Infracyte High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10% Review (about 1 year of use!)

I first blogged about the Infracyte High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10%  last year and at that time, I've only been using it for about 2 weeks. This blog review is a republished and updated version of that Infracyte Vitamin C Serum review because I feel that skincare need ample time to work for anyone to see real results.

Infracyte High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10% Review (about 1 year of use!)

The first time around that I tried Infracyte Vitamin C Serum was when I was really breaking out and had bad skin a year ago. That was also the time that I gained a lot of weight because of stress and so the effects were really visible on my skin. I figured that since Infracyte is distributed by Eiskin in the Philippines and is under the same cosmeceuticals umbrella as Mesoestetic (a brand I trust), that it must be great too! And it is!

So, What is Infracyte High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10%?

A vitamin C serum made for all skin types, Infracyte's formula features the potent form of vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid. This type of vitamin C is better absorbed and utilized by the skin. It supports elastin and collagen production which in turn can bring back youthful skin. The formula is mild enough for daily use.

Price: P4,000 per 30 ml bottle

As a whole, Infracycte products in the Philippines are sold by and distributed by Eiskin through their various channels. This brand is well-known as a skincare brand for mature women in the U.S., in fact, my aunt who is based in California uses Infracyte's Wrinkle Release Serum and she told me that it was recommended to her by an amiga. 

I thought to myself that "hey, I'm nowhere near titas of Manila age nor amiga age, so why should I use Infracyte Vitamin C Serum or any anti-aging serum for that matter?"

The thing is, using anti-aging products shouldn't be perceived as solely for those who are trying to regain their youthful skin. If you still look young and feel young, why not take care of yourself and prevent aging, in the first place? 

So that's how I began incorporating Infracyte Vitamin C Serum and their Cyto Cleanser in my routine. I'll be reposting a separate review of the Cyto Clean cleanser in this blog.

Infracyte have 2 formulations of their vitamin C serum. One is the 5% serum and this one is the 10% serum. The Infracyte 5% Vitamin C Serum is for those with sensitive skin and those who want to use the product near their eye area. The 10% version as shown here is for the face and neck and those with normal skin.

This product is meant to be an antioxidant and light moisturizer that can lighten or brighten the skin as well.

Each bottle comes with a seal. The bottle is dark to protect the formula of the serum from sources of light. I think this is also the reason why the box is blue and a bit thick.

Seal can't be tampered. You'll notice without a doubt.

As you can see, the serum itself is a slightly viscous caramel-colored fluid with a slight medicinal scent. I am not surprised by the scent but was initially worried about the product's color. 

When I got my first bottle, I thought that my serum was already bad. No worries, the color and scent are totally normal. To date, I am done with my 2nd bottle and got 2 more at home. They really look like this, it is not due to discoloration.

Infracyte High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10% Review Summary

On first use, I was worried that the product will give my skin a yellowish tinge and that it will be sticky. I was worried for naught, because the product absorbs quite well and do not make you look yellow nor orange. 

There is a warning in the product info that you might feel a slight tingling sensation on first use but I did not experience that.

So, did this work? I believe that Infracyte's Vitamin C Serum did work on me. During the months I used this together with the Cyto Clean face cleanser (Infracyte Cyto Clean review on a separate post), I noticed a slight brightening of my skin plus a reduction in oil production. The small bumps of skin texture that I usually have are also reduced (if you look really close). I think that is because of the enhanced skin firmness brought on by vitamin C.

I test a lot of products so it isn't possible for me to just use this all the time but I've updated and republished this (better version) review for better presentation.

Infracyte High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10% is available via Eiskin Philippines and their partners.

You can find Infracyte on social media by looking them up on Facebook: and on Instagram: @InfracytePH

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