REVIEW Strokes Beauty Lab Products Launch - The Brow Artist Collection for Natural and Full Looking Brows

Strokes Beauty Lab launched their Brow Artist Collection recently and luckily, PinayBeautyAndStyle blog was one of the first given the opportunity to try it! They only launched brow products this time but a little bird shared with me that soon, they will also release lippies as well as face products. I am always happy to hear about new Filipino Makeup Brands, especially cruelty-free ones so let's dive in with the review!

Strokes Beauty Lab Review and Launch The Brow Artist Collection

Strokes Beauty Lab Review and Launch The Brow Artist Collection

What is Strokes Beauty Lab?

Strokes Beauty lab is a Filipino Cosmetic Brand by the makeup artist Momoi Supe. So yes, they are based in the Philippines but there is more. The company started as a premier eye studio catering to private clients. They've realized that the Philippine beauty market is now ready for higher beauty standards and so they've created products that every person can use at home. I was intimidated by the products at first but even my usual clumsy self enjoyed them so yes, they are indeed for everyone!

The 5 Products in The Brow Artist Collection are:

The Brow Fixer baffled me at first because it looks invisible. Then I realized that its supposed to be that way, haha! So it is a clear gel that dries into invisibility but truly holds errant brow hairs in place. If you already have a full brow and just looking to tame some wary strands, this is the product for you. 

The Brow Sculptor Duo is available in 4 shades and is the most user-friendly and familiar in the entire collection. It has two ends, a waterproof microbrow retractable pencil and a fine spoolie end for setting brows in place. The shades are Soft Brown, Warm Brown, Deep Brown, and Ash Gray. I like that the names are self-explanatory.

The Brow Colorist seems like a product that can be used not just to add color to the brows but also to add fullness. The product itself dries smudge-proof so you do not have to follow with the Brow Fixer. This is available in Lucid White, Coal Black, and Neutral Brown.

I got myself 3 backups for this specific product within a week of testing. That says A LOT. If you want microbladed-looking brows with each strand looking like it is perfectly in place, this is the product that you should get. You can achieve clean lines that look like real hair with this. The tip is so fine that the color will match your hair even though they only have two shades for this, Graphite (grey-black) and Bronzite (brown-taupe).

I am not sure how to distinguish this from the Strokes Microblade Pen Perfector except maybe this is the translucent version. They function almost the same although this one has a sheerer finish. It defines but is more forgiving for those who have unsteady hands. 

Everything is waterproof or at the very least, highly water-resistant. Perfect for rainy weather and for making sure that you have kilay on fleek even when working out!

The packaging reminds me so much of a European brand that I've tried that cost 4X more. Each product is encased in coordinating plastic tubes that are quite heavy for the size. I think adding weight makes it easier to control application plus makes the product feel more luxurious. 

This is a macro shot of my first swatches. You can even see the lines on my skin haha!

Strokes Beauty Lab Review and Launch The Brow Artist Collection

In here you can see how fine the tips of the products are. For comparison, the Brow Duo is as fine as the Anastasia brow wiz so imagine how much finer the tips of the felt applicators are, right?

Look at how full the bristles are! They are great for product application because they really coat each strand so application is a breeze. 

I love how they got these self-affirming phrases in each product. I truly enjoy each one as part of my getting ready in the morning routine. Positive affirmation for the win!

I swatched everything I got above. As you can see, you can apply each product as thick or as thin as you want and that the felt tips are great for making hair-like strokes.

I cropped this from another photo the other day but you can see that the brushed on hair strokes blend seamlessly to the real hair.

I wore all 5 products in the Strokes Beauty Lab Brow Artist Collection in the photo above. As you can see. I was able to achieve full and natural-looking brows. I rate everything between 4.5-5 out of 5. They really last long considering I have oily skin and perspire easily.

Strokes Beauty Lab Review and Launch The Brow Artist Collection

You can buy everything that you see above and choose the shades that will work for you at Strokes Beauty Lab website. Everything I showed here is just around P2,000 so that's a steal considering the international quality of the products.

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UPDATE: After more than 6 months of use, I have finally run out of them. They're pretty long-lasting considering that I use them almost every day. Not bad!

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