection. There is the Safari 12-piece Eyeshadow Palette which retails for P899. It has nudes but not the typical earthy nudes, more like warm and jungle-inspired shades. I don't remember seeing it at my local Watsons. 

I am intrigued about the BYS 5-piece Matte Dessert Safari Eyeshadow Palette. I still have their matte palette which I bought from GlamourboxPh years and years ago so I think I will like their new matte palette too. It is described as a collection of warm everyday neutral shades with a long-wearing formula. 

The BYS Urban Safari collection also has a 5-piece Safari Brush Set which retails for P999 and a Big and Bold Mascara in the blackest of black. I might head to Watsons one of these days to look for that one.

Here is the soft and glam rosy look that I wore to a launch event the other day.

By the way, many of BYS Cosmetics products are totally vegan and cruelty-free. Most are free from parabens too. I'll sort through my BYS Cosmetics stash and start blogging about those when I find them. BYS is an Australian company with products that are available in more than 25 countries at current time. 

For more information, visit the BYS Facebook Page at or @byscosmetics_ph on Instagram. They also have a Youtube channel.

If you're looking to buy BYS Cosmetics products in the Philippines, they're in, Shopeeph, LazadaPh, SM Stores, and Watsons.

more BYS makeup below!

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