The Face Shop Buy 1 Take 1 Sale 2019 Plus Giveaway! #PinayBeautyAndStyle #YeyAndieShops

The Face Shop Buy 1 Take 1 Sale is something that I always look forward to a few times a year. They usually have their watery tint and brow products on BOGO Sale but their cushion and aloe vera gel sale usually just happens once or twice a year. Of course I'm not gonna miss out on a The Face Shop Buy 1 Take 1 Sale! 

The Face Shop Buy 1 Take 1 Sale 2019 Plus Giveaway!

The Face Shop Buy 1 take 1 sale Philippines
One of the reasons I wanted to do a huge haul is because I wanted to do a giveaway. I figured why not take advantage of the great deals on cushions, masks, tints, eyebrow products, and aloe vera gels, right? Unfortunately, I was a day too late because only the TFS Aloe Vera Gel, the TFS Jeju Aloe Ice, and their cushions were in promo when I shopped at their Eastwood store. The masks, tints, and eyebrow products sale ended the day before!

Anyway, I was already at the store so might as well still shop.

Wall of happiness. I forgot to ask if the monthly specials are indeed monthly. I usually buy online so not sure. 

Mission accomplished!

I'm only keeping the refills for myself. The 3 cushions are for my May 2019 Philippine giveaway. I'm giving away some of my stash of The Face Shop Aloe Vera Gel and The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Ice which I hoarded at their Trinoma branch earlier last week. Of course, I'm not giving away everything coz I'm not a sugar mama, haha!

Half of the masks will also be divided to my readers, subscribers, and followers.

These ones I am keeping for myself to review. They weren't on sale. I picked them because been getting some requests for reviews. Hopefully I can use them soon because I'm just so busy until the middle of June. 

So here are the receipts. All the masks cost P65 each. I really felt bad that I missed the mask sale by a day! I got all 14 variants and they gave me 2 for free but those variants are not part of their regular line. I also got a lot of free samples of some of their best sellers. 

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Ice is P295 Buy 1 Take 1 and the Face Shop Aloe Vera Gel is P250 Buy 1 Take 1. I shopped the Aloe Ice in another branch but I got 4 tubs of the Aloe Vera Gel for this haul, so I can give one each to Youtube, PinayBeautyAndStyle blog, Facebook, and Instagram follower, subscriber, viewer, reader. 

I got the following cushions with free refill as  part of The Face Shop Buy 1 Take 1 promo. I am keeping the refills for reviewing and giving away 3 which I will raffle off. I only bought shade 203 for all since that will fit most Filipinas. 

The Face Shop CC Long Lasting Cushion
The Face Shop Waterproof Cushion
The Face Shop Anti-Darkening Cushion

Each cushion cost P1195. Not bad because you'll be getting 2 cushions essentially since the refill is for free. 

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